Merry Christmas Eve

I wish you all a healthy and loving Christmas to come and the most jolly holidays. I send my love to you all, have the best Christmas you can possibly imagine, spend time with your loved ones and cherish each moment with them. I hope all of your deepest wishes come true and all in all, have a wonderful time at this special time of year 🙂



Decorating My Christmas Tree

To me, it’s actually a little bit early in the game. I know it’s December 12th and for those who celebrate Christmas on the 25th, which is in 13 days it’s long overdue probably, but that’s not the case with me.

I celebrate Christmas on the 7th of January, different calendars you know. We should celebrate it on the 25th, because Jesus was born on 25th of December, not the 7th of January but, it’s been like this for a long time. It’s been suggested to make the change, but the reaction isn’t satisfying. I guess that’s fine. Holidays seem to last longer this way. Many around the world start the holiday cheers and decorations as soon as December comes and my country follows, so everything feels Christmassy very very early. The only problem is that the Christmas channels and movies are aired throughout December, and when the time comes for my family to celebrate Christmas, the channels slowly stop, because for the rest the holidays have pretty much ended. This sucks bad, because sometimes you want to sit down and drink hot chocolate and spontaneously stumble upon a Christmas movie, which is rare in January, as suppose to getting your USB cube and watch a movie.

Anyhow, for today it was planned to decorate the house with lights, the Christmas tree and we wanted to try decorating the outside of our house, or the front door with a Christmas arch around it. I don’t think we’ll succeed in that, and not too fascinated with the idea only and I mean only because lights on the arch aren’t included. We don’t have automatic lights, and we don’t have anywhere to plug in the lights and the point of the decorations outside is to make a certain part of the house pop and stand out. That’s beautiful.

This is the time of year where I should be getting really excited and cheerful, especially about decorating the Christmas tree, but for someone reason, this year I’m not feeling it at all.

My mom is usually the most excited person in the room for making the home look very Christmas appropriate, but even she isn’t all that fascinated this year. I’m not sure why, but she definitely won’t let it result in her not decorating at all. To her, it’s not New Years without a tree, but honestly. She still has Some Christmas spirit left, but it’s doom and gloom at the moment.
If you were to ask me anything, at this point I’d just buy a pre-decorated Christmas tree in two different colors, maybe red and silver, or dark blue and silver, place on the 1st of January, just so I’ll have it when time to celebrate Christmas comes.  So the house is not quite bare on such a cozy holiday.


Well none the less, I pushed that negativity aside and helped mom decorate the tree and it looks really cute and beautiful.


How do you guys like it? 🙂 All it needs are lot’s and lot’s of presents underneath. I mean, why waste so much room, it’s there for a reason am I right? Preferably labeled “For Marija”. I’m such a great kid.

It’s already half past five, I don’t think anything else will be done to the house tonight. And whatever isn’t done today, won’t be done at all.
I actually feel like laying in bed and falling asleep but I won’t do that. Eating is way more precious.

Have you guys decorated your house yet? Show me pictures please of your Christmas tree if you’ve decorated or when you do decorate it. My mom and I, or well at least I am browsing new ways we can decorate ours. And it’s always nice seeing beautiful Christmas trees. They all are actually.

I hope you guys had a wonderful day. I will head off. I’m going to do some “arts and crafts”, and by that I mean cut pictures out of old magazines and make all types of collages with them. Cheers!

Feelings Suck.

I love this so much. I can relate to it in every possible sense but at the moment it is hurting me to even think about it.

All those thoughts and hopes I talked about in very late 2014/very early 2015 just might shatter and be left to nothing. My year has definitely not been going the way it was planned. I can’t say it’s been worse, but nothing good I was hoping for happened either. And it’s been killing me the past few weeks.

I’m at that point in a relationship with someone (not a romantic relationship, but a relation with romantic feelings) where I’m thinking about the well being of that person 90% more than the well being of myself. I don’t want to think about me, I want to think about him and what’s best for him. I’m at that point where I’m realizing that everything I have experienced with this person, and all the love I feel for him and have felt throughout these past 3 years is enough for me to hold onto as a memory if the day should come I need to let go completely. And I feel like that day is approaching very fast.
I’m at that point where you love someone way too much to keep them for your own selfish reasons if staying isn’t doing any good for them and whereyou actually feel you could accept it, for the possible well being of that person.

