Let’s Jump To 2017, Please

I’m an over thinker and I realize this, I accept it, and so do people around me. The day that you, my fellow reader will be celebrating Christmas is in four days and New years is in 10 days. I’m not feeling the joy for either of them.

I don’t know what’s happening with me this year, I don’t know why so much cynicism and almost hate towards the holidays this year. I did not like 2015, I can most honestly say it has been the most sarcastic and uneventful  year of my life and frankly, with the most shocks. In the shortest amount of time I got more shocking and heartbreaking news than in the past 3 years and it’s been constant stress over and over. I think the biggest shock of all was about two months ago, when I heard that my aunt found out she has breast cancer. The first in the family.
That was definitely a big frown upon my family. Luckily everything that was needed to know, was known in time and from that side, everything is okay, which is amazing. She’s going to be okay and she has to be okay. All of the odds are on her side.

But none the less, shocks like this and in a few other forms are enough to break ones spirit. I am spending New Years eve alone, depending on my dad’s work schedule. I want to say that doesn’t bother me because it’s almost my own fault.

I rejected my friend who invited me to celebrate with her, I rejected a few other people that have asked me because I don’t feel like celebrating. I don’t feel like being with people at all. I’m not saying I regret it all that much. If I wanted to have friends around I had more than enough options, but I don’t know. My sadness over being alone doesn’t overflow the uncomfortable, uneasy and dislike feeling of actually accepting and being with people.

I already see the upcoming year and it makes me cry, if that makes any sense to say. I am crying. I just want time to stop and let me be for awhile. I feel way too much pressure. If I honestly could move right now, be with the one man I love who’s far away and  even stay at home all the time I would.

Next year brings even more pressure I truly, honestly don’t want to face, because I’m scared. I don’t want to finish this school year in July, because in September I’ll be a Senior. I’ll be turning 18 in April, which is the legal age of being an adult, I don’t want that. I don’t understand the fascination of growing up, unless you’re in perfect or amazing conditions. There’s more things I can’t mention that scare me by the thought and haunt me at night, so much I end up crying and regretting waking up. That day I wake up, I’m just another day closer to facing it all.

I know that’s a part of growing up and I know it’s supposed to be scary. Everyone goes through it, but damn, that doesn’t make it easier. Sometimes I feel like It’s a bigger problem in my head than what I am projecting to anyone else. Like it’s worse for me in my head than everybody thinks.

I didn’t mean for this post to end so sadly. I was going to end it with a positive message to leave all your negative energy and have a good time at the holidays, because these only happen once a year. But my thoughts drifted I guess.

I hope there’s someone who can tell me what I could do to put my mind at ease, because my hair’s fallin’ out from this stress.

How are you guys spending Christmas and New Years eve? I truly hope with a lot of joy and happiness. Happy Monday to you all!


A “Few” Things That Annoy Me

I don’t think I’ve ever done a post like this, or even similar to this. Maybe in forms of a specific situation that hurt me or annoyed me at the time, but never a list of a “few” specific details about everyday life or in general, what annoys me. I may split this into a few posts and long ones I might add.
I may add that I might swear a time or two in this post, because it’s sometimes the best way to get your point across. If you don’t mind that, let’s start;

❄ When people treat their pets badly in front of me. That sets my heart on fire and I want to bash their face in, you do not deserve that wonderful animal.

❄ When I buy snacks or candy for myself and bring it home, and for instance someone’s at home, we have a guest or my little sister who’s 5, asks me if I’ll eat it right now and I reply No, I’ll save it for later, don’t open it now, and I leave the house for even an hour and I come back to an empty bag of crisps. I said I’ll eat it later, I don’t mind sharing a little bit, but no one told you to eat my snacks while I was away.


❄ Smokers who decide they want to light up a cigarette in the middle of strolling down the street. If I am obliged to walk past you, with you or even behind you, I don’t want to be obliged to have your smoke in my face from every angle I walk by, because it goes right, left, straight and backwards. Have some decency.

