Christmas Traditions

This may surprise some of you, but yes tomorrow is Christmas day for me. As our Christmas goes, so do our traditions. I’m a bit rusty at explaining them, because some of these traditions are (I think) mainly ours, and I never thought I’d translate them to another language. Even English.

The very first thing that is a must, we always fast the day before Christmas, for us called “Badnje veče” or Christmas eve. So nothing that is of any animal source. Sadly, fish isn’t included, because it’s a water animal, which is discrimination. It’s an animal non the less, but most of the time fish is cooked the day before Christmas or baked beans.

Now bear this with me, this will be very hard to explain, but I’ll show you a few pictures.

What you see in the picture is dried leaves of various oak trees, with twigs and branches made into some sort of bouquet, which is a tradition to bring this into your house the day before Christmas. It is called a Badnjak, which is why Christmas eve for us is translated Badnje vece, vece means eve.

There is no real translation as to what this truly means, or at least I can’t find the right words, but basically, our story says that on the day that Jesus Christ was born, “badnjak”, plural, were lit in a bonfire to warm the new born baby and his mother. After your lunch, many people, as well as myself and my family, go to church where the bonfire happens. People bring another set of their Badnjak and throw it in the fire and drink boiled wine, sometimes sweetened with honey.

That’s where I came from 20 minutes ago, and I’ll share a picture with you guys.

There is no real routine on the actual day of Christmas. You wake up, have a toast, and feel merry. Usually, my country bakes some sort of bread;


Don’t be mistaken, it’s not a cake, it’s just very decorated bread, called “Česnica”. The tradition is to put one coin in it, while you make it, bake it and right before you start your Christmas lunch, all of your family members stand in a circle around the table, spin it in their hands together in the air, and break it apart.
Everyone takes their own piece and whoever get’s the piece with a coin in it, will have the most luck and fortune will come to them throughout the year. And there’s no cheating. Some families who feel that the oldest male in the household should always get it cheat and plan where the coin will be, but my family doesn’t do that.

When I was younger, I almost always got it.

I sure hope that some of these traditions you guys have heard of, or maybe even do them your household. I honestly celebrate Christmas this way because it’s a cozy, nice way to bring my family together and it makes my mom really happy.

Today I tried blackberry wine for the first time and I must say I was amazed. I don’t like alcohol, at all, but if I had to pick one alcoholic drink that I would drink it’s wine. Red wine. I’m having my third glass right now, and that’s saying a lot for me.

I hope you guys are having a nice evening. I am sipping my wine slowly, talking to friends and nibbling on my almonds.

I’ll update you guys tomorrow on my cozy Christmas!

Straight Up Happiness? I Think Laughter.

I’m a cynic, but I can say this;

Happiness is the key to life? No. I don’t like that phrase. I’d much rather look at it like this; Happiness is a way of life. You ‘choose’ to be happy if possible. The key of life is to live it how you want to live it, if you can.

Laughter is the key to happiness? Yes. You don’t have to be happy to laugh. But you become happy when you do laugh.

Laugh and you’ll be happy, and everything that comes with it.

Well Happy New Year!

I hope everyone is absolutely happy, excited and enjoying themselves with friends, family, with whomever you may be! I wish you the best and a lot of luck and happiness in 2015! ❤

It is 20 minutes past midnight for me, and so far, it’s an okay New Years. Though I am getting pretty sleepy so I just may share my happiness with a few more friends and get some shut I. I love you all. May this be the happiest year of your life!

Happy Halloween!

Why hello there, we haven’t chatted in awhile. Tonight’s chat won’t be long. An update on my absence (this time with real troubles happening and complications) will come tomorrow after I’ve finished my duties at the doctors and such.

Just wanted to wish you all a Happy Halloween! May the spooks be with you.

I’ll be spending Halloween in the comfort of my bed, feeling like a dead kitty.
I leave you all with a good bye.


Day 25: Someone Who Fascinates You and Why

This is a hard call for me, ’cause I don’t find too many people fascinating. At least not in larger scales.

This is something I know a fellow blogger will agree on ’cause she mentioned this as well, but the world’s most famous child star all from 2001, who now drives an ice cream truck throughout a small village and hands kids free ice cream cones and lollipops is quite fascinating. I’m sure you know who I’m talking about. Our cutie red head Rupert Grint.
Almost all of the cast of Harry Potter fascinate me because a big percentage of them stayed themselves and didn’t reduce to the luguries of fame and fortune.
Can you imagine the shock and the freaking joy someone would have seeing one of our favorite wizards driving down the road and handing you a free product of joy? It truly is magic!
I respect that, a lot. He’s not self-centered or egocentric or spoiled and the most famous – and I believe he’ll forever have that title – person around. It’s amazing and really something to look up too. That’s a true example of how one should take their self-control in advantage. (:

I honestly think that’s it. I don’t find fascination in people as much as in things like, nature, animals, the sea, cultures and etc. If I was 13-year old me, I would say Justin Bieber fascinates me for being so famous and being so hot. Like I knew what being hot meant… Like I had a big enough brain back then. Hehe.

