Calm The F Down With Your Confidence.

I am about to sound like such an asshole, but I am so done. I am so done with a big percentage of my gender.

First of all, I am sick and I am pissed because I am sick. I have been sick almost non stop for the past two months. It’s not even being sick, it’s having a goddamn mild cold that leaves you nowhere. You don’t have a high fever, you’re not throwing up, your stomach or anything internal is not hurting,you’re just coughing, sneezing, having sore throats, feeling weak and hopeless because you’re not right or left. You’re somewhere in the middle and you keep going back and forth.

On top of that, I really don’t need what I have been given. I feel like I have to put a disclaimer everytime III specifically write a blogpost. I am not trying to make a nice, educational blogpost, I am just annoyed as hell.

I have nothing against people being happy and feeling confident with what they’re doing with their life, how they’re doing it, on their looks, behaviour, whatever it may be. You do you, that’s great. But people, there is such a thing as being too confident. There is such a thing as thinking way too highly of yourself. And there is such a thing called being an asshole when you think you are just littering your confidence out into the world. I don’t stand this and I don’t respect it.

There’s a fine line between being self-centered and pretentious and confident.
I have this problem with so many people in real life and it is disturbingly frequent online and with female artists of any kind. I am that person that will dwell on the fact that some idiot said something I exclusively hate and bitch about how and why I disagree with it. Unfortunately for me, it happens way more often than I would prefer it. But also fortunately, I can’t and wouldn’t want to keep track of it all, I’d go insane.

When it happens I can explain exactly what I mean.

When someone feels the need to compare themselves to other’s in order to make a point that they are better in a certain aspect, or even directly need to state that the other individual’s trate is bad, is not CONFIDENCE.
Nor are you confident for being able to say that publicly without fear- because you allegedly have no fear,it’s who you are-, nor are you confident because You beautified Yourself by making someone seem less beautiful than you.

Posting a picture on a social media, posting a picture of your-oh let’s say, gym/workout progress, that seems to be a thing. Posting a picture of you trying to pull off a Kim Kardashian reer while you bend over a work out bar with full make up on, making a kissy face, i’m sorry, but that ALSO bugs the buggers out of me.

I strongly respect and appreciate people who- like Selena Gomez that do not have to ehance the fact that they are confident and that they love their body and that they love life and that life is glorious and… *breathes*. She just does it. She dresses like she doesn’t mind her curves, she put’s her hair up like she doesn’t mind her seemingly bigger ears, she doesn’t even draw attention to it even when people make comments.

It sounds so wrong and so selfish, because I do agree people should love their body, should embrace it, should embrace their flaws, should be happy, but just like I don’t like people ranting on motivational and inspirational quotes about life and how it’s glorious and how it’s an adventure, I don’t like people overcompensating their looks so they come as confident.

It is overcompensating if you need to grind on the fact that you ‘have an amazing smile even if i have uneven teeth. Suck it haters. #HatersGonnaHate #Spread Love’. Really?

I believe that someone who is truly confident in the most amazing of ways, someone who believes in what they say and what they do and how they do it, they don’t need to justify it or show it off or even mention it. They do it. I respect that. I really do. You didn’t say a thing, but something to learn from is said when you do speak. That’s amazing to me.

It’s perfectly okay to think you’re different, that you stand out, that you have traits you find special and nice. Be different, stand out, embrace those traits you think are special, keep them. Just do it. It shines through.

Confidence comes in so many packages. Confidence when it comes to apperance, physical appeareace, in acts of character, parenthood, certain decision in certain things LIKE parenthood. Almost all of those are different things.

I do understand that celebrities need to sometimes be motivational and inspirational to their fans, but I guess It’s just me that I try to avoid those types of ”speeches”. I find motivation and inspiration in every day acts. Just do what you do, don’t grind on the fact you actually do it and why you do it.

I’ve gotten many comments that my way of appoaching these types of topics are very odd, but it’s how it is. Very complicated, yet very simple. Everything has a line that can be crossed, everything has a limit. Even confidence.

Straight Up Happiness? I Think Laughter.

I’m a cynic, but I can say this;

Happiness is the key to life? No. I don’t like that phrase. I’d much rather look at it like this; Happiness is a way of life. You ‘choose’ to be happy if possible. The key of life is to live it how you want to live it, if you can.

Laughter is the key to happiness? Yes. You don’t have to be happy to laugh. But you become happy when you do laugh.

Laugh and you’ll be happy, and everything that comes with it.

Oh Please


To all the people in my school that were a part of this specific,delicate, complex subject in today’s Civil class and have made the assumption, the prejudge no less that all rock-metal-punk lovers are truly satan and freaks inside their soul and called the assumption factual. Just over all, something’s wrong with them for having that taste and dressing the way they do.

As if people who listen to anything on the contrary of those genre’s are all by default good, enlightened, RIGHTEOUS people, who are true, pure and full of honor?
People have a right to like what they want to like, dislike what they feel they should dislike, wear what they think fits them & their personality, listen to what they find comforting and soothing to their ears. It doesn’t go as far as just to music, oh no.

You think that just because you were taught one way, it means none other is right? Or has the same rights?
At the end of the day, we’re all the same thing. Human beings, people. And with the amount of humans existing on this earth, and you being 0.0001% in that entire amount, you are actually no one to make the statement that ALL humans are anything. Not a statement like this.
You are free to share your opinion, but not state it as a fact.