❄ When people think they know everything but know very very little, or nothing at all. And they’re so sure of themselves when they talk about whatever it is, they get fired up and almost angry at you, but you fucking know they don’t know what they’re talking about, especially if you know the truth. What the fuck are you doing? Who are you showing off for?

When good friends keep things from me. This might be a little personal irritation button, but I don’t like when I know that someone finds me a good, close friend who they have trust in, or even worse my best friend, and they hide things from me in front of me.
Be it a text from your boyfriend, another friend, your mother messaged you, a picture with your boyfriend on your phone, your fucking phone password or pin, and they’re like “Nope” and irritatingly smile like it’s supposed to be amusing?

I understand that everyone is different and many couples have their own sets of privacy, but I just don’t understand the literal hiding. I come and sit next to you and you turn sideways so I don’t see who you’re texting?
Remind me to never be intentionally interested again, in anything you do.

❄ In public transport and outside it, when people don’t have the courtesy to apologize for pushing you, bumping into you or stepping onto the back of your foot while they were walking. What is that? For me, it’s a momental reaction be say So sorry, Sorry mam, Sorry sir. Rude.

❄ When people generalize things. All vegans, all vegetarians, all males, all females, all Christians, all atheists, all ex’s, all boyfriends. No.
Not all men are the same in relationships, you keep picking the same type of guy over and over. Something new? He’s a faggot, too poor, too neat, too stylish, gay, too goth, too sensitive, too this, too that. Shut the fuck up.

❄ People who constantly post facebook statuses like: “Feeling depressed”, I’m so upset, This has been the worst day of my life, and a bunch of sad emoji’s and someone else comments, What’s up, what happened, tell me all about it. And the replies are “I’ll inbox you”, or “I don’t want to talk about it” or “I don’t want to bother anyone with my problems”.
Not that I truly cared what you’re upset about,but now that you have gone out of your way to purposely make it so that no one knows publicly, now I either want to know because now it’s a mystery, or it annoys me ’cause you’re craving attention, which is probably the case.

❄ When people aren’t paying attention at all to what I am saying and I am having a conversation with them. They look through me or they look the other way and give out sighs or “Mhm”, “Yeah yeah”, or just nod their head. Excuse me, but I am talking. Tell me if you want me to stop.

❄ When people pretend to be interested in your life and why you are upset or down and ask of you to share it with them, and you do, thinking you’ll talk about it and someone replies with “Oh, that’s too bad”, “Oh, I feel sorry for you”, “Oh, well it’ll get better, I’m off now!” or any irrelevant comment like they just read about you on the news and scrolled down.
Are you fucking kidding me? Why did you ask me, to fill in the five minutes you had nothing to do before you went to do it?
I didn’t even expect you’d care when we started talking, now when you’ve asked me you gave me false hope you actually did care and wanted to listen. You just made me feel worse.

❄ On that note, It extremely extremely annoys me when you share your pain or problem with a person, the first response is anything similar too:
Oh, I know that feeling, I’ve been through worse, let me tell you what I’ve been through. And the conversation suddenly becomes about them.
OR, if they’re REALLY an asshole, they say anything similar too: Don’t dramatize, you need to chill, I’ve been through worse, and I got out of it, that’s nothing, how can you care about that, my problem was a lot worse and I didn’t react like that?

No? How VERY fortunate for you.
Because you went through worse, it means that my problem and the pain it caused me is any less painful than your problem? Fucking no. Get out of here.

Wow, that’s about the length I thought it would be. Cheers if you made it thus far! That was quite refreshing to share, I’m sure lot’s of you went through or go through the same things and I’m not even done. Is anyone ever really?

The Truth

Animal quotes 0005

YES. This is so hard for some people to accept and I can kind off understand why. I don’t justify it, I just understand it.

