Christmas Traditions

This may surprise some of you, but yes tomorrow is Christmas day for me. As our Christmas goes, so do our traditions. I’m a bit rusty at explaining them, because some of these traditions are (I think) mainly ours, and I never thought I’d translate them to another language. Even English.

The very first thing that is a must, we always fast the day before Christmas, for us called “Badnje veče” or Christmas eve. So nothing that is of any animal source. Sadly, fish isn’t included, because it’s a water animal, which is discrimination. It’s an animal non the less, but most of the time fish is cooked the day before Christmas or baked beans.

Now bear this with me, this will be very hard to explain, but I’ll show you a few pictures.

What you see in the picture is dried leaves of various oak trees, with twigs and branches made into some sort of bouquet, which is a tradition to bring this into your house the day before Christmas. It is called a Badnjak, which is why Christmas eve for us is translated Badnje vece, vece means eve.

There is no real translation as to what this truly means, or at least I can’t find the right words, but basically, our story says that on the day that Jesus Christ was born, “badnjak”, plural, were lit in a bonfire to warm the new born baby and his mother. After your lunch, many people, as well as myself and my family, go to church where the bonfire happens. People bring another set of their Badnjak and throw it in the fire and drink boiled wine, sometimes sweetened with honey.

That’s where I came from 20 minutes ago, and I’ll share a picture with you guys.

There is no real routine on the actual day of Christmas. You wake up, have a toast, and feel merry. Usually, my country bakes some sort of bread;


Don’t be mistaken, it’s not a cake, it’s just very decorated bread, called “Česnica”. The tradition is to put one coin in it, while you make it, bake it and right before you start your Christmas lunch, all of your family members stand in a circle around the table, spin it in their hands together in the air, and break it apart.
Everyone takes their own piece and whoever get’s the piece with a coin in it, will have the most luck and fortune will come to them throughout the year. And there’s no cheating. Some families who feel that the oldest male in the household should always get it cheat and plan where the coin will be, but my family doesn’t do that.

When I was younger, I almost always got it.

I sure hope that some of these traditions you guys have heard of, or maybe even do them your household. I honestly celebrate Christmas this way because it’s a cozy, nice way to bring my family together and it makes my mom really happy.

Today I tried blackberry wine for the first time and I must say I was amazed. I don’t like alcohol, at all, but if I had to pick one alcoholic drink that I would drink it’s wine. Red wine. I’m having my third glass right now, and that’s saying a lot for me.

I hope you guys are having a nice evening. I am sipping my wine slowly, talking to friends and nibbling on my almonds.

I’ll update you guys tomorrow on my cozy Christmas!


Yeeey! I love tags!

They’re so fun and answering questions is always a delight. Even more so when they’re all about Christmas!! Christmas okay? It’s getting so close I can’t handle it! I am prepared to eat, and that’s about it! I am so excited. A thank you too Tryingtofindmyselfon for being ever so sweet to tag me. Let’s get started!

❄ Favorite Festive Food ❄

I had to think hard about this because there aren’t many festive things served in my country. My very favorite thing that is served on Christmas has to be this very yummy salad I made on accident with mayonnaise and a little bit of sower cream that makes the tastiest cream with green peas and corn! It may sound very icky but it’s so delicious!

❄ Favorite Reindeer ❄

Pft, Rudolf?! Work that red nose gurl! (guy)

❄ Favorite Day from 12 Days of Christmas ❄

Two turtle doves… Because I love love and I love goofy looking animals. And flying, that is badass.

❄ Favorite Christmas Song ❄

All I want for Christmas is You. ❤ It brings up feels. I’m actually one of those people who DON’T listen to Christmas songs all that much. I’m that person who focuses on the movies. The songs come along for the ride.

❄ Favorite Christmas Present ❄

Almost all of my life I’ve had clothes given to my as various presents, whatever holiday or special occasions which is great for me, but sounds lame on paper. Uhm, I’ll go with the five hundred and eleven hundred piece jigsaw puzzles when I was like 10? I was obsessed and still LOVE them to death. That was a very jolly Christmas!

❄ Favorite Christmas film ❄

Okay, I know I said I’m the Christmas movie type but I don’t actually have favorites. It’s more like, Christmas channel and I enjoy each and every one that comes along. But, a few I really enjoy and are classics for the winter time, Love Actually. I think this is like, a worldwide classic, no? Definitely! I also really really love Single Santa Seeks Ms. Claus! So much fun and joy!

❄ Favorite Christmas Cracker Jokes and Toys ❄

I love those reindeer we here can win from collecting Coca Cola bottle caps. It’s like a win giveaway! You can get reindeer carrying a sack of coca cola’s on their back, or sleeping ones. It’s way cute!

❄ Favorite Christmas Decorations ❄

The Christmas tree… It looks magical and festive. It’s a decoration on it’s own. It lights up the entire room.

❄ Favorite Candle scent ❄

I’ve never had candles in my life or used them because they’re not very popular here… So I don’t have an answer. Cinnamon candle sounds awesome, also vanilla!

❄ Favorite Christmas Advert ❄

I don’t like these, honestly. I know, how could I say that but I don’t like them so I don’t pay attention…

❄ Favorite Christmas Tradition & Place to Spend Christmas ❄

Every year for the past 7, I’ve spent Christmas at my mom’s house and that became a tradition for us. No matter what happens, whatever party is going on, I’m at her place and it’s where I feel the best. Next to her and grandma. My mom is at her happiest around Christmas time. When it comes to Christmas, by heart she’s younger than me. We create a beautiful atmosphere, all cozy up next to each other and often play games and it’s always so much fun.

❄ Favorite Christmas fact ❄

For some reason, Christmassy colors are red, gold and green. I love that.

❄ Favorite Christmas Snowman Accessory  ❄

His broom. He works it like a purse!

La fin!

I hope you guys had as much fun reading as I had writing. I wish you all the happiest holidays, Christmas, New years, everything you celebrate! Be happy and spend it with the ones you love the most. I for sure will. May you have all jolly days!

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