If You Had £1,000,000 to Spend, How Would You Spend It?

Okay guys, keep in mind I live In Serbia.
1,000,000 pounds in Serbian Dinar is 150,515,000.
1,000,000 pounds in Euro’s is 1,284,080 which is insane.

That’s more money than I can think of spending for a lifetime. Obviously.
I would hope that my brain would be able to sustain the amount of power and wealth I would feel, actually knowing I have that much money in my pocket and still contain my intelligence about spending it.
From this point of view, the very first thing I would do is take care of my family. My mom and dad never had any real home to call their own, seeing as they got married and had me at the birth of their 20’s. Now they’re divorced and live seperately but I would secure them with good home’s first and leave them a good patch of money on the side. Just in case. I can’t say we were ever poor but by some standards in countries like Germany, Sweden and the UK as a state, my country is a poor one and people live poor lives. So, I guess you could say the financial benefit would be extremely benefitial.

For myself, outside of everything, I would move. The first thing on my list would be to move to America. Most likely LA because I truly do wanna live there. I wish I could say I would buy a Malibu beach house,but there goes all my money. LA is a very fast-paced city so I’m guessing I wouldn’t be able to aim for a cottage-looking, old-fashioned house. I would for sure make the atmosphere in it, like I was in a little cottage in the middle of the woods surrounded by greenery and birds humming. Only the woods replaced with packed up streets, the greenery with cement and the sound of birds humming with the sound of horns honking and the tires running 80 miles an hour.
Doesn’t necessarily have to be like that but that’s how I Imagine America over all. I am for sure wrong, but please let me see it for myself and I’ll admit I was wrong with a smile on my face. Deal?

I don’t want to include materialistic things into this list. I don’t think it’s needed. Clothes for example are a necessity, no matter where I live or how much money I have. I guess I would just be excited for the variety because our small countries are limited with foods and products and elements being imported. I mean, I just tried a mango for the first time TODAY.

After I’ve settled in, I would think carefully about which trip I’m going to take first. I’ve always wanted to visit Greece, Japan, Australia. One of those, most likely Japan and Greece would be a must to visit. I’ve always loved the culture in Japan. I must add that going to Japan would make a great experience food wise. I always love to experiment with food and I feel like Japan is absolutely perfect. All of those candies, dishes, Nori’s, sushi, I would want to try all of it. And take a bunch of crap home with me.

I would buy a car, something small and cute. Like a Fiat 500. I find it absolutely cute, it looks like a little lady bug. They disgust me but I know the car won’t fly and scare me.
This is where it would pretty much end.

If I am going to be fully honest here: I’d get all of my basics down, travel of course because my life would be unfulfilled without it, knowing I can. But right now thinking of it, that kind of money, in a place like LA, would make me do some things I would never be able to do here in Serbia.

Like be a vegan.
Yes, that’s the first thing that comes to mind when I think of moving and having the luxury of buying veganised foods. Like, Chicken-less Mandarin Orange Morsels. Breaded Vegan Shrimp (this is amazing), Chrispy ”Chicken” Fingers. I could make a loong list.
America, land of plenty.

New experiences and over all a new, healthier, brighter life would be my goal with this kind of money. Which basically would mean, anywhere but here.
But, life is unpredictable. Should I ever find myself needing to go back to Serbia, or find that I actually don’t like living outside of my home country (Not likely to happen). Should I find myself wanting to go back, I would secure that I have something to come back too. An apartment here is not easy to buy. It’s why I mentioned securing everyone that matter to me here FIRST, like my mom and dad. Which would automatically mean, securing myself. (:

Why can’t this happen. Why life.

Day 25: Someone Who Fascinates You and Why

This is a hard call for me, ’cause I don’t find too many people fascinating. At least not in larger scales.

