9 Things To Do When I’m Feeling Down

I feel down quite often. I’m one of those people that don’t get cheered up very easily unless someone makes me laugh, even though I don’t want them too. There’s no better feeling right? Or when you’re crying and you just don’t want to laugh or smile, you just want to cry it out and someone dear to you makes you smile and you feel loved.

I don’t follow specific things when I’m down, but I’m gonna share with you guys what I have found to work for me personally. 
It still takes me a lot of time, because unless I make the effort on my own, nothing can pull through. (Except spontaneous laughter).

  • Take long walks. Even if it’s a somewhat cold or gloomy day outside, walks really clear your mind. If it’s a sunny and beautiful day, it’ll be just what you need. I clear my mind, I feel ”fresh” once again and positive. Filled with good energy.
  • Drink tea/warm drinks. 
    You can get down for various different reasons. Just having a bad day, something struck you emotionally, whatever it may be, coozing up and watching a movie can relax you.
  • Watch a positive jolly movie. Or a romantic one where you may cry happy tears. It’ll leave you with bright hopes that even if you’re having a bad day, something good like that can and will happen to you.
  • Play with your pets. If you have them. They will never fail to make you laugh or make you giggly because they are just too cute. They are also amazing comfort. If your tummy is hurting, if you have a cat like me,  let them sit on your belly and purr. They suck all of your negative energy out.
  • Listen to music that corresponds to your mood. I am not the kind of person that can listen to fun and exciting music right away, if I am feeling very down. It just angers me for some reason, kind of get’s me on edge. Movies yes, music no. I first have to face what I am dealing with, in any possible way I can. Personally, If I am feeling emotional and I just need to cry it out, I listen to music that corresponds to my mood at the moment. If I manage to cry it out, then I can do other things. If not, I have to do something else that’s mentioned above, otherwise it’ll just get me on edge and make it worse.
  • Write down what is bothering you. I don’t think this is very common for most people but I don’t feel like it’s so strange. Many people have trouble getting their thoughts together and writing them on paper, but I personally have trouble talking through my thoughts and worries. No matter what it may be, I don’t like telling people face to face what’s bothering me. I don’t like the looks.
    If you are like me, I suggest writing it down wherever you feel like. Be it on your blog, in your notebook, on your computer. Even to a friend, if you want to actually share it, but not face to face.
  • Read. Be it a book, comic, novel, whatever is up to your liking. Reading is a fantastic way of disappearing from the real world and diving into a world of imagination. It’ll take your mind off your problems for awhile.Now imagine combinating coozing up with a book in a big comfortable chair, listening to soothing music while you drink hot tea, while a kitty is sitting in your lap purring.
    My idea of a perfect winter night.
  • Sleep. Let your mind take a break. There’s time for every problem.
  • If none of these work, Eat vanilla ice cream. Any icecream period. In fact, consume sugar in your body. 🙂

15 thoughts on “9 Things To Do When I’m Feeling Down

  1. I really liked this! Sometimes it’s so easy to just sit there and dwell on your feelings instead or trying to shake them off. I think personally sleeping just really does the job.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh vanilla ice cream…:)
    I love it – though I must say, I don’t consume it every much nowadays. Sounds lame, but I’ve got really sensitive teeth. AHHH!
    Ah well. Still love the stuff!


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