The Versatile Blogger Award


I was extremely shocked when I read that I was nominated for this, because I certainly don’t deserve any type of award right now. But thanks to the awesome Curious Queendom, I have been nominated and a huge thanks I might add, she made my day brighter.

I don’t know much of her blog, she isn’t someone I actually followed but right after I finish this post, I’ll get myself to checking out everything!

As any award, there are rules you follow and you name them first:
❄ Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog
❄Nominate at least 15 blogs of your choice, if you can.
❄ Link your nominees and let them know of your nomination.
❄ Share 7 facts about yourself

Now, I won’t be able to nominate 15 bloggers, I apologize for that truly, but as Curious Queendom stated in her post regarding the award, I’m still trying to catch up to everything and everyone and get back in the game. I saw some bloggers have deleted their blogs that I would normally nominate, while I was away so I still need to scout around. I’ll leave this blog award for anyone that reads and is a “fan” of my content and wishes to state 7 facts about themselves. Just let me know if you do end up accepting it!

The 7 facts about me are:

I am not a fan of the cold. I don’t like winter and gloomy, gray weather. Every year I struggle with mood changes as soon as winter comes knocking and it makes me more sad and less positive about anything I do. I like snow, I love when snowflakes fall and turn my city into a white wonderland, but if only they were warm.

I never wear nor need foundation. Not particularly something I am proud off exactly, but I am fortunate enough not too need to wear it ever. I have amazing, clear skin, and I hardly ever ever break out. I don’t ever really wear make up at all, 85% I’m without it, but if I do, I make my eyes pop out with mascara and an eye pencil and you can hardly tell I am not wearing any coverage on my face.

I love acrylic nails. I just do. I have them done right now, have an appointment to do them again next weekend.

I am terrible at saving money. I am not frugal. As long as I have money, I would spend it. I’m sure this will change when I start earning my own money, but the good thing is people around me are good at it. I leave my money with them.

My worst fear is getting ill. Getting  deadly ill, being sick, diseases, hospitals, surgeries. Fever and cough, sure. Anything else? No.

I absolutely love the Agatha Cristie’s Poirot series, all of the episodes. I love Poirot, I love her books.

Last but not least, I’m afraid of all bugs. All, bugs. Lady bugs are not cute bugs, they’re bugs. They have pretty wings and they poop and then die. Up close they’re hairy bugs.

Thank you for reading! ❤




The Hobbit: Battle Of The Five Armies

I don’t have time for a long, elaborated post, so Im just going to say, it was absolutely fantastic. One of my favorite movies/trilogies, I absolutely recommend it to people who love fantasy and action. Even if you’re not a fan. You’ll grow fond of it and love it after you watch The Hobbit. Read the book, be swoon over by the brilliance.

It’s supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! Even though the sound of it is something quite atrocious.

9 Things To Do When I’m Feeling Down

I feel down quite often. I’m one of those people that don’t get cheered up very easily unless someone makes me laugh, even though I don’t want them too. There’s no better feeling right? Or when you’re crying and you just don’t want to laugh or smile, you just want to cry it out and someone dear to you makes you smile and you feel loved.

I don’t follow specific things when I’m down, but I’m gonna share with you guys what I have found to work for me personally. 
It still takes me a lot of time, because unless I make the effort on my own, nothing can pull through. (Except spontaneous laughter).

  • Take long walks. Even if it’s a somewhat cold or gloomy day outside, walks really clear your mind. If it’s a sunny and beautiful day, it’ll be just what you need. I clear my mind, I feel ”fresh” once again and positive. Filled with good energy.
  • Drink tea/warm drinks. 
    You can get down for various different reasons. Just having a bad day, something struck you emotionally, whatever it may be, coozing up and watching a movie can relax you.
  • Watch a positive jolly movie. Or a romantic one where you may cry happy tears. It’ll leave you with bright hopes that even if you’re having a bad day, something good like that can and will happen to you.
  • Play with your pets. If you have them. They will never fail to make you laugh or make you giggly because they are just too cute. They are also amazing comfort. If your tummy is hurting, if you have a cat like me,  let them sit on your belly and purr. They suck all of your negative energy out.
  • Listen to music that corresponds to your mood. I am not the kind of person that can listen to fun and exciting music right away, if I am feeling very down. It just angers me for some reason, kind of get’s me on edge. Movies yes, music no. I first have to face what I am dealing with, in any possible way I can. Personally, If I am feeling emotional and I just need to cry it out, I listen to music that corresponds to my mood at the moment. If I manage to cry it out, then I can do other things. If not, I have to do something else that’s mentioned above, otherwise it’ll just get me on edge and make it worse.
  • Write down what is bothering you. I don’t think this is very common for most people but I don’t feel like it’s so strange. Many people have trouble getting their thoughts together and writing them on paper, but I personally have trouble talking through my thoughts and worries. No matter what it may be, I don’t like telling people face to face what’s bothering me. I don’t like the looks.
    If you are like me, I suggest writing it down wherever you feel like. Be it on your blog, in your notebook, on your computer. Even to a friend, if you want to actually share it, but not face to face.
  • Read. Be it a book, comic, novel, whatever is up to your liking. Reading is a fantastic way of disappearing from the real world and diving into a world of imagination. It’ll take your mind off your problems for awhile.Now imagine combinating coozing up with a book in a big comfortable chair, listening to soothing music while you drink hot tea, while a kitty is sitting in your lap purring.
    My idea of a perfect winter night.
  • Sleep. Let your mind take a break. There’s time for every problem.
  • If none of these work, Eat vanilla ice cream. Any icecream period. In fact, consume sugar in your body. 🙂

