Child Beauty Pageants & Honey Boo Boo – Yuck.

I find it incredibly annoying when someone’s tongue is way too faster than their brain. Stop and think about what you’re going to say.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Everyone has a right to live their life the way they wish. But someone already states the words,that they’re entitled to their own opinion, you have to be careful that opinion is justified. Surely you thought of the issue if you’ve already formed an opinion.
If you didn’t give it any thoughts, you are most likely not fully informed or just scrapped the leftovers off of someone else’s plate.

I have a tiny corner in my mind that passes judgment to those who enjoy a very wrong, very disturbing show called Honey Boo Boo. I have watched only one episode and I can say that was by far enough. It was very cringe worthy. And I thought Keeping Up With The Kardashians was bad.
I have seen enough pictures, read enough news and heard enough stories from personal viewers to say, I don’t understand why someone would like this show. Everything about this show is wrong.
I am not the type of person who will judge without notice. Especially when it comes to discussing a person’s taste and their views. I still am not. This is by far more complex, as everything is with me.
I can accept the fact that a person might like Honey Boo Boo. With a lot of sub questions and information and a few unnoticeable gag reflex’s, but I can. I won’t understand it, but I will accept it. Nowhere does it state that I need to understand everything and know the reasoning behind everything.

But what I won’t understand and won’t accept without a discussion, is how can someone speak against young kids, from the ages of 6 -12 or even under, wearing serious amounts of make-up, yet they find child beauty pageants and shows like Honey Boo Boo as an afternoon treat with tea and cookies?
Especially if someone’s a parent.

I don’t even have the words to discuss this matter further on. The question is self-explanatory and perfectly clear. You’re right about protesting against young kids wearing make-up and being put to society pressures that they need make-up in order to feel beautiful and wanted among others. That’s perfectly fine. I stand by that.
Every girl on earth is beautiful just the way she is, in her own way, just like you are. No eyeshadow, no lipstick, no eyeliner, no any kind of product can make you more beautiful than you are right when you wake up.

It’s something every girl doubts, something every girls struggles with. And further more, why train your child to become into a narcissistic freak when she grows up, believing she is the center of the world and much better than any other girl who doesn’t wear make up (but still is beautiful), just because she entered and maybe won a few pageants. Pageants make such unbelievable standards for so many young girls that actually stumble upon one. I’ve had countless comments from my younger cousins, “Look look! She’s so pretty. Can I be like her please? Pleeeease? I want to be as pretty as she is”. It actually sickens me.
Not only that there is such a network for these types of things, but that parent’s actually use their children for their own advantage. What do kids know at that age? Especially if they started out really young, as mere babies. It’s all they know off. Which makes it so perfect for the parents don’t it? None of it, absolutely none if it makes sense. Nothing good or entertaining about watching a poor 4 year old, walking down a stage, performing a weekly-trained performance to impress a few people in TONS and tons of make up and accessories. It’s so unnatural. It’s a child, not a doll.

If you love your child by the slightest and if you have her best interest in mind, why would you do that? Saying that you believe your child has great potential and has remarkable beauty is not an excuse by the slightest. There are other ways to show your daughter she is beautiful. So many parents succeed.

Thankfully, the show was canceled-

after ‘shocking’ news of her mother, “Mama June”.

That’s another thing. People still support Honey Boo Boo, thinking it was a comedic show, even after finding out that “Mama June” proudly stated she’s dating a man who was convicted of molesting and raping her older daughter. “Mama June” stated that she didn’t believe her daughter when she was first introduced to the information, and even when she realized it was true, she continued dating the man, with the following words:
He didn’t do anything bad to me. 

If you’re not against child beauty pageants, you can’t seriously tell me you are able to sustain watching this woman for any purpose.

You’ve Gotta Be Kitten Me

Take a deep breath Mar Mar. You have no idea what’s going on inside your head, but you’re gonna be fine. You’ll be fine. Everything’s going to be alright. Tomorrow is a new day and you have all the time in the world to re-live this hell all over again. W/o!

