Starting To Feel The Pressure

I’ve been restricting myself from writing this post, simply because I feel like it’ll bring negative energy on me and the people who so far read my blog and that’s not really my goal in the first place. I’m scared from the reaction because these types of things can be misunderstood if I don’t explain properly. I don’t want anyone to think I’ll exploit some too personal details and informations unless I truly need to, to make the story I am talking about more understandable. I know some people find that very uneasy to read about and tend to scroll over to the next blog. That’s not my intention but I think that for the ones that would like to know more… I kind of need to make this kind of post.

First, I apologize. I apologize, because the first post I made was kind of a bright-sucked-in-hope post and every word was true, but my life is misleading sometimes and I have perfect days, but I have horrible days that in my case, beat the good ones to the ground. Because of that, I haven’t been writing as much as some would think when they would read my “Fresh New Start” post.

It may actually seem stupid. I just started out but I feel guilty. This beautiful theme and being able to make this blog as pretty as it is because of someone very dear to me, not on my own and I feel like guilty and obligated when I see my blog just staying “empty”. But honestly, another reason is kind of shallow to talk about but I do need help with it.

I’ve seen SO many beautiful and well written blogs on here, some even became my favorites I check daily and I kind of feel, like the third wheel on the entire site. I shouldn’t because every life has it’s own story and every person is different and writes about different things. I’ve had urges to write and feel so inspired to share something about my life and my feelings more in depth with you guys, but. . .
I come here, start writing and I feel like, it won’t be good and it won’t be fulfilling comparing to other blogs. Just like a joke and that I should wait till something more, “blog worthy” comes along.
This may seem like a typical blogger mistake and it’s bugging me because I feel like I’m misunderstanding what blogging truly is about.

Also happening right now, this very moment. I’m having doubts about posting this because I feel like it’s a little premature. I don’t like it because blogging isn’t supposed to be stressful for one second, it should be fun and inspiring and re-freshing.
I’ve got passion, want, the enjoyment of blogging itself already covered. I’m just very insecure about actually posting them and it appeared out of nowhere.

I know what I would say to someone going through this.
To just relax, think clearly about what they want to say, and post it. There will always be someone that just may relate to what they have to say or learn something from it. And of course, the more you do break the ice and just do it, the more easier it becomes in the future.

But that’s me. I can always give advise, but can never apply it on myself.

4 thoughts on “Starting To Feel The Pressure

  1. *hugs*
    Oh, please don’t feel pressure with blogging! Blogging is diverse; your blog is what you make it. We, as loyal readers, just want you to be happy, enjoying blogging at your own pace. All blogs are different and exceptional in their own way – as is yours 🙂
    And rememeber, heartfelt/emotional posts are as awesome as hopeful/happy ones. Personally, my blog is a mix of both, considering how I’m learning to get better and all.
    It’s your blog, and WP LOVES YOU! ❤

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    1. Thank you soo much! ❤ And I love your blog. It's so beautiful, so funny and inspiring. Thank you, that really made me smile and helped. I'll keep that in mind, I just need a little bit more practice I guess. 🙂


      1. Your welcome – and thank you so much 🙂
        No no, you don’t need practise! Just write only what you’re comfortable with, and above all, stay happy and fabulous, because you are 🙂


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