This is just confusing.

I would say I am a pretty reasonable and understanding person. My life so far (as if I have so many years behind me, but enough), hasn’t been he most exciting roller-coaster. More like terrifying for a period of time that seemed much longer than it actually was. Very bumpy and rough, with it’s smooth calm areas. Those smooth, calm and tranquil and might I add, kind of boring times appeared just recently.

This is a little personal but; My parents never got along very well and if it’s not too much to add, their troubled relationship has left plenty of scars on me as well, lead to depression at a fairly young age. Let’s not get into that. My childhood, my experiences and the the sheer way of my parents characters were has taught me to think before I say, think before I act and never judge. Along with thousand of other lessons.

Like any other person, I needed time and praxis. I made my number of mistakes, mishaps, made my wrong turns, but you always keep on learning from it.
I like to think I’m at a good place so far. But what made me write this is, injustice that was made upon me a few days ago.

I love to help people and I am that person in a group of friends, that always gives out the advise and the one everyone comes too, whether I’ve encountered the situation before or not. And in some odd way, that is a happy thought, but stressful at times. When people get used to always having you as a handkerchief or a personal therapist for people’s troubles, you’re kind off avoiding your own. At least, not giving your own troubles enough attention to resolve them. But they just keep piling up.

I have a friend I got very close with and he was going through A Lot of stuff and not knowing what to do with all of it, rather putting all his bags in one wagon.To shorten the story,I helped.
What happened.

This same friend, got better. A day ago, left me a message about his summer. Basically, how he feels much better this summer. He started hanging out with friends more, isn’t so anti-social, he is more outgoing and positive about life. I am glad, I truly am. But. And I quote, ”And I’m not going to let anyone bring negative energy on me and I’ll say goodbye to all of the whines out there complaining about their life.”. I can’t express how mad this get’s me.

You were the same guy who ”whined” to people while YOU were the one needing help. Someone could’ve said those same words to you, while you were feeling helpless.
Everyone has gotten through something in their life and learned from it. Some mistakes are common and are repeated multiple times, throughout society and by individuals.
The point isn’t them bringing negative energy to you, it’s you showing them how you got that to that point, how you got through everything you’ve been through. To HELP, and inspire them to do the same, push them, just like someone spent their hours trying to help you.
Saying that now, when your problems are resolved, everyone else needs to ”chill out” because you went through it already and lived, which is what this same person said to me, is selfish and wrong.
People deal with things differently. One person’s dream is another person’s nightmare.
It doesn’t HAVE to be like that, but you can never know. You should never belittle someone’s problem because it wasn’t something you had trouble going through.
You’re you, that person is them. That’s the biggest different in all of it.

I got off track really bad, just because there is way too much I want to say. I started the blogpost out, wanting to say how I reacted in this situation and how I deal with it and elaborating on that, but through the writing, I got so frustrated re-winding the event in my head. I’m sorry if it doesn’t make much sense, it’s not written at all well, but no despair here.
These are the types of things I love to write about and I’ll for sure dabble in this in the future, only in more sensible ways. Just restricting myself to stay on topic, ’cause this is just confusing.

All though a few points were written.

3 thoughts on “This is just confusing.

  1. Some people just are selfish I think. Like, bullied people becomes bullies, hurt people becomes the one hurting, even though they now exactly how shitty it is.
    Everyone should just take care of eachother, then the world would be an acceptable place to live in.
    But sadly people are as I told selfish, some people, if they get the upper hand they will disrespect thos who they think are of “less” value and that is just screwed up!
    If something the goverments should take these kinds of problems more seriously (I got out of topic, but still)


  2. Reading this post was almost liberating. It even scared me a little bit because I am in the same EXACT place as you. I am always the person to be there for others, and I’m not complaining. Like you, I love to be there! It’s just who we are as people. And I completely understand how your friends comment can be frustrating but for him, that’s a lesson he’s just going to have to learn. That we are all made to be there for each other, like how you were there for him!

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    1. Exactly! Sometimes you just need something in return. It doesn’t have to be a true answer that will solve all your problems, but sometimes, someone just listening to your problems as you listened to theirs helps.

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