Christmas Traditions

This may surprise some of you, but yes tomorrow is Christmas day for me. As our Christmas goes, so do our traditions. I’m a bit rusty at explaining them, because some of these traditions are (I think) mainly ours, and I never thought I’d translate them to another language. Even English.

The very first thing that is a must, we always fast the day before Christmas, for us called “Badnje veče” or Christmas eve. So nothing that is of any animal source. Sadly, fish isn’t included, because it’s a water animal, which is discrimination. It’s an animal non the less, but most of the time fish is cooked the day before Christmas or baked beans.

Now bear this with me, this will be very hard to explain, but I’ll show you a few pictures.

What you see in the picture is dried leaves of various oak trees, with twigs and branches made into some sort of bouquet, which is a tradition to bring this into your house the day before Christmas. It is called a Badnjak, which is why Christmas eve for us is translated Badnje vece, vece means eve.

There is no real translation as to what this truly means, or at least I can’t find the right words, but basically, our story says that on the day that Jesus Christ was born, “badnjak”, plural, were lit in a bonfire to warm the new born baby and his mother. After your lunch, many people, as well as myself and my family, go to church where the bonfire happens. People bring another set of their Badnjak and throw it in the fire and drink boiled wine, sometimes sweetened with honey.

That’s where I came from 20 minutes ago, and I’ll share a picture with you guys.

There is no real routine on the actual day of Christmas. You wake up, have a toast, and feel merry. Usually, my country bakes some sort of bread;


Don’t be mistaken, it’s not a cake, it’s just very decorated bread, called “Česnica”. The tradition is to put one coin in it, while you make it, bake it and right before you start your Christmas lunch, all of your family members stand in a circle around the table, spin it in their hands together in the air, and break it apart.
Everyone takes their own piece and whoever get’s the piece with a coin in it, will have the most luck and fortune will come to them throughout the year. And there’s no cheating. Some families who feel that the oldest male in the household should always get it cheat and plan where the coin will be, but my family doesn’t do that.

When I was younger, I almost always got it.

I sure hope that some of these traditions you guys have heard of, or maybe even do them your household. I honestly celebrate Christmas this way because it’s a cozy, nice way to bring my family together and it makes my mom really happy.

Today I tried blackberry wine for the first time and I must say I was amazed. I don’t like alcohol, at all, but if I had to pick one alcoholic drink that I would drink it’s wine. Red wine. I’m having my third glass right now, and that’s saying a lot for me.

I hope you guys are having a nice evening. I am sipping my wine slowly, talking to friends and nibbling on my almonds.

I’ll update you guys tomorrow on my cozy Christmas!



It’s February already. Where the hell did time flew by, in which direction. I mean my winter break did end on the 20th which gives me only, not a full two weeks in school but still,these two weeks have been a blur. I haven’t done pretty much anything productive, except school work which I guess it’s better than nothing.

But, come on, it’s winter. I am one of those people who can’t be productive mentally in the winter. The weather is gray, gloomy, rainy, everything around me is bear, nature looks depressed. It’s really not a time to have a super dupper fun time. Except with yourself at home. I’m not a fan of snow ball fights, slides, skating or any winter activities.
I wouldn’t mind it so much if it was like last year. Last year’s winter weather made some kind of deal with the devil for us to have a perfect autumn winter. The weather wasn’t hot, it was at that perfect warm stage when you can go outside in a hoodie or a warm fuzzy sweater and feel free. There was barely any snow and it was perfect.
Now it’s that gross, conflicting whether that doesn’t go left or right. If snow falls, it’s a little chunk of snow that is worthless but still the right amount to create puddles and gross ass dirty leftovers of snow everywhere. If it snows heavily, it’s heavily enough that we need to quit school because of the blockage it’s creating. Take a stand goddamn it.

Don’t get me wrong, winter is absolutely beautiful, at times. I would just much rather prefer it when it’s not in my city. I can’t wait for summer.

That’s my conclusion for the past month.

Two And A Half Men – Final Season

Damn it!!! I should’ve written this post yesterday evening when I was completely in the zone about this. When I was freaking out and was so excited. But! Never the less, I am still excited and I want to talk to you guys about this, masterpiece we all call a show.

I’m sure we all know the basic plot of the show. Alan, Jake, (Charlie, Rose), Walden, Berta, Jenny. Yeah’ All familiar? Great! I was SO late on this show, as I was for any I am now loving to an extend where I would fall down on my knees to watch an episode I haven’t already and bleed. I started watching Two and a half men by complete accident and thanks to my father. It was a complete accident, stumbling upon him watching it and me growing to love it episode by episode. Needless to say, I watched the entire 11 seasons in less than a week. I was on Spring break and I nailed it.