I know that I tend to get on edge when people try to convince me that some animal is better than another, like why dogs are better than cats. I don’t like to be told that, especially by someone that never had a cat or a dog in his home and never experienced having any kind of pet. I like normal civilized conversations about anything animal related but I don’t like when someone intentionally comes at me with the intention of trying to lecture me why his dog wil always be better than my cat. I do get defensive at that point. And many people don’t understand that I don’t disagree with any exlusive dog lover.

Dogs are more loyal by nature and heart, they would die for their master, they’re more obedient unlike cats.
Cats ARE loyal to an extent, but a cat never needs you to survive, where as a dog, if attached, would die waiting for his master to give him food. Cats usually get attached to the home, like rats. If you have a nice comfortable home, she’ll be staying. And you can’t train a cat. If you try, it’ll be 1-0 for the cat.

Unless you have a specific breed of cat like a Savannah that is a hybrid. Now this is my dream cat to have. Savannah cats are a hybrid between a serval cat that is 100% a wild cat and a domestic cat and they think like dogs. I think they all have cheetah spots and grow to have really long legs and really big ears and they are overall big cats when they grow up. They can jump up to 5 feet. Most love water, can be trained to poop and pee in the toilet, they can be walked on a leash and they know how to swim. And of course they’re extremely loyal and beautiful.

But honestly, it’s what I love most about cats. It’s exactly because they are the way they are. If you look at it realistically, a cat is a reflection off you. Very rarely do you find an animal so close to human characteristics as a cat is. What I love and respect when it comes to a cat is that they, in most cases, demand for you to earn their respect first, and show them why should they love you. They don’t need you for food per say, they don’t need you to survive, you need to show them you are worthy of their love and attention. To many, this sounds very, selfish I’m guessing? Many don’t feel like an animal so much smaller is worth the time and effort, feeling they’re superior, but someone who thinks like that shouldn’t own a cat. They’re right, they shouldn’t even try.

Many say that once you feed a cat and give it a place to sleep, they’ll mind their own business like you don’t exist, but that person doesn’t know what he or she is talking about. Come to my house once and you’ll see just how gentle and cuddly they can be, especially on a full stomach. With the right amount of time and effort and patience, cats love you more than you know.

I got off track but like the picture says, a cat stays with a genuinely good man. If a cat hisses at you for no apparent reason, you might want to re-think you conscience. 

It’s Heart Breaking To Me.

I was in the middle of writing a completely different post, which was actually having a very sentimental vibe but now that’s shot to shit. I am having phenominal waves of every emotion right now.

I was interrupted by a Facebook page status about the progress of a little puppy’s life. At first, I didn’t know what was it about but the picture of the poor thing drew me in and appropriatelly scared me. Something horrible happened to him.

Apparently, a very nasty and vile family in the city of Kragujevac decided they’re going to, for no justifiable reason, beat up their puppy and if that wasn’t enough, pour acid all over him and leave him in their backyard struggling in pain. Why did I say for no justifiable reason, justifying this is impossible. The article was mainly describing all of the painful process he’s going through in order to make him healthy again. His skin is incredibly damaged and with each day, burns and wounds appear in more places and of course, all of this hurts him in amounts we can’t imagine. Thankfully, the wounds and pain are curable, it just takes a lot of time. They have enough money for his treatment but what they don’t have is a place for him.

I think that’s a very good sign of how his health is improving. Pretty soon, he’s going to need a loving home and a loving family that will take care of him and take him to all the treatments he will still need. I’m just spreading the word out because I knew that I have a few people/followers that live in the area that I know personally.

I just don’t understand. Tears fell down my face while reading the article and I got so angry and so pissed off. What is going through someone’s brain while committing such a crime. What the hell is with this power struggle so many apparently struggle with when it comes to animals?

