Day 7: Your Favorite Childhood Toys

Oi, this is a hard one actually. I’m gonna be honest and say that I’ve never liked toys, all that much. Growing up, if I maybe had a doll, my routine is to be thrilled and excited when I get it and then the next day I throw it over my shoulders and move on. OH OH! The Bratz dolls. You know what those are right?
They were soo expensive and exclusive, like, to have one, was OHMYGODYOURESOCOOL.

But I… I got it and I broke it’s arms and legs off. You know how Bratz girls can have their ”shoes” changed? Actually you basically pull their feet out of their body and put another pair. Well, I would lose their feet, break their arms, ruin their hair, put make up on it or ruin their clothes. I promise I wasn’t an aggressive child at all! The only thing I actually kept was;
Okay, let’s say it’s a winter Bratz. You get the Bratz doll, who is all beautiful, her fancy boots and jeans and all and you get additional skis or a pet even, like a winter bunny? Well, I’d keep the skis and the animals safe. Everything else was just like eh. I didn’t care much for any kind of dolls or toys.

I actually got 2 of these, one winter and I sold them, to my friends. It was illegal in our school and my parents wanted to murder me because these dolls cost a fortune. What can I say…
See, even back then you can see  I was independent. I wanted to make my own money and buy my own puzzles and thingamabobs. No matter how much they cost, if I sell MY doll, it’s MY money and I buy what II want. You can’t be mad at me for that.

My preferable way to play as a kid was for example, jigsaw puzzles. I’d always ask for those for Christmas. I still love them! Playing teacher (a little older, when I started Middle school, but I was still a kid) with friends. I’d be the teacher for example,I would have my green chock board and I’d give her some notebooks and pens, set up my house like a classroom and we’d learn what’s 3 + 4. All kinds of stuff. We’d literally play out our own movie. We make it up as we go along and just do it, say it, used everything in our house. I was a very creative kid.
But those were actually rare occasions. 75% of the time I liked to be and play alone, draw, write, organize, collect napkins and play by myself, that I’m buying them. Basically I’d talk to myself, pretending someone is in front of me or multiple people.

Kids do that right? You guys did it… Don’t leave me here feeling like a freakshow. It was fun and entertaining. I was just a creative kid, I liked to make my own stuff. Which reminds me, I used to do a lot of arts and crafts as a kid. Not in school, but on my own at home. I’d even take my mom’s plates and turn into Picaso and paint them. I’d make a small plate into a sun and hang it somewhere until it falls down and breaks. :3 But dolls, never. Dolls we’re already formed for me. It’s a Barbie and you have Ken and it would be weird to play out how Barbie murders Ken because she’s on a secret mission. She’s way too perfect for that. Having Barbie’s to me automatically meant that I have to play, Barbie getting a new dress, living in perfect home, living a perfect life and, eh, it wasn’t for me. I loved stuffed animals (still do) if that counts. I actually have a stuffed puppy and tiny teddy bear still. Hehe.
I don’t play with it or sleep with it at night or something… No, pft. Like I would do that, do you take me as that kind of person? I don’t do that… Haha, you’re funny.
Alright, maybe sometimes, when I’m sad. Shut up, you have Superman undies and sheets, I bet.

Basically, I had no toys! That’s the point. I didn’t like them. I would much rather ask my parents for a packet of jigsaw puzzles or coloring books and pencils/markers.
I used to be creative then.. dang, what happened?

What did you guys like like to do when you were little? 

6 thoughts on “Day 7: Your Favorite Childhood Toys

  1. This is ADORABUBBLE!! Loved reading this so much 😀
    I used to marry all of my teddy bears like, every night. I had this one bear called Fuzz. He was like, the coolest, most amazing thing ever. All the bears would look up to him. He was like the teddy bears.

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    1. Awww! He must’ve been quite a catch with the ladies, since he got married every night. 😀 I also used to do that! I would even play marrying myself to a teddy bear.


  2. I loved playing teacher! I use to sit my soft toys down in front of me (like 10 of them) and pretend I was taking the attendance list and read to them when I was younger. Don’t worry! You’re definitely not a freakshow 😛 Haha

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