Day 14: Your Earliest Memory

Does anyone remember much of their ”childhood”? I honestly do, but my earliest memory, that’s not something I can elaborate on really.
It was TRULY early- Actually nope, It wasn’t. I just asked my mom about it and I was around 5 years old which isn’t very early. I honestly had in mind that I was still a baby back then. But you have no idea what I am talking about, now do you? I’ll just tell you!

I would say this memory was a very special one for me and that remembering it factors into that. My family, my mom, dad and I were out to the beach. My dad is not a very lively person, he’s more of a workaholic. He doesn’t mind to work, be it hard labor or simple things, he just likes to earn and be independent. I get my Independence from him, I believe. So, spending money for him, unless it had true reasons and meaning’s behind it, was a waste, and so was going out and having a little bit of fun. He didn’t see it as fun, he saw it as money flowing out of our pockets.
But, this was an exception and I believe it’s why my brain captured it. I’m sure you all have this even for the tiniest little something. A little tiny video-shot in your mind, that lasts not longer than a few seconds, but it’s something from your youth? I have those all of the time and this is one of them.
All, and I mean all I can see is my dad’s face in the water, the water is splashing all around him in his face and he’s holding me, throwing me up and down in the water, smiling. It’s so precious, and because it NEVER happened again, I think it’s why my brain savored it.

But! I wanna add another one! Only to use it as an excuse to show you a ”baby” picture of me. It’s not a baby picture though…


I feel like WordPress is ruining my quality! I think I was also about 5 here, maybe even younger. I feel like mom messed up on the beach memory.. There’s no way I was five and dad splashed me into the water. Mom, I knew how to SWIM at five. I think THIS is when I was five, the previous one, I had got to be at least 3.
This picture was taken at Kalemegdan. It’s a beautiful, I guess you could call it park. It’s very important for Serbian history, because Kalemegdan used to be all of Belgrade. Only back then, it was called Singidunum. The river behind me is Dunav, the longest river in Serbia.

This was the day my mom, her friend from work and I took a plain, simple, beautiful and relaxing walk. The wall I am sitting on is pretty wide, and there are always people ”hanging” from it.

You see all those tiny people on the left? Look at the cottage that’s hiding behind the wall. Look up. Pay close attention. There you go!
It was a beautiful night, and every night on Kalemegdan is a magical one. To me, personally, it became dull. I am 20 minutes away from it and I can visit it any day, It’s less special.
But, still beautiful. There used to be a tiny amusement park that I went too that day.

Just an early, nice memory. I hope you guys liked it and for sure visit Kalemegdan if you ever find yourself in Belgrade! Have a nice day everyone! ❤

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