Get over yourselves people. It’s an animal, not a toy. You’re not a little child that feels ownership over his favorite toy. If you didn’t know, an animal is still a living creature. It’s not a human, but that’s perfectly FINE. An animal doesn’t speak our language, it doesn’t walk on two legs (your average pet), it doesn’t eat using utensils and it doesn’t poop or pee sitting down on a toilet (unless trained). That’s it.
It breathes, it moves, it feels, it needs, it desires, it protests, it feels proud, it makes a mess and it is WORTHY. Worthy of a person’s love and nurture. I can’t explain it any simpler words. I don’t feel like I should. Any normal, sane brain will understand and won’t need any other ”reason” why not to hurt or abuse an animal that never wishes any harm towards you. It’s so heartbreaking in the most astonishing ways. I wish I knew what was going on inside my cats mind, I wish I knew what they were thinking. I wish I knew what they had to say.

Sometimes, what really truly get’s to me is the comments. I don’t know why we all feel the obligation to scroll down the comments, because in so many cases where we know what we are expecting,it should just be ignored. Comments such as the following;
”Stupid people omg, crying over an animal”,
”omg, its just a dog”,
”is a fucking animal, it doesn’t deserve love. it’s just there for our entertainement”,
”in our country these types of stuff are completely ignored, it’s just a fucking animal”.
The comments really sink into my brain and it’s where I get furious with our world and people and the fact I live among these creatures who call themselves respectable human beings, thinking they’re worthy of respect. Not in my eyes. Not if you do this, not if you defend this.
I don’t and will never understand it. I will never, ever justify animal abuse for who ever it may be. People lose complete respect in my eyes when and if the deliberate harm of an animal touches their hands. People who feel that the emotion of hate felt towards animals is gloat worthy need to re-think their conciousness and their life. It is not alright and it is so unfair.

I dont want anyone to get me wrong. Hurting an animal in self-defense can be justified. Many street animals do have problems and rage-control problems and they can be unpredictable, even to little children. Even rats. But I will not justify an act of abuse, when the animal is minding their own business and you deliberately pick on it and worse, I don’t want to list it. You got what you asked for, what you do is what you get.

And remember this, this is something MANY annoying parents need to realize; An animal without a problem, will NEVER touch a young child/baby. They know what is an innocent being when they see it. It may look like they want to hurt it, but if your child is smaller than the dog, everything seems scary. If an animal attacked a child that was messing with him, it means your child is very much capable of knowing that they shouldn’t mess with street animals and toy with them. It’s not always the animal’s fault just because your child is considered little. Many street animals feel threatened ahead of time because they probably already let someone your child’s age toy with them and they ended up being kicked or shoved. Your child can’t know that? Neither can he.
Every animal has it’s why. It can be very see-through if an animal has a problem or if it’s acting suspcious. You just need to care enough to observe.

I am not an animal expert, but I do like to think I can understand them. I have been bitten by cats, dogs, parrots, guinea pigs, turtles, both indors and outdoors. I would walk up randomly to a cat on the street and prematurely start petting it, and even though she doesn’t hesitate for long, her claws come out and she holds onto my skin. I understand it and I stay still and look her right in the eye as a sign I don’t want to grab her, hurt her or anything. It is genuinely not my intention. Each and every time, the cat would look back and remove her claws and stand still. I would ease into it once more and she’d let me pet her.

They are very much aware that they ARE smaller and weaker than you and therefore, have to be on double watch for their well being.

I know I am writing something so generic, something that most people hear but it’s so heart breaking. I don’t understand it and I feel like a small percentage of people adress these types of things.

Each and every animal on earth has as much right to be here as you and me. - Anthony Douglas Williams. !!

Beauty Is In Everyone.


Okay, you see this picture right here? That’s my face.
No, this is not a post in which I present myself to you guys. I have my own picture on my profile and even if you didn’t see it, my indentity is not news worthy.

I want to point out, that is my face. The picture isn’t fresh, meaning it’s not from Today, but I am freshly showered and I have freshly brushed minty teeth on the picture, with zero amounts of make-up whatsoever. That is how I am. That’s it.

