Happy Birthday to Her!

Well, just wanted to let you all know that I’ve had a great day! It was my best friend’s, my sweetheart’s birthday today! Let’s all wish her a happy birthday! ❤

I mentioned in the previous post I had a tight schedule to try to make it on time. I was supposed to be at her school by 15:45 but my procrastinating… I was supposed to leave mom’s at 14:30 but I left at 14:45, and spent that time looking for my other shoe.
Naturally. So, aside from running late, I hate a backpack with me. My usual backpack I carry to mom’s place every weekend, for a few spare clothes if I need it or school work. If I had left on time, I would’ve had those almost 20 minutes I wasted to go home and LEAVE that backpack because it’s very inconvenient, but I didn’t. So I had to drag it around with me but that’s alright, it turned out great anyway!

It was useful for the movies actually. You know how movie threater’s, at least here, in the mall don’t “allow” food and drinks to be brought in that aren’t from the theatre? Well, people rarely follow that. They would if you didn’t buck up your prices up to the sky! Come on. So, we bought all of our candies and drinks and snacks and put them in my backpack and snuck them in. Hehe, so clever of us. We’re the smartest bunch on the block!
There were only 4 of us because Kristina (That’s my best friend’s name or Christina) likes to spend her birthday’s with her loved ones the most. Not a party girl.
It was sweet and fun! We watched a movie, 22 Jump Street I believe it was called. It was really awesome, I loved it. Recomended.
I’m feeling kinda snappy because I’m very tired. I just got home and my home is, a mess. I came back to my cats and times like this, I wanna throw them out the window’s. They left a MESS in my room and I just, ugh. I don’t feel like cleaning it all up. I just want to sleep but that’s not possible.

Aaaanyway, I hope you guys had a grand day! Mine was awesome and sweet. My little girl’s growing up. We’re all so proud.
I’ll chit-chatt with you guys tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Her!

  1. My brother saw that film! He said it was terrific 🙂 Glad to hear you had a good day and a big happy birthday to your friend!!! ❤

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