This is something I know a fellow blogger will agree on ’cause she mentioned this as well, but the world’s most famous child star all from 2001, who now drives an ice cream truck throughout a small village and hands kids free ice cream cones and lollipops is quite fascinating. I’m sure you know who I’m talking about. Our cutie red head Rupert Grint.
Almost all of the cast of Harry Potter fascinate me because a big percentage of them stayed themselves and didn’t reduce to the luguries of fame and fortune.
Can you imagine the shock and the freaking joy someone would have seeing one of our favorite wizards driving down the road and handing you a free product of joy? It truly is magic!
I respect that, a lot. He’s not self-centered or egocentric or spoiled and the most famous – and I believe he’ll forever have that title – person around. It’s amazing and really something to look up too. That’s a true example of how one should take their self-control in advantage. (:

I honestly think that’s it. I don’t find fascination in people as much as in things like, nature, animals, the sea, cultures and etc. If I was 13-year old me, I would say Justin Bieber fascinates me for being so famous and being so hot. Like I knew what being hot meant… Like I had a big enough brain back then. Hehe.

I wanna hear your guy’s thoughts on this. Is there someone who fascinates you? 

Day 24: Your Favorite Movie and What It Is About

This! This is gold, this is a masterpiece. An action packed, adventouristic trilogy. The one and only.
This movie, I watched this movie way too late. The first movie of the trilogy was published in 2001, and I watched it for the first time in 2012. 11 years I have been missing out people!
Granted, until 2009 I would’ve have liked it anyway or understood so that’s my excuse!

This is one of those movies that keeps your heart pumping and makes you sit on the edge of your seat, aching for more. What’s gonna happen, oh no he didn’t, oh my god he did, noooo, what? And that kind of thing.
What’s it about? How to sum it up and not write a book?

The plot is basically: A meer little hobbit named Frodo Baggins winds up on a dangerous journey with eight companios or his Fellowship, to Mount Doom, which is a volcano located in Mordor to destory the One Ring that is making man kind perish and destroy the dark lord Sauron, the creator of the ring. On the way they encounter ferocious and bloodthirsty orcs, run through dangerous passage ways and mountains. The Fellowship get’s divided where as Frodo and his trusty and loyal friend Sam who accompanies him, head off directly to Mordor where the ancient creature called Gollum helps them find a way around.
The Ring poisons the mind of whoever puts it on their finger and longs for power. People get attached to the ring so much they kill for it. They forget themselves and the ring becomes their entire life.

I love this movie because it gives a good insight to how man kind is like. We long for power above others more than anything else. No one from the man kind kingdom’s ached to find the ring to destroy it, no matter what danger and chaos it was making. Every king or prince thought of it as an escape to rule greatly. Except one, and that was Aragorn.
I am not able to elaborate because I do not have much time today, but the movie is an absolute success.
I recomment it to anyone who loves action and fantasy.

Day 23: Post 5 Pictures of Famous People You Find Attractive

Aaaah! Most of the people I find attractive are cute as buttons, rather than hot hot hotties. Well… two of them are. ;3 But wait… it doesn’t say males, can we do females as well? We should…

Ian Somerhalder. I mean, he’s a frequent guest in everyone’s hottie list. That side smile…

And he knows it.

Dat booty though. Work it baby, work it!

Ashton Kutcher. Ohhhh gosh. Never paid attention to him until 3 years ago when he appeared in my favorite show. I was stunned. I love you Walden!

Freddie Prinze Jr. I wouldn’t call him a hottie but there is something special that shines a room up when this man smiles. There is no real gif to capture that. He’s always gonna have that special place for me, no matter how old he is. He has those cute round good-guy eyes and you know, when he smiles wide, he’s SMILING. I wouldn’t say a beard fits him, but when someone is cute, they’re cute.

Rupert Grint. He and I have so much in common. Most people dislike his eyes because he has barely noticable eye lashes but he’s so adorable, exactly because of that. Besides, he’s our Ron. No matter how many movies he does after Harry Potter, he’ll always be known as, ”Hey look! That’s Ron!”. As well as Daniel will always be known as Harry Potter.
True love ever since this:

To this:

Ahhh. ❤

Leonor Varela. She’s gorgeous. The role of Cleopatra fits her astonishingly well. She’s… hot.

