A Few Things My Country Should Have

Okay, my country is a pathetic one when it comes ti imported foods and marketing cool things. We are behind Americans by fifty years lol.
I’ve given this topic a lot of thought over the years. Mostly ever since I started using the internet.

There is a LOT of foods/things that are very popular all over the world and that are a part of people’s daily/weekly routines, but here, we just day dream about them. And when I say foods, I mean everything that is FOOD. Vegetables, fruits, snacks, meals, ingridients, sauces, whatever you may think off. I mostly think of snacks and candy bars/candies.
There is so much! I could easily go into very big detail and list every single candy bar of food or meal or a place or thing I’d like to try and have but this would be 5000 words long. So, I’m just going to name a FEW things I think would ease my concious.

Let’s start with the list:
* By the way, I’m not aiming on just America. Worldwide foods/things that I know off, that I know are not sold here or exist.

    Guys, Oreos were a thing ever since 1912 in the United States… we got them last year I believe. The first one, the regular kind. I KNOW!And ever since then, we only have the double stuffed kind and the regular. I am jealous. I am sincerely jealous because there are so many flavors now. I do know many are fails, according to some people but lemme try that fail! I know there are plenty of double-stuffed and triple-stuffed so I won’t go into detail about those.
    The ones I would mostly be excited to try are:
    Birthday Cake Oreos
    – Peanut Butter creme Oreos
    – Coconut Delight Fudge Creme Oreos
    – Peppermint Oreos
    – Cool Mint Oreos
    – Mint Fudge Creme
    – Heads and Tails OreoAnd there is SO much more you guys. The most ridicilous things. Like Summer Oreos? Come on, you made it taste like sun-screen or something? Crazy.
  • Butterfinger candy bar. 
    Come on… everyone talks about it and everyone who does, loves it. Don’t you? I’ll have the biggest respect if you’re not a fan. It’s crazy, the amount of love for this candy bar. I feel like this would be a huge disappointment ’cause I’m not a fan of peanuts.
  • Reese’s Peanut Butter cups.
    Same with butterfinger. It is so popular, it’s in so many forms. Why don’t we have it?
    And there are also Butterfinger Peanut Butter cups. What’s that like?
  • Violet Crumble/Crunchie 
    Violet Crumble is an Australian candy bar I have been eyeing for the past year and whoever I met over the world, I ask if they maybe know if this candy bar is sold there. Don’t ask me why I’m obsessed with it but I just want it.
  • Veganised food. 
    I’m terrible at explaining myself. The point of being vegan is not eating meat or dairy products, but you know how there are- Forget it, lemme show you.
    PicMonkey Collage
    Do you understand? I hope so, ’cause I can’t get into it, just yet.
  • Taco Bell/Wendy’s/In&Out
    That does not exist here. I’m not even 100% sure tacoos exist here as a choice. I think ONE restaurant opened just a few months ago somewhere near me but it’s ridicilously expensive. I’m not paying $30 for a tacoo, no matter how good it is. But I wish we had more of these fast food restaurants.
    I wouldn’t eat from them, I’d just love to have them. It’s exciting and exhilarating.
  • This isn’t a food but I just realized, we need STORES like Trader Joe’s, The world Market, Wallmart, 7-Eleven, Target. We have nothing but freaking super markets and regular markets. 
    If we had a World Market, I wouldn’t need to worry about all of these foods. That stores sells all of these foods (maybe not), but I know Trader Joe’s has these veganised foods. NEED IT. I feel like I would be a live-in in those stores.

So far, I’d be happy with this. Truly.
Serbia, make a deal with America and I’ll be eternely grateful. Just these….for a start. It’ll keep me occupied for awhile.

Has anyone ever tried any of these? If you say yes, I’m gonna cry.

7 thoughts on “A Few Things My Country Should Have

  1. Butterfingers= heaven! World Market is also a treasure, and I hope your country gets one soon! You think there’s tons of different kinds of Oreos, but I’ve found different kinds of Kit Kats at World Market, too 🙂

    Also, speaking of Australian sweets, have you heard of Tim Tams? To die for!

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      1. The only ones I’ve tried are carmel and chocolate (carmel is definitely better). They have other flavors too that I haven’t tried


  2. I absolutely- thoroughly enjoyed this read! I can understand your frustration as well. And for the record…everyone should have the chance to experience Oreo’s of ALL flavours! As for Butterfingers, amazing! Reese’s….not so amazing! 😉 Peace

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