He’s very far away from me and that distance means nothing to us, compared to how we feel in our hearts. Sadly, the distance means very much to our seperate lives that keep going seperate ways. It’s breaking my heart because it is not a black and white situation. Nor are we throwing in the towel at the first bump. The struggle’s have been going on for the past year and a half and it’s becoming extremely hard for him. Not because we are impatient or just don’t want to hurt anymore, but because it’s becoming impossible to maintain anything with the schedule’s he has that he by the way hates.

Nothing’s been said yet exclusively, but I feel it coming. It’s that feeling when you know, but you avoid actually saying it our loud. You delay the pain of saying it out loud. No decision has been made so far, but with any, I know that what I feel is strong enough to let myself be happy as long as he’s happy. Damn, that is so hard to say. It’s so hard to comprihend. Should a ”split up” happen, I know that it can’t in any way be better than where we are now, but we’re both thinking for the long run. Some things are just becoming neccessary and important but undoable with us still standing in this one spot. More for him than for me but it’s enough.

I cried every day the past week, thinking it over and over and if we’ll make a mistake by pulling the final straw. I don’t like to listen to things like ”There will always be another guy”, ”Life is trial and error”, ”Some things are just not meant to last”, ”Not all the people in your life are meant to stay”. No. I don’t want none of that from my friends.

I don’t know what I want to hear but it’s not that. That’s a crock off b/ icing on an already over-flowing cake. No one needs to hear that while going through it. I want to listen to sad songs I can relate too while I stuff vanilla ice cream down my throat and appreciate everything that has happened and that I got to experience something like I had, but still cry because that person meant too much. And I want hugs. That’s it.

Now I’ll go, before I start crying again. I would never wish a heart like mine upon someone, not in this state. It’s horrible. I wish that upon no one. The future that we hold is so unclear…

The Upcoming End of Two And A Half Men. (Rant Alert)

Can you even formulate it like that? Upcoming end? I think you can, sounds almost right. Sigh. I am a little nervous at the moment. Actually I’m very nervous. One thought is consuming my mind for days now, over and over.

I am not, and I have never been a crazed fan for anything. I don’t do those typical things that fans do in order to show love and support.
If it’s a signer involved, I do not make T-shirts with their name on them and put #1 fan. I won’t sleep the night before a concert outside of the arena. I won’t tweet them over a thousand times or even comment on their photos. Even though, I can promise I adore this person, they’re such an inspiration to me and I may even cry- I may even cry for them or for something they’ve said or something that happened but you know, I was never crazy in said senses.
To not go on and on for every profession, I just don’t do certain things.

My love for shows, singers, actors and whatever it may be is very silent and almost unnoticeable. It’s just there and it exists and it just floats in the air in massive amounts. I have a very obsessive personality over things I like and exclusively over things that I like.

Sigh. I am so bummed. Two and a half men is, it, to me. I love the show so passionately, so genuinely and loyally. I was incredibly late to the party. The girl already jumped out of the cake and everyone’s had a piece. Two and a half men, or any show for that matter wasn’t a part of my childhood. Like so many have those significant shows that mark a time of their childhood. Memories of watching that specific show as a little kid, with their family. So many include Friends and other family shows. Not one show marks my childhood. Cartoon Network which is/was a channel on TV marked mine and by the way, drove my mother mad. It’s pretty hilarious. She was absolutely sick of it, it was non stop.

But none the less, it was instant love when I did come across Two and a half men. I am so scared you guys. At the very end of season 11, the last episode basically Alan (Jon Cryer) being dumped and left on his wedding with Gretchen for her ex, leaving him heart broken and confused. At the very end of the episode, Alan and Walden sit down on the couch, along with Walden’s freshly made robot, and they make plans of making a guy’s night every Thursday where they just sit around, chill and talk. And Walden refers to it as Two and a half men’s night. (the half being the robot) I thought that was the end.