Things That Make Me Happy

I know that people say happiness comes in small measures. Which is true! The small things matter the most and leave lasting emotions.

But I fear that what my list will consist off will not be such small, simple things. I didn’t actually think this through or plan it, so I’m just going with the post and the tips of my fingers.
And imagine, chocolate is not one of them. Oh my goodness gracionious.

  • My kitties. Animals in general really. They make me way too happy and I am never lonely with them near me. I look at them and obeserve them, how they walk, how they move, their level of curiousity is astonishing. They are so cute and cuddly and they purr so nicely, it’s heaven on earth.
  • Piles of books. Oh my gosh! I think most of us judge books by their covers. The prettier, fancier and more glittery it looks, even if the title is something that does not interest you at all, I’m sure you all crave it. Or at least roll it around in your hands, thinking how great it would be if you sat down and actually read a freaking book. I always do when I’m in a dry streak.
    I always imagine my perfect moment I described once, on a cold winters day, sitting in my little office with hot tea or hot chocolate and I’m cozied up in my big chair with big shelfs and book cases FILLED with books.
    Belle’s library! In the castle! I know all bookworms thought, ”I want that in my house”. It makes me happy to see. It makes me appreciate books more and knowledge. If there’s any way you can learn something, it’s through books.
  • Buying notebooks, lots of notebooks, pencils, pens, markers, erasers, sharpenders, check books, daybooks. Supplies. I have no idea why but it has a shine to it like big piles of books. I just love having nice, big notebooks around. I try not to use them for rubbish ’cause many we’re thrown out due to my poor usage of them. Such a shame. But I’ve improved and since my writing in them got a lot more frequent, they’re certainly filled up. I feel like a ton of pens and fun colored markers all put in one of those containers makes a desk look that much more cool and it inspires me.
    Actually yes, I realized that right now. It inspires me. That’s what I’m aiming for with my (possibly, hopefully) future office. I want to feel inspired when I walk through the door. When I see notebooks and pens, my mind instatly goes ”Hm, so beautiful. I wanna write… What should I write about”, and tons of ideas flutter around my head like stars or birds.
  • Vanilla ice cream. Not chocolate, vanilla. It’s a sweet taste of heaven itself.
  • Those late night, nicely arguemented discussions about something I and that person feel passionate about. Those brain-teasers and food for thought discussions where there’s no true end. The discussion can go on forever because we have so many things to say and as time flies more and more thoughts and opinions build up and it’s just a wonderful time! These are exceptional talks because you don’t have the privilege of having them with  just anyone. It takes two understanding, wise and open-minded souls to listen & actually try to absorb what the person is suggesting and maybe let it grow.
  • Glass figures. They’re rich and beautiful. Oh… I just got an idea for a seperate shelf for my house in the future. Heheheh. Now I’m excited. Maybe not an entire shelf, but here and there, you know? To brighten up the place. I don’t like  chandeliers thou. They scare me. I feel like they’re going to fall over me any flipping second. Plus if you’ve watched the movie War Of The Roses, those two started with a chandelier life and died on a chandelier. It’s scary stuff. Such a morbid film really.
    Look at this little bundle of beauty.

    Have you noticed how everything in my life somehow revolves around cats and 65% of the time, all of my examples are cat related. It’s concerning.

That’s all I can really come up with off the top of my head. There’s a million more smaller and simpler things than this. A shinning, live day makes me happy. When I walk out and I feel free and breath in the fresh air. Good energy, positivity. Best way to start a day off, I’m sure. I could go into detail and I probably should’ve but it would be trying too hard in my case.

I wish I truly believed in everything I constantly say to people about positivity and happiness. That famous quote:

Even though I can’t practice these particular thoughts on myself, I want you guys to be happy and embrace even the smallest things that make you happy. Make them happen more often.
I guess happiness is a choice? Choose to be happy and LAUGH/smile more.
If there’s one thing I love and believe truly helps, it’s laughter.