It was really hard picking out five, there are so many attractive people out there.

Day 22: How Have You Changed the Past Two Years

If you were to ask me this 2 years ago I would’ve had a lot to talk about, right now? Not so much and most of it is not interesting at all.

Okay, so past two years – 2012,2013. Oh boy.

By appearance – Not a lot. I didn’t even grow too much, which bothers me. I may have grown two cm’s or something. WHY CAN’T I GROW. I want to be a little bit higher and not be called a munchkin; and only by height. I really stayed the same. I blame my glasses. My glasses kind of shape my face and make it what it is – ’cause believe me, without them, I find myself to look eek. I got quite a few new freckles on the edges of my nose. With every summer I at least find one new freckle. I don’t mind them really nor try to cover them up but they can be annoying.
See, I have no idea what to talk about so I ramble about my face freckles.

I haven’t changed much. Some more bigger changes we’re already made throughout 2011 AND a little bit of 2012. Of course, you learn new things and grow each day.

I honestly wanna say I’ve become a lot more responsible. Be it, not losing my keys on the way to the store ’cause I used to lose keys at least 5-6 times throughout the year guys. And the worst of it is, I lose it and I don’t realize until two weeks that I don’t have it and then I get a new one, use it for 2 days and the previous one magically appears.
And then I lose both of them… LOL. What is that?
Or be it more responsible with my lifestyle. How I eat, how much I eat, WHAT I eat. Which unhealthy products do I use etc.
I’ve definitely realized I always make an effort to be ON TIME. For school classes, when I’m meeting friends, getting some place; even if it’s as simple as leaving to my mom’s, I manage my time more wisely. I really like that.
I guess it falls under SMARTER to make choices. A definitely smart choice was to stop drinking coke and I’ve actually had ups and down’s with that choice but still working on it! To me, a smart choice was to stop eating meat and that I don’t intend to break.

I’ve grown more and more reasonable. I don’t look at the world from only my point of view. I’m not fit into a box and I don’t follow patterns. I’ve had some lessons taught to me by  burns on my own skin, from my own doings. I’ve mentioned this before. Scars that lead me have a fear of repeating my mistake again which I think will make me more careful with my words and actions and a better person overall.
That lesson being not taking anybody or anything anybody does for me for granted. It’s really important for me and ever since I learned that lesson, I have been able to notice it being done on me by many of my ”friends”. Which also, sadly, lead to a couple of heartbreaks that keep going till no.

Particularly, not being thankful and taking for granted for everything one has done for you – is what one of my friends did to me. Sadly, that also made me quite bitter from 2013 till now.
I honestly don’t have the patience sometimes to fight over who was right and who was wrong. Especially if I believe I was right, I just leave it at that and don’t care further on. I know that kind of demolishes my reason that I mentioned, but it’s with certain people that regularly piss me off.
Makes me less compassionate sometimes.

Also working on that but with the right people, it never shows . (:
I don’t wanna say I’ve changed a lot. Many would say it’s just growing up, that I matured a little bit and that’s it. That may be true and it terrifies me as well, just a smidge.
But eh, that’s all I have to say. (:

Have you guys noticed any recent change for yourself? 

Day 21: One of Your Favorite TV Shows

Ohhh yes! I don’t have a lot, honestly. I NEVER watch TV, literally. I barely watch something at my mom’s place. Maybe days like today when Harry Potter is on but never watch contionuesly to see what is new and what is on. At home, I don’t even have a TV so most of my shows we’re found very very late. Like the show Friends. Friends has been going on for years and I truly realized what it was and what’s it about, like, less than two years ago…. I KNOW.