I love this show so much you guys. I love the story, I love the plot, I love the actors, I love the humour, I love the sarcasm. I loved everything about it from episode one.

Judging from the very first season to the ninth, I have to say I was shocked when I saw that Charlie Sheen was no longer part of the show.
First of all, I had no idea that he was fired from the show at the time. I learned that a few months afterwards, by accident. I thought the actual plot of the show was that Charlie Harper dies and I honestly thought that’s where the show will end. I was not happy by this, one bit.
And I mean the scene of Charlie’s coffin surrounded by flowers, easing towards Alan, me absolutely screaming and freaking out and eventually starting to cry. TO CRY.

I felt like there was no show without Charlie Sheen because he was IT. He was the show to me, he’s what kept things going. It didn’t help my thought that that’s where the show will end. My favorite character finally dying out of liver damage or heart attack and that’s all folks!

When I saw that Ashton Kutcher was basically taking his place as Walden, only as much richer and more hansome I might add, I was literally angry. I was furious and I refused to continue watching the show. Since I didn’t know that Charlie was fired, I thought that was their plan. Take Charlie out and mix it up a little. I labeled it as piece of rubbish without giving it a chance.

Needless to say, I got over this. I just needed to share with you guys how much I got caught up in this show. Throughout the seasons, not only was it funny to me, I shared laughs, smiles, tears, even chest pains with the actors. This is the one show I am truly passionate about. Where I truly felt like I interracted with some of the plot and cheered and loathed. I hope anyone else here has a crazy obsession like this.

I admit, It still wasn’t the same after Charlie Sheen left. I also felt a little stale stage with the action and comedy and the jokes. They were kind off trying too hard ’cause we were all just so used to Charlie. I’m sure you see that in many reviews, public or private from your friends. I felt it, but to me it was still fantastic. Like I said, I truly genuinely love it and It’s like I am a part of the story. It’s just Two and a half men too me, you know? That’s them and that’s fabulous! I never got this type of reaction for any show.
Most people have it for Friends, but see, I see Friends as a very hard show to watch. A very stale, lenghthy show that to me, has the most exciting parts when it comes to Ross&Rachel and that’s basically it. I don’t see the strive in that show, to keep you wondering what’s going to happen next. Two and a half men is longer by now TWO seasons, but I feel like it has quadruple more action.

Anyway, I wanted to drop my heart last night when I finally realized season 12 was aired!!!!!!!!

I felt like a fallen fan you guys. It was aired at the end of October, now it’s almost the end of November!!! I wasn’t keeping track. I had no idea there would even BE a twelfth season and to my delight and joy, there is! It will be the final season to the show and I can poop my pants from excitement of wanting to know how will they brilliantly end it.

How is it I manage to write an entire text worthy of a complete blogpost but I’m just half way through of what I actually wanted to say? Damn, I talk a lot.

To me, it was such a fun and awesome way to start off a season. I don’t want to give out too many spoilers, but I don’t think they could’ve started it better. And personally, only four episodes are aired so far, but you can really see the show coming to an end in the best way. You can really see everyone accepting each other, finally, and acting like, Yeah this is it. This is us. We were here for so long, it’s time for things to come to an end in the best possible way.

I know that some people will be really against homosexuality factors being brought in, in more obvious and observable matters but if you put that aside for just a second, you’ll really see something great happening. I think the reason behind the marriage is absolutely beautiful, no matter how unusual. You can really see Alan growing and finally becoming a true friend. Not thinking only of himself or even of any selfish benefits he might get. I’m sure I’m not the only one who was incredibly pissed off at Alan 80% of the time while he was living with Charlie because you could really see the sleeze bag, butt-sucking leach in him. A gold digger most of the time but you can really see the true friend side of him in this season. I believe it’s going to go on till the end, I feel it. And I think that’s the best in all of this. They are all starting to realize they’ve been there for each other for years now, it’s time to pile it all up together and make something beautiful out of it. Even Berta.
They’re all just there and accepting that Alan is never leaving Walden, married or not, till death do them part, all together, everyone make a big family.
He’s truly there for Walden this time. He always has been, but there was always a selfish corner in his mind that thought only of his benefits coming out of every situation. It’s only been four episodes but I am truly genuinely excited. I feel like I am not wrong about this. To me, it was a terrific funny start, terrific twist with meaning, even though it had to have an unusual part but for a good reason. A baby no less. It’s still very entertaning, very funny and there’s more to come!
I cannot wait!

