A Step In The Right Direction

Wow, this feels so odd being back here. How long has it been? Four months, yeah. I will be back shortly with another post explaining my silence and a few other things, although my previous post back in February I think is self explanatory. I’ve been solving my problems and not running away from them.

The reason I decided this will be the moment I come back to WordPress is to share one very simple and incredible thing that happened. June 26th of 2015 will now forever be known as the day America, or the US Supreme Court made an incredible change. Same sex marriage is now legal in all 50 US states. Justice is served!

I cannot comprehend how happy this news made me. It would’ve made me even happier if I was myself gay or felt that weight fly off my chest from the pressure I imagine every gay person on this earth felt for years. Or not. But none the less, it made me cry tears of joy. I am so happy and proud of this change and I hope we can move forward and not stop with the fight. This was a huge step and it took a long time but with the same willingness to fight and patience, justice will be served throughout the entire globe, which is what is deserved.

Everyone deserves happiness in all shapes and forms and freedom to pursue happiness with another, with someone they love, be it their same sex partner or not without judgement or restrictions. Love is love, and love always wins. No one deserves to be held against being themselves. ❤

I just, I can’t. I was between shock and an enchanting wave of happiness when I realized what was going on. This is monumental and needs to go on, needs to spread. I just can’t imagine all of the great, talented, intelligent, wonderful people, I cant imagine how relieved they must feel to know that finally they can express who they are and step into marriage and love without fear.

I’m so proud and happy and glad and I wish every couple out there who has been wishing and hoping for a happy life with the one they love all the best and every gay person in the world luck to find that person and live happily.

One huge, monumental step, in the right direction. Let’s keep moving!

Be yourself, love yourself, don’t be ashamed of who you are. Nobody can do a better job at being you than you. 

I’m sorry if you disagree with this decision, you have the right to have an opinion, that is all on you.
But I hope everyone has learned by now to choose their words carefully when it comes to matters like this.
At the end of the day, statements like, The gay population is what’s polluting the earth and violating all laws of nature are absolutely wrong and unfair. You’re HUMAN too that does everything to ruin this earth just as much as ”they” do. It’s not in anyone’s business what kind of intimacy goes on in one’s bed.

That’s all I’m gonna say. 🙂

The Upcoming End of Two And A Half Men. (Rant Alert)

Can you even formulate it like that? Upcoming end? I think you can, sounds almost right. Sigh. I am a little nervous at the moment. Actually I’m very nervous. One thought is consuming my mind for days now, over and over.

I am not, and I have never been a crazed fan for anything. I don’t do those typical things that fans do in order to show love and support.
If it’s a signer involved, I do not make T-shirts with their name on them and put #1 fan. I won’t sleep the night before a concert outside of the arena. I won’t tweet them over a thousand times or even comment on their photos. Even though, I can promise I adore this person, they’re such an inspiration to me and I may even cry- I may even cry for them or for something they’ve said or something that happened but you know, I was never crazy in said senses.
To not go on and on for every profession, I just don’t do certain things.

My love for shows, singers, actors and whatever it may be is very silent and almost unnoticeable. It’s just there and it exists and it just floats in the air in massive amounts. I have a very obsessive personality over things I like and exclusively over things that I like.

Sigh. I am so bummed. Two and a half men is, it, to me. I love the show so passionately, so genuinely and loyally. I was incredibly late to the party. The girl already jumped out of the cake and everyone’s had a piece. Two and a half men, or any show for that matter wasn’t a part of my childhood. Like so many have those significant shows that mark a time of their childhood. Memories of watching that specific show as a little kid, with their family. So many include Friends and other family shows. Not one show marks my childhood. Cartoon Network which is/was a channel on TV marked mine and by the way, drove my mother mad. It’s pretty hilarious. She was absolutely sick of it, it was non stop.