I’m having one of those regretful bad days. Those days where you lose half your day doing nothing and the rest of is in bitterness. Then the night comes when you should fall asleep and you ask yourself where the hell did your day go. Why did I waste this day? This day wasn’t meant to be wasted. All I can really do is sleep and wait for tomorrow. I’m still feeling gloomy and doleful. A little blue. I need someone to feel red, so we can make purple.

Why am I like this. Why am I one of those people who, when I do have a semi-reason to feel bad, if it get’s to me, there is absolutely no way anyone can cheer me up unless I make the effort myself which is a pain in the reer. In the moment of feeling angry and bitter, no one thinks about feeling better. You just think about how you’d like to smash something or dig deeper into those thoughts. I can’t focus on other things.
Like okay, I’m angry about this but there’s another side to the story. I should be happy about that and concentrate on that and forget what I was mad about in the first place. I can’t do that. It takes such a long time for me. Even if I am fine by default, I can’t just LET IT GO and move on.
It’s a flaw and it makes things so difficult for the people around me. It’s not at all easy to handle me sometimes.

Right now, my stomach is still flipping turning even though I realize I am being unfair to Michael. But It’s just me, I’m like that. And trying to force me to feel better, just moving on with the subject? Oh hell no. Then it’s full two days, at least.

IT’S BAD, i know It’s bad but it takes way too much effort to change it. I get frustrated and eventually start to cry because my mind is very much aware, but my heart says no, I’m not folding. Even now, I’m getting frustrated with myself cause I don’t want to be like this. I want to feel relaxed and talk to Michael nicely if we even get to talking tonight. I want to be able to lovingly thank him for being so understanding and patient with me, without the twirls in my stomach from it being quite insincere at that exact moment.

I guess what you’re supposed to do is get a notebook and write down all the positive things you can think off that happened throughout your day, even though it seems like a bad one to you when you sum it up. I don’t like these mind tests at all, but if I were to do this it would be my cat.
It’s amazing how she feels when I’m upset and knows exactly when to come to snuggle and does it perfectly.


She hugged me, literally hugged me. If it were a video, you’d see her pawing her hand further to grab more of me.
It’s like hugging another human. Only one that’s a lot smaller. And harrier.

But even still. To me, this was just a crap day and I feel like I’m going to mess it up even more very soon, if possible. Or I’m just gonna go to bed and wait for someone to make me laugh at school tomorrow. It’s just, It’s such a waste you know? Either way, I hope you guys had a good day.

Two And A Half Men – Final Season

Damn it!!! I should’ve written this post yesterday evening when I was completely in the zone about this. When I was freaking out and was so excited. But! Never the less, I am still excited and I want to talk to you guys about this, masterpiece we all call a show.

I’m sure we all know the basic plot of the show. Alan, Jake, (Charlie, Rose), Walden, Berta, Jenny. Yeah’ All familiar? Great! I was SO late on this show, as I was for any I am now loving to an extend where I would fall down on my knees to watch an episode I haven’t already and bleed. I started watching Two and a half men by complete accident and thanks to my father. It was a complete accident, stumbling upon him watching it and me growing to love it episode by episode. Needless to say, I watched the entire 11 seasons in less than a week. I was on Spring break and I nailed it.

I love this show so much you guys. I love the story, I love the plot, I love the actors, I love the humour, I love the sarcasm. I loved everything about it from episode one.

Judging from the very first season to the ninth, I have to say I was shocked when I saw that Charlie Sheen was no longer part of the show.
First of all, I had no idea that he was fired from the show at the time. I learned that a few months afterwards, by accident. I thought the actual plot of the show was that Charlie Harper dies and I honestly thought that’s where the show will end. I was not happy by this, one bit.
And I mean the scene of Charlie’s coffin surrounded by flowers, easing towards Alan, me absolutely screaming and freaking out and eventually starting to cry. TO CRY.

I felt like there was no show without Charlie Sheen because he was IT. He was the show to me, he’s what kept things going. It didn’t help my thought that that’s where the show will end. My favorite character finally dying out of liver damage or heart attack and that’s all folks!