The Liebster Award

  • W/o! I am behind on a few other awards like the One Lovely Blog Award and I intend to write them all, but the facts…I don’t like coming up with facts!! First of all, I’d like to thank Being me. for nominating me. I was not expecting it at all. Thank you very much!The basics… The rules of every award.
    Rule #1: Post the award logo on your blog.
    Rule #2: Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to their blog.
    Rule #3: Write 11 random facts about yourself. Ugh. 
    Rule #4: Nominate 11 fellow bloggers with less than 200 followers who you think deserve this award. Not going to be 11 for sure.
    Rule #5: Answer 11 questions the one who nominated you left you and ask your nominees 11 questions.

    11 random facts about myself:

  • I love to watch 24 Kitchen on TV. Even though it makes me hungry.
  • I don’t like sweets and sugary things all that much.
  • I am terrified of heights.
  • My favorite color is dark grey and dark neon blue.
  • I absolutely love cardigans. LOVE.
  • When I’m sad, it’s terribly difficult to get me to feel better unless I do it myself. So peopl shouldn’ttry too hard, just be there for me. Or make me laugh.
  • I adore mushrooms. I eat them every other day almost.
  • Felix’s and Joey Graceffa’s laugh are incredibly contagious for me.
  • I don’t like reptiles.
  • I get bored surprisingly easy.
  • I used to collest all types of seashells.

That didn’t go as bad as I thought it was going to be.

Okay, there is no way I can nominate 11 people, plus watch out if they have under 200 followers, which doesn’t even matter gurl. So, I basically nominate everyone that wants to do this and that loves coming up with facts about themselves. Go for it, no matter the count!

Now the answers:

Why do you blog? 
– I love it, I love writing. It gives me a chance to share something that’s a part of me or a part of my life with someone outside my friend circle. It’s lovely.
If you could, would you keep a lion for a pet, or a tiger? 
– Tough one. They’re both from the cat family… I love them both. I think a tiger. Lionness’s maybe, but a full on lion, eh. Snow tigers, how ’bout that?
What in people do you hate the most? 
– Probably selfishness. Taking people and things for granted. As soon as someone feels better no one else matters anymore. We don’t learn or appreciate at all.
Your favorite super hero?
– I don’t keep track of these… Who is a super hero anyway? Except like, Superman. lol
Your favorite celebration in your country?
– My country’s a boring one, so I’m gonna go with Christmas. We don’t have any seperate cool holidays. We don’t even celebrate Halloween. -.-
Your goals in life? 
– Move, get a nice job, support myself. Get a job that has to do with languages and writing or teaching. Marry Mike, adopt and save as many kitties and animals I can and be happy.
Do you smile your way out of troubles or cry?
– First cry, then smile.
Who do you go to when life’s angry with you? 
– Most of the time no one. I keep things to myself. If it get’s too much or if it’s not too bad, I go to Mike. Otherwise, I keep shut.
Do you like my blog? And why? 
– Yes I do! I think you deserve more recognition than you’re getting. It’s honest.
What is an ideal personality in your view?
– That’s a good question but not one you should answer. I can’t come up with an answer.
What inspires you the most? 
– Surroundings.

Dang it, now for the hard part. My questions to all of you!

  1. Do you have a happy place and what is it?
  2. What is your favorite meal to eat, of all time?
  3. What do you think is more important. To love or to be loved?
  4. Are you interested in fashion at all?
  5. Your biggest pet peeve about your best friend?
  6. What would you say is your biggest flaw?
  7. Cats or dogs?
  8. If you had one ultimate wish, what would you wish for?
  9. What do you like wearing the most, heels, flats, sneakers, flip-flops?
  10. Who’s your favorite YouTuber?
  11. Do you know who is Pewdiepie? Are you a bro? ❤

w/e! Thanks to Fatima one more time!

Game of Thrones

Oh boy oh boy oh boy. The excitement and the waves of obsession I get when I start loving a show.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who starts watching it in one breath. One episode after another, and another and another and you realize you’ve reached the end of the season. Familiar?

I am kind of surprised and yet not that I haven’t been interested in this particular show. It’s been a quite legendary one over the past years. Game of Thrones.
I, I, I…I. Lol.
I LOVE this show. It’s become one of my daily obsession, as well as The Walking Dead. It’s back on the air. The most frustrating thing about it, is that now I have to freaking WAIT a week before I can watch the next episode. It’s, ugh. Especially because the episodes are so freaking good, it’s torture.
Thankfully, I was pretty late on Game of Thrones so I can take my time. I have ”plenty to go”.

…I’m already, almost, done with season three. I was watching the 9th, penultimate episode right before I decided to write this post.