But none the less, it was instant love when I did come across Two and a half men. I am so scared you guys. At the very end of season 11, the last episode basically Alan (Jon Cryer) being dumped and left on his wedding with Gretchen for her ex, leaving him heart broken and confused. At the very end of the episode, Alan and Walden sit down on the couch, along with Walden’s freshly made robot, and they make plans of making a guy’s night every Thursday where they just sit around, chill and talk. And Walden refers to it as Two and a half men’s night. (the half being the robot) I thought that was the end.

Strangely enough, I thought that was the way they wanted to end it, not knowing they were cooking season 12. At that moment, it didn’t strike me hard. I loved that episode and in the moment, I was just happy and positive. It was a great run, I’m glad I got to experience it. And of course, when I heard that season 12 was already aired mind you, and when I opened the first episode up, I was screaming the entire time. I was incredibly happy.

As far as I’m concerned, the show can last forever. There is no way to end a billionaire’s and a mooch’s life story together, until one of them dies. Most likely, it would be Walden. But now I know it’s the end. Now I am aware it’s the final season and that scares me.

I don’t want it to end. I am so in love with this show. I have fallen in love with all of the characters, in the story, even though it had a big big transition after season eight. I feel like it’s a part of my teenage years. It’s not my childhood but to me, it’s just as meaningful. I can’t explain it. I want to meaningfully rant on my love for it and why it is what it is, but I don’t have the words. How do you explain such love for fictional characters and a story that’ll most likely never happen in real life.

The last episode was shot on Friday, and now fans are just awaiting. Man, it would’ve been a dream come true to once experience sitting in the live studio audience and seeing them on set, making mistakes and make the show to what’s it’s become.
It honestly annoys me so bad when people call it just a stupid, meaningless, bachelor show that exploits women and sex. Two and a half men isn’t and never was known for treating things tastefully to an extent, why is it so awful. Fans like me who fall in love and really dig deep into the story and plot, there’s so much more, so many signs and looks that really say a lot without saying a word.

Season 12 is up to it’s 13th episode, which was awesome of course, and the last 3 remain.  I feel like so many people would describe their ending of Friends. Friends was a show that was aired before I was born and ended when I was 6. People born in the mid 90′ probably felt like a big ongoing part of their childhood is ending, and I feel like, something wonderful I love that always made me happy is going to end.

It sounds so dramatic, I know it’s a show but I’m sad alright? I think it’s not that weird. People cry over their singing idol’s new haircut. I’m sad over something that makes me genuinely happy is ending. I already have all 12 seasons I think on every single device I have in my house. I can always come back and I do. I play Two and a half men and do my thing and enjoy their voices in the background. But I know that pretty soon I won’t be able to stock up on more and more of that joy. Pretty soon it’ll stop and I’ll have 12 seasons and 262 episodes to look back too-which is marvelous, but why not 462?

Yeah I know. It would bore many people. Everyone has to have an ending. If Harry Potter went on forever, people would lose interest. But it’s my show. It wouldn’t bore me. Don’t I count for something? No? Okay…

It’s Heart Breaking To Me.

I was in the middle of writing a completely different post, which was actually having a very sentimental vibe but now that’s shot to shit. I am having phenominal waves of every emotion right now.

I was interrupted by a Facebook page status about the progress of a little puppy’s life. At first, I didn’t know what was it about but the picture of the poor thing drew me in and appropriatelly scared me. Something horrible happened to him.

Apparently, a very nasty and vile family in the city of Kragujevac decided they’re going to, for no justifiable reason, beat up their puppy and if that wasn’t enough, pour acid all over him and leave him in their backyard struggling in pain. Why did I say for no justifiable reason, justifying this is impossible. The article was mainly describing all of the painful process he’s going through in order to make him healthy again. His skin is incredibly damaged and with each day, burns and wounds appear in more places and of course, all of this hurts him in amounts we can’t imagine. Thankfully, the wounds and pain are curable, it just takes a lot of time. They have enough money for his treatment but what they don’t have is a place for him.

I think that’s a very good sign of how his health is improving. Pretty soon, he’s going to need a loving home and a loving family that will take care of him and take him to all the treatments he will still need. I’m just spreading the word out because I knew that I have a few people/followers that live in the area that I know personally.