I don’t watch a lot, but what I do watch I really love and I don’t think I can pick favorites. I really like Friends, Arrow, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, The Cosby show, Two and a half men, I used to like Sex And The City. I want to and don’t want to say I kind off-maybe-sort off-not really like Vampire Diaries. I have not, at all watched a full season all together so that’s why I can’t say I activily like it, but I have a few and what I saw, I liked.
When it just started and a season or two passed, it was also one of those mainstream things I didn’t want to follow and now, since I’m so far behind I’m like eh, nope. That is no real excuse though. The Walking Dead has been going on for AWHILE and I just realized about it at the beginning of last year and watched all 4 seasons in one breath. Basically.

Are there any TWD fans here?
I know who you’re loving the most if there aree. :3

I honestly think The Walking Dead IS one of my favorite shows, of all time. Next to Two and a half men, the only show I have been activily focusing on and following. I read the comics, I played the games and I loved all of it. So many tears were shed throughout the game, ugh. I can’t wait for more. And with great, very.very.very great impatience am I waiting for season 5 of the show.. Ah… “Next, on AMC is The Walking Dead”. I need to hear those words!
OH, but since I did mention Two and a half men, it’s seriously, SO GOOD! I love it. You know those shows where you become OBSESSED? Just, do nothing but watch it? I cried, I laughed, I cried and peed my pants at the same time. It’s just, good, it’s worth it. And to not ramble on, I’m gonna leave you with a Christmas poem! Might be more appropriate for Christmas time, but, who says I can’t write it again when the time’s right. ^_^

As this wonderful year, draws to an end, I send this note to family and friend.
So thankful are we for blessings galore, like Charlie’s fiancee.
A lady, not a whore.

And young master Jake is growing like a weed.
He makes us all proud, not a waste of my seed.
He tried his darndest in every class,
and made 10th grade by the skin of his as*.

And our sweet mother Evelyn had a small operation.
Her ‘secret garden’ needed rejuvination.

And what about the author of this Christmas poem?
He’s healthy and happy in his beautiful home.
And while some might argue that he’s just a leach,
it bothers him not; he lives at the beach.

Amazing right? Your mind is blown away. ^_^

I wanna hear your guy’s favorite shows. What are they? 

Day 20: How Important You Think Education is

I think it’s very important, especially now.

Basic education is the most important. I know school system’s go different for some country’s and in America; Elementary school is until the 6th grade, and then 7th and 8th grade are Junior High. And then, further up it’s High School and college. Doesn’t quite go as here.
Here, we have Elementary till the 8th grade and then it’s right on to High School.

So, by Serbian outlooks, Elementary is the most important.
You need to have your basics in there; Like reading, writing, counting etc. I never took school too seriously and right now, I regret it because it would’ve helped me as we speak.
I don’t think a world can live on without education, it’s how we grow and develop, as people. The more informed we get, the smarter and wiser we are and we honestly need that.
It honestly pisses me off when I see SO many people not having a clue about the smallest things technology for example requires. And I know that when someone says technology, you think of machines and greater things, but no, I’m talking about working a goddamn phone.

I don’t understand teenagers, especially in my country that rave about the IPhone’s and android phones they ache to get and need to set their language settings to Serbian. When you ask them why, the only thing I hear is excuses that they can’t bother to work with (such a complicated and twisted and tongue-wrenching language as) English. Really?
It’s not like they do too much with it. “Capture”, “Gallery”, “Messages”, “Make a new message”, ”Music”, “All songs”, “Call”, the green is answering a call, the red is denying it or hanging up. OH MY GOD SO MUCH ENGLISH. My head is pounding and twisting and it’s a hurricane.
WhatsApp and all of the applications don’t require much, everyone’s learns those.
Ugh, to me, it’s aggravating. It makes me on edge, as you can see.
Computers as well, laptops, IPod’s, whatever you find pleases you.

With how much technology is evolving,thankfully from higher education of some, I don’t think it’s fitting to not know the basics. If not for Technology and society, for yourself.

Bottom line, I think education is important.