I really just wanted to elaborate on the characters. Game of Thrones is one of those shows where you get attached to no one. You mustn’t. You shouldn’t. But we all do, as well as me and I got deeply disappointed in the beginning. If you didn’t watch ANY single episode, I would suggest you click out of this post because it miight be a big spoiler. I don’t want to get into the plot, it’s impossible.
It’s also one of those shows that cannot be told. You have to watch it, to understand.
Props to the writer of the book. I heard the show is done very much so like the book and that it’s 99% of the reason why it’s so amazing.
The man tells the story as slow as a turtle walks. Very descriptive I heard, very very detailed and very extensive. As the show is.

I mean, it’s been two seasons and just now you’re starting to understand what the actual story should be about. It’s amazing none the less. Very fascinating, very good, but yet very disturbing at the beginning. I myself, watched the first two episodes and the first words that came out of my mouth were “I don’t like it” and mum understood why.
The show basically represents how life was in the Middle Ages, in great detail. You can guess that it was a very cruel, brutal, unfair time for everyone, especially women. The first two episodes really capture all of it quickly and to me, it was disgusting. Very disturbing.

All I have to say now, Pass It.
The rest is flawless. You’ll make yourself watch the third, you’ll be like, “Oh, well this wasn’t too bad. I wonder if the fourth will be similar… or worse”. And you’ll end up watching the entire season.

ANYWAY, I got off track! I didn’t mean to write 500 words on just the show, I want to get into the characters! More specifically, the characters I amnot/wasn’t fond off, SO FAR. In microscopic ways for some. And the ones I deeply dislike and am 100% sure I will dislike throughout the ENTIRE show.

Tyrion Lannister.

A fun, witty drunken man whore, a terrible disappointment to his father due to Tyrion being a dwarf. Cruel, sneaky when needed, yet very smart, very cunning, very bright. You dislike him by the default at the beginning for just being a Lannister which truly isn’t the best family name in my opinion. But he grows on you. You realize all he ever truly wants is someone to love him for him,and he’ll return the favor.

Jaime Lannister.

I think I was disgusted by him the most at the beginning and his awful, bloody sister. He’s a little self-observed twit, who talks too much and pins his nose way too high. But after tasting true bitterness after being captive for a time, he finds real compassion that wasn’t bought by gold. I kinda feel sorry for him at the moment. Same as Tyrion. He’s a good soul and he’s grown to my heart. I’m up to the end of the third season and I feel like his attitude is going to turn in a 360. Unlike Tyrion, who never changes. He is who he is, but he’s cool.

Cersei Lannister.

This woman, this woman right here is one scoundrel. Weasel, snake, a true sleaze-bag. You just have to know her. She’s got the eyes of a cobra. She’s sneaky and runs things after he powerful father Tywin Lannister. Who is also a blood-sucking, soul-sucking creep.

Joffrey Baratheon/Lannister really. UGH. This man, this kid needs to be murdered. This good-for-nothing psychopathic sadistic lunatic. Die, please. You raping, torturing, frog-looking slime.
That’s an insult to all frogs in the world…

Sansa Stark.

I like the Starks. I really do. I loved Ned Stark most of all and I was probably most disappointed of his passing. Now about Sansa… I find her very, dull-witted, kind of foolish. But she’s a child, so I can understand. She’s only 14 and been through what Joffrey put her through. But I don’t know. I feel like Ned suffered from some of her stupidity. I might be just ignorant and only look at Ned’s side, but still.

So far that’s all. And I consider myself lucky.
Shit’s about to become real ’cause I have yet not watched the season finally,of season 3 and I feel like it’s going to be GOOD. I’m gonna cry.
Have a fun day! Tottles.

And be careful…Winter is coming. 

If You Had £1,000,000 to Spend, How Would You Spend It?

Okay guys, keep in mind I live In Serbia.
1,000,000 pounds in Serbian Dinar is 150,515,000.
1,000,000 pounds in Euro’s is 1,284,080 which is insane.

That’s more money than I can think of spending for a lifetime. Obviously.
I would hope that my brain would be able to sustain the amount of power and wealth I would feel, actually knowing I have that much money in my pocket and still contain my intelligence about spending it.
From this point of view, the very first thing I would do is take care of my family. My mom and dad never had any real home to call their own, seeing as they got married and had me at the birth of their 20’s. Now they’re divorced and live seperately but I would secure them with good home’s first and leave them a good patch of money on the side. Just in case. I can’t say we were ever poor but by some standards in countries like Germany, Sweden and the UK as a state, my country is a poor one and people live poor lives. So, I guess you could say the financial benefit would be extremely benefitial.

