Here It Comes Again…

I’m sorry!!!

I don’t even know how many days I have been away. But remember the internet problem my mom had I think two weeks ago?That problem is STILL not solved.
Well first of all, I had nothing interesting to share with you guys apart from my hung kitties. OhOh! I bought something else that I will share soon! – But, other than that, I had nothing to write about and the weekend came along a lot faster than I thought it was going to. Before I knew it, I wasn’t able to write at all.
I just came back home and my blog was the first thing I checked.

I’ll be catching up now with all of your guys’s posts and comments. I missed all of you!
On a side note! I have been complaining to my father for WEEKS now how my freaking blowdrier broke. It over heated or something and I had no blowdrier for over a month. It’s humongously annoying because for someone with long hair, I don’t always have time to schedule my showers only when I have at least 5 hours free after for it to dry naturally.
Plus my hair looks like sh*t when it’s not blowdried properly. I’m sure my girls can relate to that. But finally I have bought it and along that… In the same store… we/my dad bought me a new flipping tv!!

I wish I could show you guys (I will fairly soon, everything) right now but my camera is being used by my guests. Yes, I have guests right now tormenting my cats. ._. They’re fascinated with them and with their number.
And don’t you just hate when a farther relative comes to town or your parent’s coleagues from work-or just someone that hasn’t seen you in a long time appears on an event or party and they go: ”Oh my god! It’s you! Oh my goodness I would have never recognized you! My, have you grown! Hasn’t she grown!? She has grown! You turned into a real beauty. My goodness!”.

I mean, I don’t mind the compliments and all but do you have to use that sqeaky voice and go on for the next 10 minutes. Plus, I’m not that amusing to see. After a short- or long period of time.

I’m gonna start catching up!

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