When I saw that Ashton Kutcher was basically taking his place as Walden, only as much richer and more hansome I might add, I was literally angry. I was furious and I refused to continue watching the show. Since I didn’t know that Charlie was fired, I thought that was their plan. Take Charlie out and mix it up a little. I labeled it as piece of rubbish without giving it a chance.

Needless to say, I got over this. I just needed to share with you guys how much I got caught up in this show. Throughout the seasons, not only was it funny to me, I shared laughs, smiles, tears, even chest pains with the actors. This is the one show I am truly passionate about. Where I truly felt like I interracted with some of the plot and cheered and loathed. I hope anyone else here has a crazy obsession like this.

I admit, It still wasn’t the same after Charlie Sheen left. I also felt a little stale stage with the action and comedy and the jokes. They were kind off trying too hard ’cause we were all just so used to Charlie. I’m sure you see that in many reviews, public or private from your friends. I felt it, but to me it was still fantastic. Like I said, I truly genuinely love it and It’s like I am a part of the story. It’s just Two and a half men too me, you know? That’s them and that’s fabulous! I never got this type of reaction for any show.
Most people have it for Friends, but see, I see Friends as a very hard show to watch. A very stale, lenghthy show that to me, has the most exciting parts when it comes to Ross&Rachel and that’s basically it. I don’t see the strive in that show, to keep you wondering what’s going to happen next. Two and a half men is longer by now TWO seasons, but I feel like it has quadruple more action.

Anyway, I wanted to drop my heart last night when I finally realized season 12 was aired!!!!!!!!

I felt like a fallen fan you guys. It was aired at the end of October, now it’s almost the end of November!!! I wasn’t keeping track. I had no idea there would even BE a twelfth season and to my delight and joy, there is! It will be the final season to the show and I can poop my pants from excitement of wanting to know how will they brilliantly end it.

How is it I manage to write an entire text worthy of a complete blogpost but I’m just half way through of what I actually wanted to say? Damn, I talk a lot.

To me, it was such a fun and awesome way to start off a season. I don’t want to give out too many spoilers, but I don’t think they could’ve started it better. And personally, only four episodes are aired so far, but you can really see the show coming to an end in the best way. You can really see everyone accepting each other, finally, and acting like, Yeah this is it. This is us. We were here for so long, it’s time for things to come to an end in the best possible way.

I know that some people will be really against homosexuality factors being brought in, in more obvious and observable matters but if you put that aside for just a second, you’ll really see something great happening. I think the reason behind the marriage is absolutely beautiful, no matter how unusual. You can really see Alan growing and finally becoming a true friend. Not thinking only of himself or even of any selfish benefits he might get. I’m sure I’m not the only one who was incredibly pissed off at Alan 80% of the time while he was living with Charlie because you could really see the sleeze bag, butt-sucking leach in him. A gold digger most of the time but you can really see the true friend side of him in this season. I believe it’s going to go on till the end, I feel it. And I think that’s the best in all of this. They are all starting to realize they’ve been there for each other for years now, it’s time to pile it all up together and make something beautiful out of it. Even Berta.
They’re all just there and accepting that Alan is never leaving Walden, married or not, till death do them part, all together, everyone make a big family.
He’s truly there for Walden this time. He always has been, but there was always a selfish corner in his mind that thought only of his benefits coming out of every situation. It’s only been four episodes but I am truly genuinely excited. I feel like I am not wrong about this. To me, it was a terrific funny start, terrific twist with meaning, even though it had to have an unusual part but for a good reason. A baby no less. It’s still very entertaning, very funny and there’s more to come!
I cannot wait!

Rest In Peace Baby.

I’ve had too much to think and for the first time my mind didn’t drift apart in a sea of sad and depressing stories and possible outcoms in my life. Which are terrifying in any case. But that didn’t last too long…

If I could have one wish of life, I would wish to have a house, a patch of a warm mountain if possible, where I could keep all of the kitties and animals I would save and cherish and take care off. In my post a few weeks ago, I told you guys about a little kitten I found and saved from a trash can right outside my building. I cleaned him, I fed him from my arms, I took him to the vet every week, I gave him medicine, I played with him every day, I checked on him, cuddled with him, gave him lots of liquids and space and yet, he was still struggling for his little life throughout all this time…
He would have good days and then a couple bad where just couldn’t move and refused to eat. I would lay next to him for hours and tried to calm him down, he didn’t want to sleep.