For myself, outside of everything, I would move. The first thing on my list would be to move to America. Most likely LA because I truly do wanna live there. I wish I could say I would buy a Malibu beach house,but there goes all my money. LA is a very fast-paced city so I’m guessing I wouldn’t be able to aim for a cottage-looking, old-fashioned house. I would for sure make the atmosphere in it, like I was in a little cottage in the middle of the woods surrounded by greenery and birds humming. Only the woods replaced with packed up streets, the greenery with cement and the sound of birds humming with the sound of horns honking and the tires running 80 miles an hour.
Doesn’t necessarily have to be like that but that’s how I Imagine America over all. I am for sure wrong, but please let me see it for myself and I’ll admit I was wrong with a smile on my face. Deal?

I don’t want to include materialistic things into this list. I don’t think it’s needed. Clothes for example are a necessity, no matter where I live or how much money I have. I guess I would just be excited for the variety because our small countries are limited with foods and products and elements being imported. I mean, I just tried a mango for the first time TODAY.

After I’ve settled in, I would think carefully about which trip I’m going to take first. I’ve always wanted to visit Greece, Japan, Australia. One of those, most likely Japan and Greece would be a must to visit. I’ve always loved the culture in Japan. I must add that going to Japan would make a great experience food wise. I always love to experiment with food and I feel like Japan is absolutely perfect. All of those candies, dishes, Nori’s, sushi, I would want to try all of it. And take a bunch of crap home with me.

I would buy a car, something small and cute. Like a Fiat 500. I find it absolutely cute, it looks like a little lady bug. They disgust me but I know the car won’t fly and scare me.
This is where it would pretty much end.

If I am going to be fully honest here: I’d get all of my basics down, travel of course because my life would be unfulfilled without it, knowing I can. But right now thinking of it, that kind of money, in a place like LA, would make me do some things I would never be able to do here in Serbia.

Like be a vegan.
Yes, that’s the first thing that comes to mind when I think of moving and having the luxury of buying veganised foods. Like, Chicken-less Mandarin Orange Morsels. Breaded Vegan Shrimp (this is amazing), Chrispy ”Chicken” Fingers. I could make a loong list.
America, land of plenty.

New experiences and over all a new, healthier, brighter life would be my goal with this kind of money. Which basically would mean, anywhere but here.
But, life is unpredictable. Should I ever find myself needing to go back to Serbia, or find that I actually don’t like living outside of my home country (Not likely to happen). Should I find myself wanting to go back, I would secure that I have something to come back too. An apartment here is not easy to buy. It’s why I mentioned securing everyone that matter to me here FIRST, like my mom and dad. Which would automatically mean, securing myself. (:

Why can’t this happen. Why life.

One Lovely Blog Award!

Awww!! Like I deserve this award, with so many lovely bloggers here. There is no such thing as getting tired or less excited with every award you get nominated for! It’s an honor!
I have so much lovely and understanding followers so far. This time around, I’m happy to thank Professional Dreamer for nominating me!

Her posts are so freaking refreshing and wonderful. Her writing keeps you interested and leaves you wanting more and more. I’m always anxious to see what she has written next.You should check her out,  but let’s get to filling out the rules!

Like every award so far;
Rule #1: Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their site.
Rule #2: List the rules.
Rule #3: You must add 7 facts about yourself.
Rule #4: You must nominate 15 other bloggers and comment on one of their posts and let them know they have been nominated.

Mmm! Why facts? Why can’t it be list… 7 songs you love or 7 panties you like to wear, why facts. They’re hard, they take so much time. I need to rewind my brain.

Fact #1: I really do like to organize shelfs, cabinets, book cases, drawers,desks. I guess that comes with a little bit of swiping off dust and cleaning, but I mean more of organizing everything to be in it’s place.
Fact #2: I love to cuddle. Hihi.
Fact #3: I can kill flies easily. I don’t know why people have such problems with killing mosquitoes or flies. If I have a flyswatter, I’m the man. 😀
Fact #4: I don’t follow sports at all. Not a big fan either, except maybe Tennis, because of our Novak Djokovic! ❤ Our hero and I absolutely looove him. Only when there’s Tennis on, I’m all about it!
Fact #5: I have a thing for really old,creased, antique looking books. They have so much depth, even on the outside and beauty and meaning, I just love it.
Fact #6: Lord of The Rings and soon-to-be movie trilogy, The Hobbit are my favorite movies. Just, awesomeness. Perfection. Yummy!
Fact #7: I am 5’4 feet tall. I guess it’s called average height but I wish I was a bit taller.

I swear, coming up with 7 facts about YOURSELF, ugh.
Now, my fellow bloggers!

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Have fuun everyone! Have a great day! 😉