I wanna hear your guy’s thoughts on this. Is there someone who fascinates you? 

One Lovely Blog Award!

Awww!! Like I deserve this award, with so many lovely bloggers here. There is no such thing as getting tired or less excited with every award you get nominated for! It’s an honor!
I have so much lovely and understanding followers so far. This time around, I’m happy to thank Professional Dreamer for nominating me!

Her posts are so freaking refreshing and wonderful. Her writing keeps you interested and leaves you wanting more and more. I’m always anxious to see what she has written next.You should check her out,  but let’s get to filling out the rules!

Like every award so far;
Rule #1: Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their site.
Rule #2: List the rules.
Rule #3: You must add 7 facts about yourself.
Rule #4: You must nominate 15 other bloggers and comment on one of their posts and let them know they have been nominated.

Mmm! Why facts? Why can’t it be list… 7 songs you love or 7 panties you like to wear, why facts. They’re hard, they take so much time. I need to rewind my brain.

Fact #1: I really do like to organize shelfs, cabinets, book cases, drawers,desks. I guess that comes with a little bit of swiping off dust and cleaning, but I mean more of organizing everything to be in it’s place.
Fact #2: I love to cuddle. Hihi.
Fact #3: I can kill flies easily. I don’t know why people have such problems with killing mosquitoes or flies. If I have a flyswatter, I’m the man. 😀
Fact #4: I don’t follow sports at all. Not a big fan either, except maybe Tennis, because of our Novak Djokovic! ❤ Our hero and I absolutely looove him. Only when there’s Tennis on, I’m all about it!
Fact #5: I have a thing for really old,creased, antique looking books. They have so much depth, even on the outside and beauty and meaning, I just love it.
Fact #6: Lord of The Rings and soon-to-be movie trilogy, The Hobbit are my favorite movies. Just, awesomeness. Perfection. Yummy!
Fact #7: I am 5’4 feet tall. I guess it’s called average height but I wish I was a bit taller.

I swear, coming up with 7 facts about YOURSELF, ugh.
Now, my fellow bloggers!

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Have fuun everyone! Have a great day! 😉

Day 10: Your Guilty Pleasure (Or Pleasures!)

Well, erm, I don’t think I have one of those. What is a guilty pleasure exactly? I’ve heard people say the show Orange Is The New Black is a guity pleasure show they watch. Like, something that isn’t truly acceptable or good in society but that you still do? Hold on.
Yes… I understand.

Definitely one of my guilty pleasures is wasting money on useless things for school. My money itches me in my pocket when I have it regulalry and I always waste it. In the moment I can give you about 10 reasons as to why I truly need it right at that moment,reason that stop making sense to me after I realize I could’ve saved my money. A very frequent situation is that I for example, go and buy the freaking thing, spend my money and be like, Now im good, Im happy, I don’t need anything else. An hour passes and I’m hungry or something and I’m like, ”If I hadn’t spent that freaking money…ugh”. I think everyone feels that way when they waste their money on McDonalds if you eat it. I know that happens to you too.
BUT, I love to do it at the same time. I loove wasting my money on some mechanical pencils that are way too expensive, even though they have 3 marks more than the cheaper kinds. I just love it and I love organizing everything in my room. It’s kind off bad.
Here I am talking about wanting my own place and wanting to be independant, but I splurge with the little money I have. But thankfully, posts like this help me say it ”out loud” and realize how bizzare I sound. It gives me a concious about it. Next time, I’ll think of this and stop myself. Hehe.

I can’t think of anything else…  Coke used to be my guilty pleasure.
I wanna say the Sex & The City show but I wouldn’t say I feel guilty about liking that. I realize it’s juvenile most of the times but I don’t know, I’ve grown to it.
I think honestly wasting money at times is my biggest one. I know how bad it is, but sometimes it feels so good… In the moment, heh.

I hope you guys have had the best day. I myself had a reallly fun, simple day with my friends David and Bojana. We were laughing soo hard! I wish you guys the same.
Sorry my posts have been short and snappy lately but I’m so tired these days. The past few days were busy and action packed so. I’ll slow down a little down.
Have it grand!