Day 13: Somewhere You’d Like to Move or Visit

Well I have both! And it’s very hard. I don’t know HOW MANY times I have mentioned this in previous posts but my biggest wish is too move! Anywhere!… Ok, ok, not anywhere no. I would like to move to a place, where there shall not be a German speaking, thing. No offense to any Germans, you’ve got one BEAUTIFUL country, beautiful nature, beautiful city, economy, successful, all props to you but your language… is not for me. Total respect, it sounds very nice when it’s fluid and when German’s speak calmly, but when I speak it, it’s like a robot trying to throw up metal.
It’s just, nope. Love you though! ^_^

Aaanyhow! I would definitely put Germany to my to-visit list! Definitely, it is incredibly beautiful there and the castles… So many castles. Such beauty and magic. I’m not sure which castle is the most popular in society, but personally, The Hohenzollern would be my favorite to visit.

It’s so GORGEOUS. I have no idea how i’d get there honestly. It’s like, on the top of a hill. Literally, the castle makes the center. And in the middle of, what-seems-to-be-like-nowhere, mind you.

But so gorgeous. Imagine the winters here. But as I said, I would only love to visit and that is exclusively for touristy things. I have not gone in depth research about Germany except for a few articles and picture, but enough to realize it has beauty.

But really, where I would truly love to visit is Australia. I could go on and on why.
Anyone that knows me knows I absolutely love wide, open spaces, animals and the sea. Australia is not only a beautiful place FILLED with all of that, but it’s just a great country overall. It’s gorgeous and I’d honestly pick Australia over tropical islands and spontaneous resorts.

Like this isn’t enough? The beauty is overwhelming and the nature, the fields, all of the animals that live there?! The beautiful seas, completely blue, makes you feel bad for swimming in it how gorgeous it is. One of my dream jobs is too also work with animals, saving them, nurturing them, or just being a part of big animal charity’s and shelter organizations. It’s, a dream, come true.
I wanna say I would love to move there as well, because, a good country it is. I stumbled upon some very good laws that I love that they acquire as well, but the insects…

That is the only thing that would hold me back. The insects and bugs and all of the dangerous reptiles.  Australia, a natural home for all animals and I understand why, but also a nest for pests. I am scared of them and I don’t think I could get used to living under conditions that read: People are absolutely used to having tons of spiders, sometimes venomous spiders, in their garages and in their kitchens running free.
No, and not to mention everything else. All kinds of snakes, all kinds of other reptiles, no, just no. I would only vacation there but I’d make sure I would have the time of my life!
Sadly, travels like this cost a lot and I live in a very poor country that does not provide even a good possibility of saving up. Any kind of, WORTHY money that would last. You can’t save from what you don’t earn. So, this will probably remain a dream in my head, like most things, but who knows. I’ve read and heard about companies offering a lot of suitable opportunities, even though I am hardly qualified for that kind of thing hehe.

Of course, there are plenty of other countries, like Italy, Greece, United Kingdom, Sweden! – etc. There is a lot that I can go on and on for but, honestly, none of them, except maybe Greece, bring that certain vibe of happiness and fulfillment when I think about them, like with Australia and the US. It’s a real shame for Greece too. Greece is not a full thousand kilometers away from me and I can’t splurge enough to go for three days. Pathetic! There are buses that go in circles. It’s infuriating!
But, it’s a possibility! Actually next year, I am hoping so badly that I’ll go. So wish me luck on that one!

I’m supposed to say all these wonderful places I’d like to MOVE too, but honestly, my mind is not wrapped around one place at the moment. Life in the UK is an expensive life, from what I’ve heard. I love the country though and the people. Everyone seems so polite and sophisticated and clean and nurturing of their country.
But it’s just the accent right? ^_^ Heheheh. Juust kidding! I know ya’ll real nice! For a fact of some very lovely bloggers here!

I had my eye on California for a loong, long, long, long, long time. LA to be specific… I don’t know why, but LA just seems the right choice for me. And that can be so controversial because I know it has it’s bad traits. Just like America itself but gad. Malibu.
Oh god, getting a Malibu beach house… I’m gonna start crying hehe.

I’ve actually researched Malibu beach houses on the internet and the prices and I flipped tables. They are SO expensive. But understandable… I mean, you’re on a beach, in a house big as… whatever is really really big -that’s equally as BEAUTIFUL and good, in Malibu. Come on!
But, again, dream, dream, dream on Marija. It’s good for ya!

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