My poor baby’s heart stopped. It just stopped. He didn’t eat anything he could choke on, I didn’t let him near the other cats because he was very weak and fragile and they like to play rough. I came back home and he was gone. My heart stopped and I started crying. I just don’t understand why. The vet we took him too kept saying that he’s struggling with some internal injuries and infections that can be cured. I really thought he was going to make it. He would be fine, he would eat very nicely and he would cuddle up with me and purr and all of a sudden he’d cringe and groan like he was hurting really bad.
Part of me knew that he might die but after a week, I really thought he would be okay.

I feel like I didn’t do something, I feel like it’s partly my fault. I think I did everything I could but maybe I could’ve done just a little bit more. Maybe it would make a difference. I don’t know, I feel awful.
After awhile I just laid on my bed and thought about him and how much I love my other cats and how much I would give to save every little poor animal that’s struggling for his life.
He was just  a little baby, he became my baby.

I don’t understand. Who left him in the garbage can in the first place? How can someone be so cold? You’re not throwing away a hankerchief or an old bottle of spoiled milk, you’re throwing out a little creature that isn’t able to take care of themselves. Just, why? I will never get it. There are other ways to do these kinds of things and maybe if you hadn’t left him in a garbage can that is so deep he can’t escape from it, he might have lived. It’s like they wanted him to die in there. What would’ve happened if I hadn’t found him and took him out? He was a baby…

This isn’t the first time something like this happened. I’ve attempted to save a lot of cats and have saved a lot. There were other cases where the darlings couldn’t survive, but it’s heart breaking every time for me. I hope that each and every one animal that is struggling finds a home or finds a way out, or at the very least, finds her way around my building and my windows, I’ll do whatever I can and they’ll find eternal shelter in my home and heart.

At least my baby isn’t struggling further. Rest in peace… ❤


Effuse Your Brain

All of us here have access to this book with over a trillion pages called “the Internet”, and a big percentage of people use it, but not for that many useful things. I for one, am obsessed with information and finding out new interesting things about my interests. And a lot of loopy and stupid shit.
Sure, one of those things is YouTube and that’s a very useful tool as well. That’s good.

I for one, absolutely love watching channels like Good Mythical Morning (GMM) & Dean Leysen. They’re different types of channels absolutely but they are so informative and interesting and you get to learn something new every single time you watch a video. And a new word if your vocabulary needs a little bit of work. This is not a regular post, I just want to share with you guys the channels and say, I absolutely love and hate the sea world.

I love all animals. From kitties,mice and rabbits to crocodiles and squids. But they just scare me you know? Sea world in general is magical and astonishingy beautiful, but down in the deepest depths of the oceans,there are some seriously scary creatures & beasts. Not nice things. They won’t serve you cookies and tea.

I love learning new things about our world and it’s always fascinating. Like, did you know that some plants in Hawaii are actually alive? You touch them and they move in different directions. I know this is quite stupid of me ’cause I don’t know the name but I know it’s true. And we say plans don’t feel. When you think about it, it’s a living thing.

Basically, I want to share with you a few videos that fascinate but gross me at the same time but are a good example as to what I am talking about.
Dean does/did tons of videos like ”10 more random but interesting facts that most people don’t know”.
Rhett and Link tend to be more random but still give you a huge insight about our society and prove there are all kinds of people,who use all kinds of stuff. Believe me, you’ll learn something new.

5 Real-Life Mythical Beasts – GMM .
5 Scariest Mental Conditions – Dean.
5 Biggest Insects In The World – Dean.

Just spreading love and knowledge.