Strangely enough, I thought that was the way they wanted to end it, not knowing they were cooking season 12. At that moment, it didn’t strike me hard. I loved that episode and in the moment, I was just happy and positive. It was a great run, I’m glad I got to experience it. And of course, when I heard that season 12 was already aired mind you, and when I opened the first episode up, I was screaming the entire time. I was incredibly happy.

As far as I’m concerned, the show can last forever. There is no way to end a billionaire’s and a mooch’s life story together, until one of them dies. Most likely, it would be Walden. But now I know it’s the end. Now I am aware it’s the final season and that scares me.

I don’t want it to end. I am so in love with this show. I have fallen in love with all of the characters, in the story, even though it had a big big transition after season eight. I feel like it’s a part of my teenage years. It’s not my childhood but to me, it’s just as meaningful. I can’t explain it. I want to meaningfully rant on my love for it and why it is what it is, but I don’t have the words. How do you explain such love for fictional characters and a story that’ll most likely never happen in real life.

The last episode was shot on Friday, and now fans are just awaiting. Man, it would’ve been a dream come true to once experience sitting in the live studio audience and seeing them on set, making mistakes and make the show to what’s it’s become.
It honestly annoys me so bad when people call it just a stupid, meaningless, bachelor show that exploits women and sex. Two and a half men isn’t and never was known for treating things tastefully to an extent, why is it so awful. Fans like me who fall in love and really dig deep into the story and plot, there’s so much more, so many signs and looks that really say a lot without saying a word.

Season 12 is up to it’s 13th episode, which was awesome of course, and the last 3 remain.  I feel like so many people would describe their ending of Friends. Friends was a show that was aired before I was born and ended when I was 6. People born in the mid 90′ probably felt like a big ongoing part of their childhood is ending, and I feel like, something wonderful I love that always made me happy is going to end.

It sounds so dramatic, I know it’s a show but I’m sad alright? I think it’s not that weird. People cry over their singing idol’s new haircut. I’m sad over something that makes me genuinely happy is ending. I already have all 12 seasons I think on every single device I have in my house. I can always come back and I do. I play Two and a half men and do my thing and enjoy their voices in the background. But I know that pretty soon I won’t be able to stock up on more and more of that joy. Pretty soon it’ll stop and I’ll have 12 seasons and 262 episodes to look back too-which is marvelous, but why not 462?

Yeah I know. It would bore many people. Everyone has to have an ending. If Harry Potter went on forever, people would lose interest. But it’s my show. It wouldn’t bore me. Don’t I count for something? No? Okay…

List of All Well Known Food Products Across The World I Have Never Tried

I just realized I did a similar blog post two months ago, mentioning a few of the following things but it wasn’t as detailed. It was circling around a few things and what my country Should have. But the following is what I’ve never tried, and what is among those things, I maaaay repaet myself.

Now,you must be thinking. Why would anyone make this into a list? There’s gotta be a million and one things every person on earth hasn’t tried. But some of these will blow your mind, because they’re FREQUENT and almost everywhere, except here. Your mind will take a swirl.

Now, we’re behind Americans by at least fifty years, so in some matters it is understandable. But still not fair. You know. We still want and should have all of the foody goodness some of your guys might get. Of course, not all candy comes from America but I think plenty of these are from there. Or at least, I see Americans eating them the most. Almost all of the candy that is sold here is either from Germany or, I don’t even know but we don’t get variety. At all. We do have some tasty things but those tasty things have been around since my mom was a kid man. Import something dude. Make the stores.

Anyway. back to the topic. As stated, we are behind Americans by at least fifty years, which would explain why we got Oreos for the first time (now) two years ago. I know. This right?

They appeared in late 2013, but this year is still very fresh. And after so much time, we only have the regular kind and the double stuffed kind.

So, I tried making a list of all the things off the top of my head, and mind you there’s a lot, that I hear being talked about all the time and seen being eaten. Let’s dive into it.

