Game of Thrones

Oh boy oh boy oh boy. The excitement and the waves of obsession I get when I start loving a show.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who starts watching it in one breath. One episode after another, and another and another and you realize you’ve reached the end of the season. Familiar?

I am kind of surprised and yet not that I haven’t been interested in this particular show. It’s been a quite legendary one over the past years. Game of Thrones.
I, I, I…I. Lol.
I LOVE this show. It’s become one of my daily obsession, as well as The Walking Dead. It’s back on the air. The most frustrating thing about it, is that now I have to freaking WAIT a week before I can watch the next episode. It’s, ugh. Especially because the episodes are so freaking good, it’s torture.
Thankfully, I was pretty late on Game of Thrones so I can take my time. I have ”plenty to go”.

…I’m already, almost, done with season three. I was watching the 9th, penultimate episode right before I decided to write this post.

I really just wanted to elaborate on the characters. Game of Thrones is one of those shows where you get attached to no one. You mustn’t. You shouldn’t. But we all do, as well as me and I got deeply disappointed in the beginning. If you didn’t watch ANY single episode, I would suggest you click out of this post because it miight be a big spoiler. I don’t want to get into the plot, it’s impossible.
It’s also one of those shows that cannot be told. You have to watch it, to understand.
Props to the writer of the book. I heard the show is done very much so like the book and that it’s 99% of the reason why it’s so amazing.
The man tells the story as slow as a turtle walks. Very descriptive I heard, very very detailed and very extensive. As the show is.

I mean, it’s been two seasons and just now you’re starting to understand what the actual story should be about. It’s amazing none the less. Very fascinating, very good, but yet very disturbing at the beginning. I myself, watched the first two episodes and the first words that came out of my mouth were “I don’t like it” and mum understood why.
The show basically represents how life was in the Middle Ages, in great detail. You can guess that it was a very cruel, brutal, unfair time for everyone, especially women. The first two episodes really capture all of it quickly and to me, it was disgusting. Very disturbing.

All I have to say now, Pass It.
The rest is flawless. You’ll make yourself watch the third, you’ll be like, “Oh, well this wasn’t too bad. I wonder if the fourth will be similar… or worse”. And you’ll end up watching the entire season.

ANYWAY, I got off track! I didn’t mean to write 500 words on just the show, I want to get into the characters! More specifically, the characters I amnot/wasn’t fond off, SO FAR. In microscopic ways for some. And the ones I deeply dislike and am 100% sure I will dislike throughout the ENTIRE show.

Tyrion Lannister.

A fun, witty drunken man whore, a terrible disappointment to his father due to Tyrion being a dwarf. Cruel, sneaky when needed, yet very smart, very cunning, very bright. You dislike him by the default at the beginning for just being a Lannister which truly isn’t the best family name in my opinion. But he grows on you. You realize all he ever truly wants is someone to love him for him,and he’ll return the favor.

Jaime Lannister.

I think I was disgusted by him the most at the beginning and his awful, bloody sister. He’s a little self-observed twit, who talks too much and pins his nose way too high. But after tasting true bitterness after being captive for a time, he finds real compassion that wasn’t bought by gold. I kinda feel sorry for him at the moment. Same as Tyrion. He’s a good soul and he’s grown to my heart. I’m up to the end of the third season and I feel like his attitude is going to turn in a 360. Unlike Tyrion, who never changes. He is who he is, but he’s cool.

Cersei Lannister.

This woman, this woman right here is one scoundrel. Weasel, snake, a true sleaze-bag. You just have to know her. She’s got the eyes of a cobra. She’s sneaky and runs things after he powerful father Tywin Lannister. Who is also a blood-sucking, soul-sucking creep.

Joffrey Baratheon/Lannister really. UGH. This man, this kid needs to be murdered. This good-for-nothing psychopathic sadistic lunatic. Die, please. You raping, torturing, frog-looking slime.
That’s an insult to all frogs in the world…

Sansa Stark.

I like the Starks. I really do. I loved Ned Stark most of all and I was probably most disappointed of his passing. Now about Sansa… I find her very, dull-witted, kind of foolish. But she’s a child, so I can understand. She’s only 14 and been through what Joffrey put her through. But I don’t know. I feel like Ned suffered from some of her stupidity. I might be just ignorant and only look at Ned’s side, but still.

So far that’s all. And I consider myself lucky.
Shit’s about to become real ’cause I have yet not watched the season finally,of season 3 and I feel like it’s going to be GOOD. I’m gonna cry.
Have a fun day! Tottles.

And be careful…Winter is coming. 

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