The Liebster Award

  • W/o! I am behind on a few other awards like the One Lovely Blog Award and I intend to write them all, but the facts…I don’t like coming up with facts!! First of all, I’d like to thank Being me. for nominating me. I was not expecting it at all. Thank you very much!The basics… The rules of every award.
    Rule #1: Post the award logo on your blog.
    Rule #2: Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to their blog.
    Rule #3: Write 11 random facts about yourself. Ugh. 
    Rule #4: Nominate 11 fellow bloggers with less than 200 followers who you think deserve this award. Not going to be 11 for sure.
    Rule #5: Answer 11 questions the one who nominated you left you and ask your nominees 11 questions.

    11 random facts about myself:

  • I love to watch 24 Kitchen on TV. Even though it makes me hungry.
  • I don’t like sweets and sugary things all that much.
  • I am terrified of heights.
  • My favorite color is dark grey and dark neon blue.
  • I absolutely love cardigans. LOVE.
  • When I’m sad, it’s terribly difficult to get me to feel better unless I do it myself. So peopl shouldn’ttry too hard, just be there for me. Or make me laugh.
  • I adore mushrooms. I eat them every other day almost.
  • Felix’s and Joey Graceffa’s laugh are incredibly contagious for me.
  • I don’t like reptiles.
  • I get bored surprisingly easy.
  • I used to collest all types of seashells.

That didn’t go as bad as I thought it was going to be.

Okay, there is no way I can nominate 11 people, plus watch out if they have under 200 followers, which doesn’t even matter gurl. So, I basically nominate everyone that wants to do this and that loves coming up with facts about themselves. Go for it, no matter the count!

Now the answers:

Why do you blog? 
– I love it, I love writing. It gives me a chance to share something that’s a part of me or a part of my life with someone outside my friend circle. It’s lovely.
If you could, would you keep a lion for a pet, or a tiger? 
– Tough one. They’re both from the cat family… I love them both. I think a tiger. Lionness’s maybe, but a full on lion, eh. Snow tigers, how ’bout that?
What in people do you hate the most? 
– Probably selfishness. Taking people and things for granted. As soon as someone feels better no one else matters anymore. We don’t learn or appreciate at all.
Your favorite super hero?
– I don’t keep track of these… Who is a super hero anyway? Except like, Superman. lol
Your favorite celebration in your country?
– My country’s a boring one, so I’m gonna go with Christmas. We don’t have any seperate cool holidays. We don’t even celebrate Halloween. -.-
Your goals in life? 
– Move, get a nice job, support myself. Get a job that has to do with languages and writing or teaching. Marry Mike, adopt and save as many kitties and animals I can and be happy.
Do you smile your way out of troubles or cry?
– First cry, then smile.
Who do you go to when life’s angry with you? 
– Most of the time no one. I keep things to myself. If it get’s too much or if it’s not too bad, I go to Mike. Otherwise, I keep shut.
Do you like my blog? And why? 
– Yes I do! I think you deserve more recognition than you’re getting. It’s honest.
What is an ideal personality in your view?
– That’s a good question but not one you should answer. I can’t come up with an answer.
What inspires you the most? 
– Surroundings.

Dang it, now for the hard part. My questions to all of you!

  1. Do you have a happy place and what is it?
  2. What is your favorite meal to eat, of all time?
  3. What do you think is more important. To love or to be loved?
  4. Are you interested in fashion at all?
  5. Your biggest pet peeve about your best friend?
  6. What would you say is your biggest flaw?
  7. Cats or dogs?
  8. If you had one ultimate wish, what would you wish for?
  9. What do you like wearing the most, heels, flats, sneakers, flip-flops?
  10. Who’s your favorite YouTuber?
  11. Do you know who is Pewdiepie? Are you a bro? ❤

w/e! Thanks to Fatima one more time!

People Change

I am sitting here deciphering what I should do with the rest of my day. School finished very early, like two hours ago but I was a twit and wasted my time away on, I don’t even know what. I looked at the stars, in the middle of the day.
I am thinking, should I call one of my my best friends, M, and tell her that I finally have free time, a free weekend and meet up with her, or go to her place. I know that would be one of her suggestions. I know a normal person with a simple brain wouldn’t think twice about it and go for it, it’s always fun to hang out with friends. But naturally, my mind drifted further from that.