I just don’t understand. Tears fell down my face while reading the article and I got so angry and so pissed off. What is going through someone’s brain while committing such a crime. What the hell is with this power struggle so many apparently struggle with when it comes to animals?

Get over yourselves people. It’s an animal, not a toy. You’re not a little child that feels ownership over his favorite toy. If you didn’t know, an animal is still a living creature. It’s not a human, but that’s perfectly FINE. An animal doesn’t speak our language, it doesn’t walk on two legs (your average pet), it doesn’t eat using utensils and it doesn’t poop or pee sitting down on a toilet (unless trained). That’s it.
It breathes, it moves, it feels, it needs, it desires, it protests, it feels proud, it makes a mess and it is WORTHY. Worthy of a person’s love and nurture. I can’t explain it any simpler words. I don’t feel like I should. Any normal, sane brain will understand and won’t need any other ”reason” why not to hurt or abuse an animal that never wishes any harm towards you. It’s so heartbreaking in the most astonishing ways. I wish I knew what was going on inside my cats mind, I wish I knew what they were thinking. I wish I knew what they had to say.

Sometimes, what really truly get’s to me is the comments. I don’t know why we all feel the obligation to scroll down the comments, because in so many cases where we know what we are expecting,it should just be ignored. Comments such as the following;
”Stupid people omg, crying over an animal”,
”omg, its just a dog”,
”is a fucking animal, it doesn’t deserve love. it’s just there for our entertainement”,
”in our country these types of stuff are completely ignored, it’s just a fucking animal”.
The comments really sink into my brain and it’s where I get furious with our world and people and the fact I live among these creatures who call themselves respectable human beings, thinking they’re worthy of respect. Not in my eyes. Not if you do this, not if you defend this.
I don’t and will never understand it. I will never, ever justify animal abuse for who ever it may be. People lose complete respect in my eyes when and if the deliberate harm of an animal touches their hands. People who feel that the emotion of hate felt towards animals is gloat worthy need to re-think their conciousness and their life. It is not alright and it is so unfair.

I dont want anyone to get me wrong. Hurting an animal in self-defense can be justified. Many street animals do have problems and rage-control problems and they can be unpredictable, even to little children. Even rats. But I will not justify an act of abuse, when the animal is minding their own business and you deliberately pick on it and worse, I don’t want to list it. You got what you asked for, what you do is what you get.

And remember this, this is something MANY annoying parents need to realize; An animal without a problem, will NEVER touch a young child/baby. They know what is an innocent being when they see it. It may look like they want to hurt it, but if your child is smaller than the dog, everything seems scary. If an animal attacked a child that was messing with him, it means your child is very much capable of knowing that they shouldn’t mess with street animals and toy with them. It’s not always the animal’s fault just because your child is considered little. Many street animals feel threatened ahead of time because they probably already let someone your child’s age toy with them and they ended up being kicked or shoved. Your child can’t know that? Neither can he.
Every animal has it’s why. It can be very see-through if an animal has a problem or if it’s acting suspcious. You just need to care enough to observe.

I am not an animal expert, but I do like to think I can understand them. I have been bitten by cats, dogs, parrots, guinea pigs, turtles, both indors and outdoors. I would walk up randomly to a cat on the street and prematurely start petting it, and even though she doesn’t hesitate for long, her claws come out and she holds onto my skin. I understand it and I stay still and look her right in the eye as a sign I don’t want to grab her, hurt her or anything. It is genuinely not my intention. Each and every time, the cat would look back and remove her claws and stand still. I would ease into it once more and she’d let me pet her.

They are very much aware that they ARE smaller and weaker than you and therefore, have to be on double watch for their well being.

I know I am writing something so generic, something that most people hear but it’s so heart breaking. I don’t understand it and I feel like a small percentage of people adress these types of things.

Each and every animal on earth has as much right to be here as you and me. - Anthony Douglas Williams. !!

Selena Gomez.