  • Taco’s. I think a single store didn’t exist that would make even something similar till about awhile ago, and it’s still not done. They’re in the process of making it, in 2015 – In Serbia.
  • Sushi. Now, this definitely exists, I just thought it was interesting how I never tried it. I think it’s because of the potential gagging that might occur, ’cause I have a very sensitive reflex to flappy, fleshy, jiggly, mushy, wet things.
  • Chinese food. Same situation as sushi. Trying it tomorrow though for the first time. I hear things get real spicy.
  • Waffles. I think you can make them, sure. You can try with a waffle maker of some sorts but here it’s not a thing and no one bother’s buying. And to be honest, it looks like plastic. Doesn’t it?
  • Pancakes. Now I want to try this. Apparently we have this.
    Now let me demonstrate. I am confused.

    These are pancakes all over the world;
       <– & –> what we have here is this  
    Those two are not the same freaking thing. Or they may be. One is just cooked longer and thicker but they can’t be called the same. We call ours Palacinke, and people confuse that with Pancakes. What we have are crapes.
    Open three different tabs. Write Pancakes, write Palacinke, write crapes. That’s all there is too it.
    I want to try PANCAKES.

  • American/foreign cereal. We do not have these. We maybe have some crappy shit like chocolate balls with some cute bear on it, but most of it is just straight up corn flakes. Or those ”protein”, ”fitness” jazz.
    No Lucky Charms, no Raisin Bran, Froot Loops, Cheerios, Reese’s Puffs, Honey Bunches of Oats, Captain Crunch, nothin’.
    I mean I don’t even like or eat cereal, but I wouldn’t mind having it on display, just so I know I can try it. You know.
  • Marshmallows. We have none.
    Again, they’re mushy and I don’t think I’d like them, but just give them to me. I’ll be satisfied with looking at them.
  • Pop tarts. Non existent. What the heck even is that? A biscuit with a flavorful cream on top?

Man, I feel left out.

Now, the fast food restaurants. Well. not much to expect. The biggest fast food restaurant here is McDonald’s obviously. Not that fast food restaurants are even that important, nor do I consume all that much food from them, but it wouldn’t hurt if we also had Wendy’s, Burger King, In & Out and all types of fast food restaurants over the world.

I tried Mango for the first time a few months ago. Never tried avocado due to not seeing it being sold till a few weeks ago.

Now the candy/cookie factory; 

  • Oreos. As mentioned. No other flavors.
  • Butterfinger candy bar. Non existent.
  • Reese’s peanut butter cups. Non existent.
  • Warheads. I love sour stuff. We have sour candies here, but we don’t have warheads.
  • Skittles. We only have the regular kind and there is about, 65 different types of Skittles?
  • M&M’s. Now, okay. We have the chocolate and peanut butter ones. Nothing else.
  • Razzles. They just look fun and they’re candy, but non existent.
  • Nerds. Non existent. But so popular!
  • Fun dip. Non existent.
  • Hershey anything. Non existent.
  • Macarons. I’ve SEEN these in the mall but I believe, 3 macarons is (this is going to sound so pathetic) 3 dollars, converted from the Serbian Dinar. That’s over 300 dinara here and that is INSANE for a few candies. A burger and a 2l coke costs that much. Literally.
  • Crunchie. Okay, I gave up on VIOLET CRUMBLE. But they’re similar right? At least those, goddamn it. Non existent.

And a few drinks;

  • MTN Dew.
  • Dr Pepper.
  • Jolly Rancher.
  • Monster (The energy drink).

I’ve tried SevenUp… It’s Sprite.

So anyway, there you guys go…

I feel like, I’m missing out. It’s not that big of a deal, but it is.
Just the fact that I don’t have it, makes me want to have it even more, even though I would be completely neutral for most of these.

You have at least 8 of these things, so yey me. Ship me some, I’ll pay.


Yeeey! I love tags!

They’re so fun and answering questions is always a delight. Even more so when they’re all about Christmas!! Christmas okay? It’s getting so close I can’t handle it! I am prepared to eat, and that’s about it! I am so excited. A thank you too Tryingtofindmyselfon for being ever so sweet to tag me. Let’s get started!

❄ Favorite Festive Food ❄

I had to think hard about this because there aren’t many festive things served in my country. My very favorite thing that is served on Christmas has to be this very yummy salad I made on accident with mayonnaise and a little bit of sower cream that makes the tastiest cream with green peas and corn! It may sound very icky but it’s so delicious!