Why is it that most of the time, Middle school and Junior High friends don’t count? I mean not that they don’t count, but why does every grown up I meet tell me that High School friends are the friends that may stay as you get older, even after it’s finished. Why? Why do we drift apart?
Why. Because people find new people, new envirement, new priorities, just over all change.

I understand that people just grow apart, I understand that concept. Nothing special has to happen or drastic between two people for them to just not glue together anymore. But why do people have to change themselves when a change of envirement occurs? I don’t change. At least I think I don’t. I feel like I didn’t. Have I changed? Now there’s food for thought. I’m gonna ask my K and M for their opinions.
Maybe in the slightest shades but I didn’t change who I am, how I dress, how I talk, how I think, most importantly.

I think it all comes from training your brain. Honestly. We are taught by our parents the most important basic things. How to act in public, to say good day, good evening, to be polite in someone else’s house, not to talk while your mouth is full, especially in company. Manners. But throughout Middle school and after you are also taught, some by words, some by experience and some by the two combined, that you should not be easily influenced. I hate that concept. Influence, in ways I think are negative. We all go through various friendship phases and at least 20 BFF’s are changed throughout school until you find your match.
And each phase is maybe a lesson, what to do, what not to do. We also make our own mistakes.

One of those things has to be, you should not be influenced by other people to do things you are not comfortable doing just because they are new, popular, trendy and most importantly, because everyone does it. **(I think I may have ranted on a little bit in the blog post. I just want to add that this is the main point of the blog post. I am not talking about pure change as it is, change is actually healthy. There is no way you can stay the same forever. And yes, I know confidence follows up with this. Some people are just too insecure about not fitting in and that’s fine as well. Make a mistkake, once or twice, we all do and we all learn. But if you do learn, you’ll see there is abslutely no one better than you yourself. 
Don’t compare yourself with other’s and make the change according to them. That’s what I am saying)***
For sure. Every class has a popular train and someone in the class secretly wishes they were on it.

I don’t see the point in those types of changes. It might be ignorant of me to state that. I do understand change, but not because someone told you your way of doing something isn’t right because it’s not very common. Let’s add- among teenagers.
I may be a bit different on that part though. I have experienced some things in my ”younger youth” that not everyone has and I started growing up in my mind a bit faster. It worked a little faster than other’s.

If you managed to form an opinion about something, if you found your character by the slightest, you should not break it. In my opinion. I don’t change the way I talk, even though everyone around me talks differently. I don’t pick up the ‘slang’. Or walk differently, or state things I don’t believe in just to communicate better in a group of people talking around me. I refuse too. I at least can control it. If I see someone doing it, I don’t feel the need to do it myself. I talk and dress the way I talk and dress.
I know many people say that High School is the time of a teenager’s life where they just start growing and finding out who they really are and how they want to act. But I don’t think that’s true in some ways.

Most people start smoking for instance in high school. That’s not a part of you as a person. You either do it because you want to, but why would you actually want to unless it’s because of mental influence by friends. You know, you look at everyone doing it and you feel left out or something. Or you are actually influenced by words that you should do it and that you’re un cool for refusing to smoke. I don’t believe that people start smoking because they want to relieve stress. That’s just stupid. If anything, it enhances the stress after awhile.

I’m not aiming so much that my best friends made these kind of changes, I’m aiming that they have changed. M more, in some ways I have mentioned. Which is okay, but it is a change due to her invirement and people around her. She doesn’t mind it yet, nor do I but you can see how it escalated to this post.

Even if you want to change, it should be in your own time, your own pace, spontaneous.
You wake up and you decide to have a tattoo, that’s absolutely okay. That’s a personal choice. But you should never think less of yourself because you don’t do things everyone else does.
If you feel strongly about something that you do, or something that you don’t do, you have your reason for doing or not doing it. Stand by it.
If you learned something new and  compromised, that’s amazing.

But don’t let other’s change your mind for you. High school or a certain age do not guarantee anything. :/