Recent love for books

Before 2014, I have never read a real book in my life which is kind of sad. My mom is in love with books all her life and she constantly tried to get me to read, from a very young age just to gain enthusiasm in it and nope. Was more into movies and not using my imagination.
I read one book in Middle school for a paper I had to do and that was maybe, 3rd grade? So it was 7 years ago. It was a tiny book about the love between an animal, in this case a horse and a boy and the sacrifices animals can make for their master.

And in 2009, read my first little teenage, funny, inspiring book that I am desperately trying to find, to buy it. It has a nice place inside my heart. ❤
So, basically, for the past five years, I have not touched a book and I know how bad that sounds. Though, I like to think that my recent kick for them is a good excuse because, better late than never… right? I am a hopeless romantic type person and I am a sucker for goofy and stupid love related things, and mom bought these two little “pocket” novels.

Note: All of the books I’ll mention in my blogs will probably be things you will never be able to read or even find, ’cause I don’t think any Serbian books are ever translated into English versions, only vise versa. Until, HOPEFULLY, in the future, when I am able to maybe buy books, off of Amazon? One I am REALLY EYEING for such a long time is “The fault in our stars” by John Green. The movie came out and I refuse to watch it, even though it’ll probably get spoiled for me… but goddamn, I want the book! Has anyone read it? I heard it’s really beautiful and many recommendations!

The pocket books: One was very little, called “Ready to tie“, which was basically a book of a feminist who wanted to prove women and men can be friends, and not lovers for a certain amount of time through her columns, and a slime ball who thought he could rule every woman if he got the chance.  For experienced readers, it’s something very very predicting, something very brief and a book you’d read on your way to work, to pass the time, but for me. It was a breakthrough! I felt so pumped and was like “I want more!” and the passion kept running and suddenly, every book seemed interesting. (I judged a book by it’s cover, I know, most common mistake).

I have read about 5 books, in less than two months which is a ground breaking record for me! And I am really proud and I am trying to keep it up and the point is… How do I keep being motivated if there is such a thing as a tactic for these types of things? Or do I just keep moving on and reading and when the right book comes, it’ll just hit me?

Right now, I am trying to dive into a somewhat horror book which is out of my comfort zone. I’m sure you all know him, Stephen King, one of the worlds most famous writers for horror/creepy books, but I have just found out about him two days. (Looking at my track record, no kidding?) I guess I got a book that is made into a movie “The shinning”? I’m just guessing, my friend Kevin tells me so from hearing the plot and i am SO tempted to just go and watch the freaking movie, because I am so scared. ._. I know I am being such a pussy over it but I just can’t… Or can I? Does anyone have any other recommendations? LIke a book that isn’t that scary. I’ve heard he has some things that are just creepy but beautiful…

Fresh new start

I am lost in writing this first sentence of the first blogpost, on your very new, blog. I don’t know where to start. See how I didn’t say first blog? Because it isn’t.

Hello everyone! My name is Marija Stanković. You may call me however you want, I usually go by the nickname Blue.

This is a big transition for me. I’ve had this other blog on Blogger for about two years, going on three years and you know that feeling when you fall into a monotone routine? That’s how I started feeling with it. It had covered a LOT of my life and basically everything that was happening throughout those three years and when certain things broke, I deleted over 500 posts that I felt were unnecessary to stay.
Because I did that, my blog became this empty space with too many holes that nothing in future posts on that blog would fill up.I have felt like this for the past year, nothing was good enough and nothing new was happening but I knew one thing – I want to write.

I am only 16 years old so I don’t have the sufficient amount of experience of life, or anything that is worth putting up on the Internet but I already know what I would love to do when I grow up. There is a few dreams, but one of them is to be a writer or a translator. One of my passions are languages, (recently discovered) books and writing.
I have no expectations with anything that I will write in this blog, absolutely none. I am not looking for followers or a big audience but it’s always welcome to Whoever wants to read, go right ahead and tell me what you think! But since a writer is something that is possible only in my dreams, I thought I could do at least something in the mean time to fill up that hole in my heart. No matter how unprofessional or unreal it may be, it harms no one, does it?

My old blog was mainly circling around My life, sometimes silly, stupid, goofy, romantic things that we’re happening, and the topics I found important and interesting to talk about, sometimes daily, sometimes week to week until my dry streak.

Basically,what I am trying to say is that, I want to start over. Begin with a fresh start, be goofy and do what I love to do and find my motivation again, because writing is something that makes me feel great, getting my thoughts and feelings out on “paper”.

I do have to thank one person in particular that made this beautiful theme a possibility and for even bringing the idea of a fresh start a reality and that’s one of my very very dear friends Kevin. *^_^* Thank you! He supported me, cheered for me days on end for me to finally agree and here I am!
A big big thanks to a few other people that are behind me and support my decision so, I think it’ll be a nice little trip I’m taking, once again!

I hope you stay along for the ride!