Things That Make Me Happy

I know that people say happiness comes in small measures. Which is true! The small things matter the most and leave lasting emotions.

But I fear that what my list will consist off will not be such small, simple things. I didn’t actually think this through or plan it, so I’m just going with the post and the tips of my fingers.
And imagine, chocolate is not one of them. Oh my goodness gracionious.

  • My kitties. Animals in general really. They make me way too happy and I am never lonely with them near me. I look at them and obeserve them, how they walk, how they move, their level of curiousity is astonishing. They are so cute and cuddly and they purr so nicely, it’s heaven on earth.
  • Piles of books. Oh my gosh! I think most of us judge books by their covers. The prettier, fancier and more glittery it looks, even if the title is something that does not interest you at all, I’m sure you all crave it. Or at least roll it around in your hands, thinking how great it would be if you sat down and actually read a freaking book. I always do when I’m in a dry streak.
    I always imagine my perfect moment I described once, on a cold winters day, sitting in my little office with hot tea or hot chocolate and I’m cozied up in my big chair with big shelfs and book cases FILLED with books.
    Belle’s library! In the castle! I know all bookworms thought, ”I want that in my house”. It makes me happy to see. It makes me appreciate books more and knowledge. If there’s any way you can learn something, it’s through books.
  • Buying notebooks, lots of notebooks, pencils, pens, markers, erasers, sharpenders, check books, daybooks. Supplies. I have no idea why but it has a shine to it like big piles of books. I just love having nice, big notebooks around. I try not to use them for rubbish ’cause many we’re thrown out due to my poor usage of them. Such a shame. But I’ve improved and since my writing in them got a lot more frequent, they’re certainly filled up. I feel like a ton of pens and fun colored markers all put in one of those containers makes a desk look that much more cool and it inspires me.
    Actually yes, I realized that right now. It inspires me. That’s what I’m aiming for with my (possibly, hopefully) future office. I want to feel inspired when I walk through the door. When I see notebooks and pens, my mind instatly goes ”Hm, so beautiful. I wanna write… What should I write about”, and tons of ideas flutter around my head like stars or birds.
  • Vanilla ice cream. Not chocolate, vanilla. It’s a sweet taste of heaven itself.
  • Those late night, nicely arguemented discussions about something I and that person feel passionate about. Those brain-teasers and food for thought discussions where there’s no true end. The discussion can go on forever because we have so many things to say and as time flies more and more thoughts and opinions build up and it’s just a wonderful time! These are exceptional talks because you don’t have the privilege of having them with  just anyone. It takes two understanding, wise and open-minded souls to listen & actually try to absorb what the person is suggesting and maybe let it grow.
  • Glass figures. They’re rich and beautiful. Oh… I just got an idea for a seperate shelf for my house in the future. Heheheh. Now I’m excited. Maybe not an entire shelf, but here and there, you know? To brighten up the place. I don’t like  chandeliers thou. They scare me. I feel like they’re going to fall over me any flipping second. Plus if you’ve watched the movie War Of The Roses, those two started with a chandelier life and died on a chandelier. It’s scary stuff. Such a morbid film really.
    Look at this little bundle of beauty.

    Have you noticed how everything in my life somehow revolves around cats and 65% of the time, all of my examples are cat related. It’s concerning.

That’s all I can really come up with off the top of my head. There’s a million more smaller and simpler things than this. A shinning, live day makes me happy. When I walk out and I feel free and breath in the fresh air. Good energy, positivity. Best way to start a day off, I’m sure. I could go into detail and I probably should’ve but it would be trying too hard in my case.

I wish I truly believed in everything I constantly say to people about positivity and happiness. That famous quote:

Even though I can’t practice these particular thoughts on myself, I want you guys to be happy and embrace even the smallest things that make you happy. Make them happen more often.
I guess happiness is a choice? Choose to be happy and LAUGH/smile more.
If there’s one thing I love and believe truly helps, it’s laughter.

You’re the most beautiful when you smile. 🙂

15 thoughts on “Things That Make Me Happy

  1. I love this post 🙂 I really like your idea about having an office with colourful stationary and notebooks that makes you want to write. I want that too now.

    Vanilla ice-cream totally trumps chocolate ice-cream. And it also trumps (dare I say?) chocolate itself…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad I could inspire you with it!

      I know right? Chocolate is kind off over-rated at some points. It’s become generic…chocolate. Vanilla has that effect of floating in the universe, hehe. And many others!

      Liked by 1 person

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