It’s February already. Where the hell did time flew by, in which direction. I mean my winter break did end on the 20th which gives me only, not a full two weeks in school but still,these two weeks have been a blur. I haven’t done pretty much anything productive, except school work which I guess it’s better than nothing.

But, come on, it’s winter. I am one of those people who can’t be productive mentally in the winter. The weather is gray, gloomy, rainy, everything around me is bear, nature looks depressed. It’s really not a time to have a super dupper fun time. Except with yourself at home. I’m not a fan of snow ball fights, slides, skating or any winter activities.
I wouldn’t mind it so much if it was like last year. Last year’s winter weather made some kind of deal with the devil for us to have a perfect autumn winter. The weather wasn’t hot, it was at that perfect warm stage when you can go outside in a hoodie or a warm fuzzy sweater and feel free. There was barely any snow and it was perfect.
Now it’s that gross, conflicting whether that doesn’t go left or right. If snow falls, it’s a little chunk of snow that is worthless but still the right amount to create puddles and gross ass dirty leftovers of snow everywhere. If it snows heavily, it’s heavily enough that we need to quit school because of the blockage it’s creating. Take a stand goddamn it.

Don’t get me wrong, winter is absolutely beautiful, at times. I would just much rather prefer it when it’s not in my city. I can’t wait for summer.

That’s my conclusion for the past month.

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