I am not a victim of the bullying that is unfortunately often in the world, mainly on the internet, when it comes to determing someone’s beauty and the judgement of their looks. I don’t know if it’s because I had luck, because I do have pictures on the Internet on a few different social media’s, or it’s because I have stumbled upon people who think I am attractive.

Either way, I am so freaking sick of the uncontrolable judgement and abuse that is happening all over the world, each day to hundreds of different people. I am sick of hearing, and more so reading comments on any social media (Mostly Twitter and Instagram but all are included) anytime someone posts a picture, things that point out the smallest flaws and imperfections on a person’s face or body. Not to mention I am sick of people who are plain mean who aim to hurt the person by stating straight up insults.

“You’re ugly”, ”Ugh, your nose is too big”, ”You’re fat”, you’re this, you’re that.

First of all, Why?
Who wakes up and feels the need to write that. Why do you feel compelled to write the nastiest comment just because you’re given the option. Why can’t you over come the things you don’t find attractive on that person and focus on the smallest positive thing. It can be as simple as complementing the earrings that person is wearing. His or her necklace, glasses, sunglasses, ring, hair, the way they dress, their shirt or jeans. All of the effort you put into restricting yourself from writing a nasty comment can do wonders for the person you’re going to instead compliment.
No, this does not mean this; Oh, I hate this picture, your legs look fat but I do like your earrings.

What are you expecting from a comment like that? Do you expect that this person will give such importance to your comment that they’re going to go and try to change that? Change their appearence for you and society, just for the 10 seconds you spend on their Instagram or Twitter account to write that comment.

Second of all; Nobody is perfect and neither are you. You don’t think that this person knows their flaws and imperfections? You don’t think they know their skin isn’t perfect, or that their teeth aren’t as white as they could be or that they have trouble adjusting their weight. What gives you the right to go and point out flaws in a person. Do you think you’re perfect? Do you think you have reached all the ”standards of beauty” and nobody can say anything bad about your face and figure?

Just as a reminder; By leaving a comment, thinking that you’re trying to be ”rational” about someone’s apperance, when it’s only just to point out that they have ”big” flaws in their apperance (like that’s such a horrible thing), really show cases a big character flaw you have.

I am no saint. I have said mean things to somebody, out of jealousy and anger and when I simply disliked a person. Be it privately or a celebrity of some sort. I know what you’re thinking. What gives you the right to ”preach” about it then. Nobody is a saint, but I think it’s important to still have that awareness in the back of our minds that it is NOT OKAY. Because, as long as you have that, you just might control your words and not let your tongue be faster than your brain. You have the understanding and therefore, stop yourself from doing something that you wouldn’t like to be done to you. 

You don’t want people to point out your flaws, you know your flaws. If you try to embrace them or work on them if you can, you shouldn’t be judged for it.

Everyone has an opinion, and you have the right to think someone is unattractive to you. I may be the ugliest person in the world for someone reading this. You have the right to think what you want too, but that doesn’t mean you have the right to hurt people’s feelings intentionally.

Luckily, there are people that go through this, ”normal” average people and bigger public figures and celebrities that have enough confidence and strength to deal with it. But cyber bullying of any kind can lead do horrific things happening that have unchangeable consequences. Do you really want to a possible part of that? Like so many were, in the deaths of so many young teenagers. That is a big, very big issue that doesn’t really fit with what I wrote above, but I felt it necessary to say that sometimes, everything goes too far.

Everything and anything can be an insecurity. You don’t know what that may be. Stick to the positive. As a wise, clumsy rabbit once said; If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.

There is no such thing as an image of beauty, something that defines it and says THIS IS IT. People see other people differently. Is this really so hard to understand? Someone’s batt is another person’s angel.
This goes for both the male and female sex. Not only women are descriminated against and bullied when it comes to looks.

