Selena Gomez.

I thought I promised myself I would stop getting involved in the shallow, trendy, Hollywood crap I always end up seeing, at least 25 times an hour. I say Hollywood crap because I’ve had my full of some specific (mostly Hollywood. If not they move there) singers that I have lost respect for or just can’t stand to listen to. So instead of giving everyone the pleasure of telling me, ”If you don’t like her/him, why are you following her/his news and responding!?”, which I say so myself at times, I just enhance that statement AND STAY out of it as much as I can.
But, it’s inevitable sometimes. Especially when the news is about someone who you rather like.

I came across an article about an alleged emotional break down Selena Gomez had at her best friend’s, Taylor Swift’s, birthday party. Selena was allegedly crying in the corner over Justin. I am saying alleged because I think it’s fresh news. The article touched a nerve, obviously. Not because Selena did this, but because of the comments the publisher left in the article.

Everyone is aware of Jelena and their multiple break up’s and make up’s and heart breaking songs of one another. I completely understand that Selena is a celebrity and her life for the most part isn’t private at all. I understand she has fans she needs to be devoted to, a career to look after and a reputation to maintain. Okay? We all get that. But:

Selena, I think I speak for all of humanity when I say: GET OVER IT.” –
I think I speak for all of humanity when I say: GET OVER IT.

I don’t care how sick you are of hearing about her and Justin, I don’t care how sick you are of seeing her cry over him, I don’t care how sick you are of hearing new songs about him, and I certainly don’t care how sick you are of hearing her talk about him.

I’m sure that if Selena was given the choice, she would’ve choosen for her private life not to be publicised all of the time. Let’s not forget, Justin Bieber himself had an impact on that factor. I am not planning to bash on Justin Bieber, even though I heard he has caused much more damage in all of this than her, but their relationship was and always will be theirs. It’s doesn’t help that all interviwers, literally everyone ASK her about Justin, remind her of everything. We all know she’s suffering, why are you asking her what happened between her and Justin. Remember, you(we) are never entitled to the personal details of one’s life. If you are given any, at least freaking respect them.

I am personally sick of people saying Selena Gomez is emotionally immature for still suffering over a humongous break up with someone she loved and commited herself too. It does not matter that we see all of the bad Justin did and it does not matter that we see he is not right for her. Let her freaking see it. She was the one dating him, having wonderful times with him while they lasted and builded hopes and dreams with this guy.
Yeah, he’s bad for her, he was a jerk towards her, multiple times, what is that telling you? Is that hard to get over?
For some it is, for some it isn’t. People react to things differently.
Breaks up are hard and painful and messy. Harder, more painful and messier for some. Obviously, Selena Gomez is having a very rough time with hers. Let her flipping be.

This blogpost is absolutely messy but I honestly don’t care at the moment. I will care about it as soon as I hit Publish. I’m just letting my fingers write what pops up at the top of my head. I’ll edit it later. 

If she shares her life with the public, being it as it is, it’s bad because there’s a lot more to it than you want to see.
If she withdraws herself from the public and her fans, it’s bad because she’s allegedly dismissing her fans in the process.
Either way, she’s screwed.
If you want to support her, support her through the most difficult times. Telling her she needs to move on, get on with her life, tell her she’s being pathetic and whiny WON’T HELP HER.

Just because she knows he isn’t right for her anymore, doesn’t mean she’ll stop loving him. If anything, that’s what makes it harder. There’s still so many memories, so many good memories, so many hopes and dreams crushed. She knows it’s not good for her to go back, but as she said,  the heart wants what it wants. Let her grief over it for as long as she needs to. It’s not even a matter of how much someone hurt you, it’s how much you loved them through all of it. 
I do get worried for her myself, fearing she’ll stumble upon alcohol and other dangerous outcoms that may exacerbate her condition but as long as she’s getting the help she needs, let the girl take her own time.
If you want someone who apparently decided she’s never making a frown, unless it’s on stage to show how ”fierce” she is, go to Demi Lovato and enjoy yourself.

Have some understanding, for as she is just another freaking person going through a very bad break up. You’re not making it any easier and all of the social pressures won’t speed the healing process.

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