I thought I promised myself I would stop getting involved in the shallow, trendy, Hollywood crap I always end up seeing, at least 25 times an hour. I say Hollywood crap because I’ve had my full of some specific (mostly Hollywood. If not they move there) singers that I have lost respect for or just can’t stand to listen to. So instead of giving everyone the pleasure of telling me, ”If you don’t like her/him, why are you following her/his news and responding!?”, which I say so myself at times, I just enhance that statement AND STAY out of it as much as I can.
But, it’s inevitable sometimes. Especially when the news is about someone who you rather like.

I came across an article about an alleged emotional break down Selena Gomez had at her best friend’s, Taylor Swift’s, birthday party. Selena was allegedly crying in the corner over Justin. I am saying alleged because I think it’s fresh news. The article touched a nerve, obviously. Not because Selena did this, but because of the comments the publisher left in the article.

Everyone is aware of Jelena and their multiple break up’s and make up’s and heart breaking songs of one another. I completely understand that Selena is a celebrity and her life for the most part isn’t private at all. I understand she has fans she needs to be devoted to, a career to look after and a reputation to maintain. Okay? We all get that. But:

Selena, I think I speak for all of humanity when I say: GET OVER IT.” –
I think I speak for all of humanity when I say: GET OVER IT.

I don’t care how sick you are of hearing about her and Justin, I don’t care how sick you are of seeing her cry over him, I don’t care how sick you are of hearing new songs about him, and I certainly don’t care how sick you are of hearing her talk about him.

I’m sure that if Selena was given the choice, she would’ve choosen for her private life not to be publicised all of the time. Let’s not forget, Justin Bieber himself had an impact on that factor. I am not planning to bash on Justin Bieber, even though I heard he has caused much more damage in all of this than her, but their relationship was and always will be theirs. It’s doesn’t help that all interviwers, literally everyone ASK her about Justin, remind her of everything. We all know she’s suffering, why are you asking her what happened between her and Justin. Remember, you(we) are never entitled to the personal details of one’s life. If you are given any, at least freaking respect them.

I am personally sick of people saying Selena Gomez is emotionally immature for still suffering over a humongous break up with someone she loved and commited herself too. It does not matter that we see all of the bad Justin did and it does not matter that we see he is not right for her. Let her freaking see it. She was the one dating him, having wonderful times with him while they lasted and builded hopes and dreams with this guy.
Yeah, he’s bad for her, he was a jerk towards her, multiple times, what is that telling you? Is that hard to get over?
For some it is, for some it isn’t. People react to things differently.
Breaks up are hard and painful and messy. Harder, more painful and messier for some. Obviously, Selena Gomez is having a very rough time with hers. Let her flipping be.

This blogpost is absolutely messy but I honestly don’t care at the moment. I will care about it as soon as I hit Publish. I’m just letting my fingers write what pops up at the top of my head. I’ll edit it later. 

If she shares her life with the public, being it as it is, it’s bad because there’s a lot more to it than you want to see.
If she withdraws herself from the public and her fans, it’s bad because she’s allegedly dismissing her fans in the process.
Either way, she’s screwed.
If you want to support her, support her through the most difficult times. Telling her she needs to move on, get on with her life, tell her she’s being pathetic and whiny WON’T HELP HER.

Just because she knows he isn’t right for her anymore, doesn’t mean she’ll stop loving him. If anything, that’s what makes it harder. There’s still so many memories, so many good memories, so many hopes and dreams crushed. She knows it’s not good for her to go back, but as she said,  the heart wants what it wants. Let her grief over it for as long as she needs to. It’s not even a matter of how much someone hurt you, it’s how much you loved them through all of it. 
I do get worried for her myself, fearing she’ll stumble upon alcohol and other dangerous outcoms that may exacerbate her condition but as long as she’s getting the help she needs, let the girl take her own time.
If you want someone who apparently decided she’s never making a frown, unless it’s on stage to show how ”fierce” she is, go to Demi Lovato and enjoy yourself.

Have some understanding, for as she is just another freaking person going through a very bad break up. You’re not making it any easier and all of the social pressures won’t speed the healing process.