❄ Favorite Reindeer ❄

Pft, Rudolf?! Work that red nose gurl! (guy)

❄ Favorite Day from 12 Days of Christmas ❄

Two turtle doves… Because I love love and I love goofy looking animals. And flying, that is badass.

❄ Favorite Christmas Song ❄

All I want for Christmas is You. ❤ It brings up feels. I’m actually one of those people who DON’T listen to Christmas songs all that much. I’m that person who focuses on the movies. The songs come along for the ride.

❄ Favorite Christmas Present ❄

Almost all of my life I’ve had clothes given to my as various presents, whatever holiday or special occasions which is great for me, but sounds lame on paper. Uhm, I’ll go with the five hundred and eleven hundred piece jigsaw puzzles when I was like 10? I was obsessed and still LOVE them to death. That was a very jolly Christmas!

❄ Favorite Christmas film ❄

Okay, I know I said I’m the Christmas movie type but I don’t actually have favorites. It’s more like, Christmas channel and I enjoy each and every one that comes along. But, a few I really enjoy and are classics for the winter time, Love Actually. I think this is like, a worldwide classic, no? Definitely! I also really really love Single Santa Seeks Ms. Claus! So much fun and joy!

❄ Favorite Christmas Cracker Jokes and Toys ❄

I love those reindeer we here can win from collecting Coca Cola bottle caps. It’s like a win giveaway! You can get reindeer carrying a sack of coca cola’s on their back, or sleeping ones. It’s way cute!

❄ Favorite Christmas Decorations ❄

The Christmas tree… It looks magical and festive. It’s a decoration on it’s own. It lights up the entire room.

❄ Favorite Candle scent ❄

I’ve never had candles in my life or used them because they’re not very popular here… So I don’t have an answer. Cinnamon candle sounds awesome, also vanilla!

❄ Favorite Christmas Advert ❄

I don’t like these, honestly. I know, how could I say that but I don’t like them so I don’t pay attention…

❄ Favorite Christmas Tradition & Place to Spend Christmas ❄

Every year for the past 7, I’ve spent Christmas at my mom’s house and that became a tradition for us. No matter what happens, whatever party is going on, I’m at her place and it’s where I feel the best. Next to her and grandma. My mom is at her happiest around Christmas time. When it comes to Christmas, by heart she’s younger than me. We create a beautiful atmosphere, all cozy up next to each other and often play games and it’s always so much fun.

❄ Favorite Christmas fact ❄

For some reason, Christmassy colors are red, gold and green. I love that.

❄ Favorite Christmas Snowman Accessory  ❄

His broom. He works it like a purse!

La fin!

I hope you guys had as much fun reading as I had writing. I wish you all the happiest holidays, Christmas, New years, everything you celebrate! Be happy and spend it with the ones you love the most. I for sure will. May you have all jolly days!

Damn it! I forgot to tag other people. How absent minded of me. I apologize!

I tag, The Finicky Cynic, Through The Fire, A Writer’s Path, Cup of tie, and the lovely Pip, when she hopefully comes back to us. Anyone else missing her posts? I am greatly. Anyways, sorry for my stupidity!

Two And A Half Men – Final Season

Damn it!!! I should’ve written this post yesterday evening when I was completely in the zone about this. When I was freaking out and was so excited. But! Never the less, I am still excited and I want to talk to you guys about this, masterpiece we all call a show.

I’m sure we all know the basic plot of the show. Alan, Jake, (Charlie, Rose), Walden, Berta, Jenny. Yeah’ All familiar? Great! I was SO late on this show, as I was for any I am now loving to an extend where I would fall down on my knees to watch an episode I haven’t already and bleed. I started watching Two and a half men by complete accident and thanks to my father. It was a complete accident, stumbling upon him watching it and me growing to love it episode by episode. Needless to say, I watched the entire 11 seasons in less than a week. I was on Spring break and I nailed it.

I love this show so much you guys. I love the story, I love the plot, I love the actors, I love the humour, I love the sarcasm. I loved everything about it from episode one.