Angelina Jolie was nominated as one of the most beautiful women, if not the most beautiful women in the world. To me, she is not. I was going to make a comparison, but that would demolish everything I have said here. To me, she is scary. I feel this way, but I don’t feel the need to go on her Instagram or even search up news about her just to leave my opinion out into the void. I have the right to dislike her, and you have the right to dislike me for saying that.

I know that there are reasons or as many would call them excuses people have for leaving comments like this. I myself have had them before. There is really no excuse. We all know you have enough strength to restrict yourself from typing out a nasty comment. Don’t add salt to their open wounds.

And did you ever notice that we’re all so very strong when we’re not looking into each other’s eyes? Would you be able to walk up to that annoying, most popular and most ”loved” person in your class and tell them right to the face everything you would tell someone you don’t know on Instagram? Someone that can’t affect your life in any other way. Even if you know the person and you’re 100% convinced, like you know that that person is an asshole to you in real life as it show cases on their photos, don’t become that asshole. Be the better man, go to someone’s profile and leave a good comment. The smallest thing.

It really doesn’t matter what age someone is. *Even though I am a big dissaprover of young children (-14) making selfies, exactly because of this*, If they post pictures on which they seem like they’ve got it all figured out, you do not know that and you do not need to test it. You don’t care. Do you have everything figured out with your own body image? You do not know the insecurities someone has. That positive comment you decided to leave just might boost their confidence about that one little thing and that does wonders.

Many have a defense mechanism to fighting their insecurities by putting up photos that show case none. If you think you are beautiful, let other’s feel it too.

Put yourself in their shoes. Beauty can be found anywhere in anything, if you want to look.
Let people feel beautiful for even a second.

I’ll Think of A Title Later.

I didn’t title this blog post just yet, ’cause I don’t know where I’m going with it. Do I ever? It makes me feel so guilty. It’s so awful. Am I offering blog posts on a serious website or am I keeping an online diary. There’s nothing wrong with an online diary, but it’s not what I am ever going for.

I finally head on over to the doctors, I made an appointment and guess what? It was a seriously bad flu, that so very conveniently happened to merge with a pattern of very bad eating and sleeping habits. Incredibly happy to say I am feeling a lot better, given the fact I have had fevers the past few days of my absence. They are the absolute worst. There’s no sore throat or rainy nose or a few back and headaches that can be as bad as when you have a fever, combined with the three.
Makes you feel helpless and almost hopeless.

All of that is gone, except for a few sneezes here and there. I am still 100% convinced it’s some allergic reaction to a spec of Something that’s obviously constantly in my presence. My doctor said it could just be coincidental frequent irritation of my nostrils, but you don’t have frequent irritations 2 months in a row.

Even though I was feeling sick and very weak, I didn’t want to sleep through the entire time I basically had free. I wanted to manage it wisely and use it. I have kept very busy, cleaning, organizing over and over, house work, studying as much as I could. Just keeping my hands and mind busy. For me, they were really the first and second days of school, so there’s not much to study, but I wanted to keep up with my resolutions for 2015 and always be on track with my school work. Just simple re-reading through your daily lessons works a bunch. So that’s what I did.

It was very hard, because frequently I have had serious writer’s block. If you can even call it that.
Actually no you can’t. Writer’s block is something different than from what I was experiencing. It’s not that I couldn’t think of things to write, I didn’t feel like writing. My motivation and inspiration for writing comes and goes according to my mood. I have to be in a neutral mood and everything above that scale in order to be able to write my thoughts down.

I know that’s bad, because writing should be a way for someone to release everything that’s going on in their mind and eventually feel better, because they feel they’ve shared it with someone.
But the more frequent the saddens/pain becomes, the harder it is to sit down, write and share it. After awhile, it becomes pointless and you feel like you’re re-writing the same thing over and over. Very few words are left. Eventually, you lose the will to write anything that’s on your mind when you’re experiencing the sadness. Nothing feels genuine. At least that’s how my mind works. If I were to have a meaningful end to it, a smart advice I could give to anyone reading in need of help, I may have written down and published it. But instead, I settled for a couple of sentences in my last blog post, and a quote I related most too.