You’re the most beautiful when you smile. 🙂

Day 18: A Book You Could Read Over and Over Again and Never Get Sick Off.

Back to books, that’s always a delight! Really, this challenge didn’t have much book related tasks, mhm!

Well, this is sad. I don’t have that kind of book. When I first thought of this, I thought I wanted to mention The Fault In Our Stars and I really did love the book, but I am not sure if it’s a book I can re-read over and over and never get sick off it. I loved it, don’t get me wrong. Damn, I feel like ending the post here.
Really disappointing I know but honestly, I got into books fairly late. Just recently, and by that I mean maybe six months did I start activly reading books. I haven’t even read all of the Harry Potter books. Not all of them…

Well damn, I’m sorry this was a bust, kind off feel like sh*t now. I am disappointed in myself but I don’t wanna lie. I mean, I could’ve just blabbed on about some random book I thought of and make up some reasons as to why I love it and why it impresses me so much but it wouldn’t feel right. Sorry guys.
By the way, sorry this is going up so late. I am definitely sick. 😦

My head is hurting, my nose is like a waterfall, I’m dizzy, I’m just waiting for my temperature. -.- I’m really sorry for this post, but this kind of book does not exist, YET.

Day 17: Your Highs and Lows Of This Past Year

I don’t wanna say this year is already ending… but it kind off is. Slowly yet so fastly. But does it mean this year or…? Eh, I’ll just do it like my fellow bloggers! Past year, as in from September 2013.
I honestly don’t think I can remember. My brain stopped functioning all of a sudden. What happened this year, what happened last year?


  • Meeting Bojana! Since last year, first year of HighSchool started for me and me being the introvert and a quiet bug I am, I was kind off anxious about it. Not that I worried If I’ll fit it or anything, I just didn’t want it to be a total bust. But, she actually enrolled in the school and left to another, right after a few days. But not a week past before she came back and it was luck! If I wasn’t early that morning and saw her waiting around to see where exactly are our classes, who knows with who in the class she’d end up with. I am so glad “I got to her” first. I swear, I am so happy about that, she’s great! My favorite out of everyone for sure.
  • Finding love for Chemistry! This might sound weird but my school is a Chemistry school and in Junior High, we only had two years of it and it was not my favorite subject. I had B’s always in the end because I had an amazing teacher really, and she kind of kept me into it but the subject itself was eh. Plus, when I first enrolled, my mom was scared because in all of her education, she had ONE year of Chemistry and that was meer basics so she can’t help me even now. So basically, finding love for it and having a GREAT teacher, was really lucky! Without it, I’d pretty much fail everything. It’s a Chemistry school.
  • Great winter! Aaaah, when I remember, it was glorious! Best winter ever. Nothing special happened but the weather was divine! I do like snow sometimes and winter itself, but the cold I cannot stand. We maybe had one week of really hard winds, one week of meeh rain and one beautiful week of true,real snow. And it was timed perfectly, right around Christmas time. Everything else? We were in hoodies! Like, delayed-long-term fall! ❤
  • Staying in contact with Mike! Erm, yeah, haha.
  • Finishing first year of highschool. Smoothly. Hehe.
  • Meeting Kevin! My dear friend who made my blog a possiblity now, to write this post in. 🙂 ❤
  • Encounter with old friends! I got in close contact with one of my oldest online friends so far! My dear friend Poroner. (<- nick) ❤
  • HOW COULD I FORGET! Getting The Fault In Our Stars! AAAAA how did I forget! Yes! I got the freaking pack! Lord of The Rings and Hobbit in one and The Fault in our stars, the original! WANTING IT FOR SO LONG. Gad, I am so stupid ;w;


  • I gained weight. Hahahah, yeah. I felt it was important to leave that in.
  • Breaking my LoTR mug. It was definitely a sad moment for my year.
  • Very very bad summer. At least, by the definition of summer it was bad, but it wasn’t so bad for me. I mean, weather wise. It was the f-ing worst summer for all of my Facebook friends which I would know, since I knew what they were doing every moment of their day throughout the summer – Sitting on Facebook all day because of either constant rain or winds, writing statuses on Facebook about how bored they are and what they could be doing if it wasn’t raining. But I felt kind of off this summer and things weren’t so smooth in my head, so I kind of enjoyed it. Hehe. In yo face!
  • Hearing Nicki Minaj’s new song. My anaconda don’t, my anaconda don’t, my anaconda don’t want none unless you got buns hun. .-. After that song, they wouldn’t let her walk through the door of some schools and let her give speeches and she wonders why.

Is it possible that I can’t think of anything more…
No, actually, there’s been A LOT of lows but that’s too detailed. I guess, the year itself was very dull and boring and full of sad moments that can’t be categorized. Like, I was sad because my cat died. (Please no, never. Ever). But yeah.
I hope your guy’s year was great thou!