Judging from the very first season to the ninth, I have to say I was shocked when I saw that Charlie Sheen was no longer part of the show.
First of all, I had no idea that he was fired from the show at the time. I learned that a few months afterwards, by accident. I thought the actual plot of the show was that Charlie Harper dies and I honestly thought that’s where the show will end. I was not happy by this, one bit.
And I mean the scene of Charlie’s coffin surrounded by flowers, easing towards Alan, me absolutely screaming and freaking out and eventually starting to cry. TO CRY.

I felt like there was no show without Charlie Sheen because he was IT. He was the show to me, he’s what kept things going. It didn’t help my thought that that’s where the show will end. My favorite character finally dying out of liver damage or heart attack and that’s all folks!

When I saw that Ashton Kutcher was basically taking his place as Walden, only as much richer and more hansome I might add, I was literally angry. I was furious and I refused to continue watching the show. Since I didn’t know that Charlie was fired, I thought that was their plan. Take Charlie out and mix it up a little. I labeled it as piece of rubbish without giving it a chance.

Needless to say, I got over this. I just needed to share with you guys how much I got caught up in this show. Throughout the seasons, not only was it funny to me, I shared laughs, smiles, tears, even chest pains with the actors. This is the one show I am truly passionate about. Where I truly felt like I interracted with some of the plot and cheered and loathed. I hope anyone else here has a crazy obsession like this.

I admit, It still wasn’t the same after Charlie Sheen left. I also felt a little stale stage with the action and comedy and the jokes. They were kind off trying too hard ’cause we were all just so used to Charlie. I’m sure you see that in many reviews, public or private from your friends. I felt it, but to me it was still fantastic. Like I said, I truly genuinely love it and It’s like I am a part of the story. It’s just Two and a half men too me, you know? That’s them and that’s fabulous! I never got this type of reaction for any show.
Most people have it for Friends, but see, I see Friends as a very hard show to watch. A very stale, lenghthy show that to me, has the most exciting parts when it comes to Ross&Rachel and that’s basically it. I don’t see the strive in that show, to keep you wondering what’s going to happen next. Two and a half men is longer by now TWO seasons, but I feel like it has quadruple more action.

Anyway, I wanted to drop my heart last night when I finally realized season 12 was aired!!!!!!!!

I felt like a fallen fan you guys. It was aired at the end of October, now it’s almost the end of November!!! I wasn’t keeping track. I had no idea there would even BE a twelfth season and to my delight and joy, there is! It will be the final season to the show and I can poop my pants from excitement of wanting to know how will they brilliantly end it.

How is it I manage to write an entire text worthy of a complete blogpost but I’m just half way through of what I actually wanted to say? Damn, I talk a lot.

To me, it was such a fun and awesome way to start off a season. I don’t want to give out too many spoilers, but I don’t think they could’ve started it better. And personally, only four episodes are aired so far, but you can really see the show coming to an end in the best way. You can really see everyone accepting each other, finally, and acting like, Yeah this is it. This is us. We were here for so long, it’s time for things to come to an end in the best possible way.

I know that some people will be really against homosexuality factors being brought in, in more obvious and observable matters but if you put that aside for just a second, you’ll really see something great happening. I think the reason behind the marriage is absolutely beautiful, no matter how unusual. You can really see Alan growing and finally becoming a true friend. Not thinking only of himself or even of any selfish benefits he might get. I’m sure I’m not the only one who was incredibly pissed off at Alan 80% of the time while he was living with Charlie because you could really see the sleeze bag, butt-sucking leach in him. A gold digger most of the time but you can really see the true friend side of him in this season. I believe it’s going to go on till the end, I feel it. And I think that’s the best in all of this. They are all starting to realize they’ve been there for each other for years now, it’s time to pile it all up together and make something beautiful out of it. Even Berta.
They’re all just there and accepting that Alan is never leaving Walden, married or not, till death do them part, all together, everyone make a big family.
He’s truly there for Walden this time. He always has been, but there was always a selfish corner in his mind that thought only of his benefits coming out of every situation. It’s only been four episodes but I am truly genuinely excited. I feel like I am not wrong about this. To me, it was a terrific funny start, terrific twist with meaning, even though it had to have an unusual part but for a good reason. A baby no less. It’s still very entertaning, very funny and there’s more to come!
I cannot wait!