And of course, there’s always that conscious doubt in the mind that I think appears in the mind of almost every blogger once they write down a long personal text that’s about to be shared on the internet. Sometimes those texts end up in the draft folder anyway.

And yes, you guessed it. Since I am writing this post that is reaching a long level, I do quite feel neutral. If not satisfied. Almost happy.

I’m gonna leave what I wrote alone. If I scroll up and re-read everything, I’ll start questioning every sentence. I feel like I owe someone an apology, I really feel discouraged. I need to step up, work more and devote a lot more time into what I write. I used to write my posts exclusively in a notebook first, work out all of the bugs, and then basically copy paste onto WordPress. It worked then, seemed like a good technique for me. I got to take my time and think about every sentence which seems like a waste of time, but it’s who I am. I’m very self-conscious.

Don’t do that guys! Don’t be like me. Your work is as good as anyone else’s! As long as you enjoy what you’re doing and feel good about what you’re writing, just click Publish and enjoy your fellow blogger’s posts. Enjoy WordPress because there are some amazing people here. I would give shout out’s right here, but let’s save that.

Hey that can be a post. Cling! Devote an entire post about a few bloggers I really love? That would be nice and fun. Yeah. I know there are a few.

Have a good one guys! I hope you have a wonderful day/afternoon/evening.


This will be a very short, brief and unedited post. I just want to get something out there. I read a tweet posted by Anthony Padilla. I’m sure someone has heard of him if you’re in touch with the YouTube community. Half of Smosh, the gaming channel.

Anyways, his tweet followed; “People are so sensitive about nudity. It’s not like we were all born with penises and vaginas or something.“. This triggered some thought. I found this interesting because a friend of his that loves Miley Cyrus, Kalel Cullen recently tweeted about a ridiculous, ”trend”? Miley is spreading. Something about, “FreeTheNipples”.

We are all aware Miley doesn’t think twice when it comes to vulgar and nude acts in public, but this is just flipping stupid. Apparently their cause is that the human body is a beautiful thing and should not be hidden, and why is it appropriate for men to go around without their shirts on but it is so tasteless and wrong for women.

Now, I can understand some logic in there, but it IS tasteless. I don’t understand why the need to fight for this sort of thing. Why. Who wakes up one day and says, I want to fight for the freedom of women to be naked whenever they please without judgment. Do you actually want that to be a thing?

I know what it’s about. For women, it’s not about the nudity itself, it’s not like a respectable average person will be caught dead showing mass amounts of nudity in public, but it’s just another thing to prove to men or to take away from them. A lot of women have this twisted idea that ALL men ache to judge all women that they’re sluts, whores and discriminate them based off of clothes and various different things.

Honestly, to me, this is just ridiculously moronic. Congratulations Miley. You’re a role-model to millions of teenagers who idolize you beyond measure and think your way is always the right away. Teach them to be free women at the age of 14. So they’ll go out in a club and ask themselves why older men seduce them and every worse case possible.

I do agree that there should be no judgment for both genders, but not even men walk around naked. I’ve only seen a couple, and one of them is Justin Bieber showing up in small and baggy tank tops that reveal the chest. A woman should be able to wear whatever she likes, without it being said. Not to start a petition about it. Is it tasteful or not, that’s a personal opinion. Mine is that it’s absolutely unnecessary and straight up gross. I don’t see confidence or pleasure out of it, just straight up stupidity.
It’s a power thing to teach men a lesson. To have self control over a woman showing nudity.

Do you really feel accomplished by being free to show your nipples, butt and other lady parts in massive public? Does it really need to become an everyday thing.