Recent love for books

Before 2014, I have never read a real book in my life which is kind of sad. My mom is in love with books all her life and she constantly tried to get me to read, from a very young age just to gain enthusiasm in it and nope. Was more into movies and not using my imagination.
I read one book in Middle school for a paper I had to do and that was maybe, 3rd grade? So it was 7 years ago. It was a tiny book about the love between an animal, in this case a horse and a boy and the sacrifices animals can make for their master.

And in 2009, read my first little teenage, funny, inspiring book that I am desperately trying to find, to buy it. It has a nice place inside my heart. ❤
So, basically, for the past five years, I have not touched a book and I know how bad that sounds. Though, I like to think that my recent kick for them is a good excuse because, better late than never… right? I am a hopeless romantic type person and I am a sucker for goofy and stupid love related things, and mom bought these two little “pocket” novels.

Note: All of the books I’ll mention in my blogs will probably be things you will never be able to read or even find, ’cause I don’t think any Serbian books are ever translated into English versions, only vise versa. Until, HOPEFULLY, in the future, when I am able to maybe buy books, off of Amazon? One I am REALLY EYEING for such a long time is “The fault in our stars” by John Green. The movie came out and I refuse to watch it, even though it’ll probably get spoiled for me… but goddamn, I want the book! Has anyone read it? I heard it’s really beautiful and many recommendations!

The pocket books: One was very little, called “Ready to tie“, which was basically a book of a feminist who wanted to prove women and men can be friends, and not lovers for a certain amount of time through her columns, and a slime ball who thought he could rule every woman if he got the chance.  For experienced readers, it’s something very very predicting, something very brief and a book you’d read on your way to work, to pass the time, but for me. It was a breakthrough! I felt so pumped and was like “I want more!” and the passion kept running and suddenly, every book seemed interesting. (I judged a book by it’s cover, I know, most common mistake).

I have read about 5 books, in less than two months which is a ground breaking record for me! And I am really proud and I am trying to keep it up and the point is… How do I keep being motivated if there is such a thing as a tactic for these types of things? Or do I just keep moving on and reading and when the right book comes, it’ll just hit me?

Right now, I am trying to dive into a somewhat horror book which is out of my comfort zone. I’m sure you all know him, Stephen King, one of the worlds most famous writers for horror/creepy books, but I have just found out about him two days. (Looking at my track record, no kidding?) I guess I got a book that is made into a movie “The shinning”? I’m just guessing, my friend Kevin tells me so from hearing the plot and i am SO tempted to just go and watch the freaking movie, because I am so scared. ._. I know I am being such a pussy over it but I just can’t… Or can I? Does anyone have any other recommendations? LIke a book that isn’t that scary. I’ve heard he has some things that are just creepy but beautiful…

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