My Type of Guy

Hello there everyone!

I was scrolling through my Reader, catching up on WordPress news and all of my dear fellow blogger’s post’s. It seems I have missed quite a lot of drama in my absence. Or, let’s call it inconvenience – It’s a prettier word- considering a very well known blogger Opinionated Man. And as I understood a couple more very good writers. Good to know everything was sorted out. All’s well that ends well.

I thought I would kick my sadness away for a little while with another fun tag blog post, that the awesome Finicky Cynic wrote.  We all know I love answering questions. As the title states, it’s one of those really generic, superficial questions that have no real answer to them, but it’s all in the fun. I’ll try to keep my answers short and snappy.

I won’t be tagging anyone in specific. Anyone that reads and feels like doing it, by all means. I’m just sharing it around.

Let’s start!

  1. Do you need him/her to be good looking? Well, looks don’t count for everything, but I need to find him attractive.
  2. Smart? Yeah, appropriately.
  3. Preferred age? Well, erm, hehe. He can’t be younger. At my age, anything above 4 years is out of the question. That’s probably a lot as well, but, it’s a long story.
  4. Preferred height? Not too tall, not too short. I don’t care unless he’s taller than me by two heads and above. I’m not a bear-to-honey type of girl for extremely tall guys.
  5. How about sense of humor? Absolutely. No point if you can’t make me laugh or giggle.
  6. How about piercings? I don’t like them at all, but one or two discrete ones wouldn’t hurt. Would be great without.
  7. Accept you for who you are? A must.
  8. Pink hair? Erm, I guess? If he can rock it, cool.
  9. Mushy or no? With boundaries. He needs to know when it’s time to cuddle, and when to be serious.
  10. Thin or fat? Healthy.
  11. Black, Brown, Yellow or White (skin color)? Doesn’t matter, as long as it doesn’t present a problem.
  12. Long hair or short hair? Well, generally speaking, short hair. I don’t mind long hair at all if he can rock it, but I do not like bald cuts, 0 cuts and anything I can’t grab onto on his head. That’s just scary to me. He needs grown HAIR.
  13. Plastic or metal? I’m sorry?
  14. Smells good? Well, don’t stink.
  15. Smoker? Not acceptable.
  16. Drinker? No. A drinker, and someone who takes sips or approximately one glass at a festive get together is two different worlds.
  17. Girl/Boy-next-door-type? Well great. Makes a few things a lot easier.
  18. Muscular? Not obsessed with having a sick pack, or any pack actually. I hate over-the-top buff and muscular guys. They do not look attractive to me. If he wants to stay in shape, that’s great. No Arnold Schwarzenegger copy-cats.
  19. Plays piano? Sure, teach me?
  20. Plays bass and/or acoustic guitar? Sexy.
  21. Plays violin? Romantic.
  22. Sings very well? Sing to me while you play anything?
  23. Vain? No.
  24. With glasses? Hehe, no problem. We’ll be eight-eyed.
  25. With braces? Well, that can be cute, but it’s not a preference or anything.
  26. Shy type? That’s so cute. I’ll cut through him whatever the case.
  27. Rebel or good guy? Rebel is a wide concept. Usually it’s so,

    you’re not fooling anybody. Especially me. That’s either such a show-off to me, or just plain jerkiness.
    So good guy, good guy. I’ll make him bad when necessary. 😉
  28. Active or passive? Both.
  29. Tight or bomb? What does this mean?
  30. Singer or dancer? Both are great. If he can dance, oooh man. If he can’t, ooooh man, I’m gonna have fun.
  31. Stunner? Nope. That exhausts me and after awhile, it’s tiring and annoying.
  32. Hip hop? Couldn’t hurt.
  33. Earrings? Not a fan, but discrete earrings? Why not. If that’s his thing.
  34. Mr./Mrs. Count my ex boy/girlfriends-until-you-drop? There’s no need for that man. A turn off for sure.
  35. Dimples? I don’t care honestly. Cutesy though.
  36. Mr./Mrs. Love Letter? Not too frequently, but I adore letters.
  37. Playful? Yes! Appropriately of course, but he needs to know when to let go and play.
  38. Flirt? Only with me.
  39. Poem writer? Not my kind of thing, but I’d cheer him on.
  40. Serious? Could be referred to #9, only the opposite. No one likes a party-popper.
  41. Campus-crush? Well I guess.
  42. Religion? I don’t care, as long as it doesn’t represent a problem for us individually. It would help if we were on the same page, discussion wise.
  43. Someone who likes to tease people? In fun ways.
  44. Computer games geek or Internet freak? Both with boundaries. Everyone has hobbies, but there are priorities.
  45. Speaks 20 languages? Master… *bows* How?
  46. Good kisser? Yes.
  47. Loves children? I guess, for the long run.
  48. Loves me? Well, yeah.
  49. Cute? A must.
    Hot and sexy don’t appeal to me as when I find somebody initially CUTE.

Well, that was long and fun. I tried to be on point with my answers, but bear it with me. I hope you guys liked it. I have a few more things in store to share, very soon. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, because you know, it is Monday tomorrow.

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