You don’t like when someone categorizes you, now do you? Or compares you to anyone, just because you may have the slightest similarities and just by that, automatically pushes you into that stereotypical group or writes you off as being ”one of them”, when in truth, it’s just only amounts in shades.
There are any sorts of people of any kind. Literally.
You can have two people standing next to each other. Both of them worship metal (and all the subgroups), both of them wear black, they both talk the same way, walk the same way.
One is the nicest person on earth, the other is the meanest.
But we can’t know that. We don’t know these people, all we see is the outside.

I can’t say, we’re humans. We make mistakes. And someone may just BE mean, as your first assumption from their outside. Two hundred people might be awful and disrespecting and they’re all the same ”type” of person. Why not?
Someone just may BE truly nice and pure and righteous, as your first assumption from their innocent, religious (It doesn’t have to be religious, but this person took the label religious as one approach to someone truly, and only then, being a good person. People think it gives them higher value. It’s a label, nothing more and nothing less. What matters if what you do in favor of that label. ) outside. Two thousand people might be just as good, amazing and even better. Why not?
Two hundred, and two thousand, is not the entire world.

There are bound to be same ”types” of people, with completely different souls. Good and bad. Why is that so hard to understand for some.
I’ve mentioned this before so many times and I keep going back to it because some of my readers are these people I am trying to reach out too.

Don’t judge by the outside right away. Sure, it’s our instict to judge when we see something that’s not IN OUR comfort zone or wouldn’t fit with us but that doesn’t mean it’s wrong or bad. It just doesn’t fit you, leave it at that. You find your suitable companions. It’s why we have the freedom of choice.

It bothers me and it’ll continue to bother me. It’s a stupid flaw, that can be (not so) easily changed. It’s doable if people had a bigger understanding of the world.

Day 4: Your Views On Religion.

I’ve been waiting for this one. A subject I at the same time loathe but love to talk about, ’cause I have such strong opinions on it and, I don’t know. I just stand by what I say 100% but it’s not like, I am not reasonable. I have thought off every possibility, every aspect of the topic, and I just, erm. Yeah, let’s get into it.

I am an atheist, I don’t believe in the existance of God. The choice was mine to make throughout my life. My dad is also, my mom doesn’t know what she believes so they never forced anything upon me. It was actually never a subject in the house. Religion angers me a lot, in many cases.

Needless to say that anything that church has to offer as evidence or any explanation I’ve heard, doesn’t make sense to me. I need scientifical proof. I believe in science and chemistry. I can see it happening and the risks and benefits fall under my daily life. Religion is full of holes. Aside from that, it’s a template, pattern made in a time in which people had no education whatsoever and were completely told what is right and what is wrong. It was the perfect strike for them. No one could say anything against it ’cause it was the only thing they knew. A pattern made by PEOPLE mind you, for people to follow as it is. That’s the rule, that’s how it’s done, that’s how you have to do it, that’s it. Religion is selfish.
If by chance, as evolution grew and we came to where we are, if by chance someone disagreed with that pattern, even though they make a fairly good point, it was wrong and that person is descriminated for who they are. How is that fair? The only excuse I’ve heard people give in defense of religion is that it containts something good and represents something holy and something that wants to take everyone on the right path in life. Or God wants to do all these things. That he loves everyone and everything and if you are good, God will reward you.
I’m sorry, but does God pick favorites or something? The Bible says God loves all humans because he’s the one who created them, but yet, non believers, even though they’re human beings and achieved many great things in all right ways, are told by priests and many believers that they’re going to hell because they don’t believe?
That’s what get’s me mad the most. Judgement and unfairness it creates among people.

Being religious doesn’t mean that you’re by default a good or a better human being from a non believer. At all, by any means. I’m not saying that it means you’re worse, but in no way do you get more credit as a human for having the label ”religious” tapped to your forehead. You are not any more, or any less worthy. What makes you more worth as a person is your acts through life.
Saying a religious person is BY DEFAULT more worthy than an atheist, just because that person goes to church and lights a candle and says a prayer  is like saying a murderer will still go to heaven and be forgiven because he does the same thing. If anything, most religious people I have met have ceased to be very very judgemental and closed-minded people.Why? Because of the pattern they were taught to follow. I find it very interesting how Christians and all types of religions say never kill, never insult, never misjudge and all these wonderful traits, but somehow, Cristians take God as an excuse for insulting and midjudging atheistm and satanism and others. If it’s in God’s favor and God’s protection, it’s right. No, it’s not.

Label’s don’t come in a package with good qualities.

I don’t mean to offend any people who are religious and still are open-minded about the subject. That’s absolutely great and I don’t mean to offend anyone but this is just how I see it. It’s unfair and wrong in so many cases. Extreme believers need to take it down a notch.
For me, a line is crossed where a religious person comes to me and offends ME, as a person because of what I believe. Telling me I have no morality, are unable to care for people because I don’t keep God in my life and are not worthy of anything good because I think the one who ”created us” doesn’t exist. I’ll then, judge you as a person as well. As a rude, judgemental, closed-minded person with no right to tell me what I am like, without knowing me. Just as you would say if I attacked you first. Let’s just be fair.