Day 8: A Moment You Felt The Most Satisfied with Your Life

…I have no such moment. Honestly.
I have never felt fully satisfied. No, not because I am a spoiled brat who hasn’t lived through life enough to know, but because of everything I already have lived through. Not too happy stories.

I can tell you a time where I at least felt things we’re getting better. There was some hope building up, that things just may be different.
2012, it was. March. Ugh, I really don’t want to write about this. I truly, truly don’t. It’s a nice memory, if I could block it further from maybe, May or June that year. Ugh. It’s hard to write without tearing up.
Things we’re bad, awful in fact. I have lived on Internet, that was my world. Yeah, that line is more and more frequent by the day isn’t it? Well when I say it, it is true. I was living with my father only and things we’re rough. I have spent most of my time listening to music and chatting as much as I can on a certain forum: Shocker, ey?
Well, I absolutely loved that forum and it had lot’s of memories and a hold of my past. I have met many people on it and we kind of made this little, family, I like to say. There was this certain group of people. I don’t remember anymore, 10,15,20 of us were there. It doesn’t matter.

We had Introduction threads. I of course read those on a daily basis but one caught my eye. This certain boy called by the nickname ArkAngel, who left a very short and straight-on text, but for some reason, his presence suddenly meant more, than others. I wanna say only a couple days past before I started noticing him a lot in the shoutbox we had. MSN still existed then and we added each other there. Little did I know, that this boy would make the BIGGEST difference in my life at that moment.
It was magical you guys. Remember when I mentioned long-distance relationships? Well, our friendship developed into something, more. Something as a – wonderful, happy, patient- long-distance relationship. It was… wow. I fell in love in a short time, as well as he, and everything was going great.

I can imagine many minds rolling their thoughts in circles. A long-distance relationship happening is the most satisfying thing that has happened to me, two years ago, so far. Well yeah, and I’m actually proud of it. It was the most connected I felt with anyone and that boy just, pulled me UP. To the skies and everything from there on, really did change. For the better.
It’s ups and down, LOT’S of downs (Mostly my fault, I feel), but he’s still there. A message away.
This is where I start crying.

But, let’s just leave at, that relationship was golden and while I am still in contact with this person, I’ll never forget. March 2012 – July 2013. It made the biggest difference and made me my most happiest.
Dang them tears…

I realized that I haven’t mentioned his name, hm. Nor will I. Let’s keep it incognito. Not that there’s ANY reason for it, it’s a very beautiful name. But I’m sure my mind and heart had a reason,while letting these words just flow off the tips of my fingers to not mention his name. So mysterious.

Anyway… yeah. That’s it. I’m only writing this so early in the new day because the day is going to be fast, it has to be. I have a tight schedule with managing to be on time for my best friend’s birthday. Anyway, I hope you guys are grand.
Please brighten this post up in the comments, ’cause It feels very gloomy.

12 thoughts on “Day 8: A Moment You Felt The Most Satisfied with Your Life

    1. I believe he still does! Can’t say 100%, I was banned a very long time ago. The last I checked it was all white and I didn’t like it at all. They made changes to suit his website as well but it did not look good at all. It used to be so fun and interesting!


  1. That was a beautiful post Marija, and I am happy that he pulled you up when you needed it.
    I know you will find satisfaction soon, if someone can it is you and you deserve it! ^w^

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