Rather Interesting Day for Unknown Reason

Today was an interesting day for an unknown reason.

I think the days I love the most is the ones were I wake up really late. I’m not going to say when, but people might consider it lunch time. Don’t judge. ;_;
It’s really not my fault though. I have very big troubles sleeping and not being productive until maybe an hour-or two after I wake up. What is that? The worst part is that today was exceptional, I don’t wake up late, even when I go to bed after 4am. I passed out this morning and I guess I went into a very deep sleep. But really, my schedule of sleep is after 4am, basically every night and I just Can’t.Sleep. I wake up at 7-8. I say again, after 4am.
Why am I still going on and on about sleep. You get the point.

So yeah I had woken up late. I bought these, I don’t wanna miss-name them but one of those folder pockets that I use to store my, old notes and and itsy bitsy writing I had made over the years because I am a pretty nostalgic freak. I like to do that, I have already throughout the years and finding them at random times and just looking back on what I used to say or think or draw is priceless. I took my time with that and realized I don’t want to lose my entire day locked up in my room. I should make the most of the day I had left and just go out and enjoy myself.

For me that meant taking long walks around beautiful areas in my city. My feelings and thoughts throughout this entire ”morning” were like I wasn’t myself. Does anyone else feel like that, I hope i ma not alone on this. I have days like today was, where I wake up feeling like I’m leading someone else’s life. Like I need instructions to do whatever action I wanted to do… Kind off like Sims. I looove that game.

I had walked and walked over this ginormous promenade next to the river. I picked up the biggest cup of frozen yogurt and put all my goodies on it and I had the most beautiful time. I can’t say. I had my earphones, my music, the temperature was PERFECT. Just warm enough with a little breeze. I had no cares in the world, just the beautiful smell of freshly mowed grass and that smell of water through the air.
I had a very smart idea to literally walk all the way home. BAD IDEA. It really wasn’t no big deal, road wise, it’s a straight line back. Perfect for walking, greenery everywhere you look but it’s a LONG way home. I got so tired my feet were starting to totter and I felt really weak. Thankfully, and this was a much smarter decision, I decided to stop at the mall that was on the way.

I needed to sit down and let my legs re-charge.

I did that for half a second until I saw my favorite bookstore Vulkan (Volcano), and they renovated it! It was so beautiful and I felt like they had given it some life. The old version was a dry, stale bookstore, but with all the books you’ll ever want! ^_^
Recent love for books – I had mentioned Stephen King I never knew off and who’s books were NEVER on shelfs in bookstores.


OF COURSE, when I had no REAL money with me. I had like 3 dollars with me and the cheapest one is The Green Mile (Zelena Milja) that’s 9$. They all go from 9 to 14 dollars tops. BUT I HAD THREE.
I know they’ll still be there but are you serious?  I’m happy I found them, I am. Considering how often I pay a visit to this mall, I may have been left in nescience for who knows how long. I did take one and sat down to take a sneak peak at the first few pages. I’m so anxious just by looking at the picture. T_T

They added a little bit of everything. An area for, not so much school supplies, but different coloring pencils, markers, erasers, painting tools and etc.  CD’s and actual records. I was so surprised to see they had them on sail, I didn’t know people still used records. Am I being really ignorant? Do a lot of people still use records, but I am just so held-up on my computer? I apologize if it’s so, it was just so unusual.

I got out of there quite fast because If i had stayed any minute longer, I would find about 20 more things I would want but can’t have right now and it would spoil my day. I still decided to go home on foot. I felt a little bit rested and the day was so beautiful, it was a shame to waste the last couple of hours in a bus. :3
I can’t explain how I felt throughout the day though. On my way home I felt happy and fulfilled. I lost a big part of my day tucked in under my bed but I felt like I used my time wisely. I didn’t get out of the house in quite awhile and it was really refreshing. I took deep breaths of air and… re-charged. Feeling full of energy!

I am back home now, sitting on my laptop, all content, happy  and cheerful, cuddling up with my cat from time to time and of course, sipping coke :3
Seriously, this post took me about two hours to write, just because my cat is really jealous whenever I’m on the laptop and is determined to make me snuggle him.

Ah, today has a big background and I don’t know what it was that made it so interesting. Nothing new happened, nor rather news worthy, but something inside of me liked today very much.
I simple but beautiful walk like today was a miracle worker.

And this is way too long, hehe.

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