10 Things NOT to Do After a Breakup!

The Fickle Heartbeat

ten things

Shared by Asali the Kenyan blogger

Breaking up with a partner can often go two ways. One either feels happy and emotionally light like they’ve offloaded a load of trash or one can feel lost and in pain similar to your kidneys bursting.

A few years ago, I had my first relationship and my first break-up psychotic episode. I look back now and I am terrified at the extent a human heart will go to, to rekindle the relationship. We met at school, he was tall, strong and shy and I was short, chubby and talkative. If that wasn’t the ideal match, I don’t know what is !! Long story short, we broke it off, I thought I had the upper hand but I didn’t, I decided to try and get him back…..That’s where the crazy began.

Learn from me, DO NOT do these after a break up;

1. Do…

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