This will be a very short, brief and unedited post. I just want to get something out there. I read a tweet posted by Anthony Padilla. I’m sure someone has heard of him if you’re in touch with the YouTube community. Half of Smosh, the gaming channel.

Anyways, his tweet followed; “People are so sensitive about nudity. It’s not like we were all born with penises and vaginas or something.“. This triggered some thought. I found this interesting because a friend of his that loves Miley Cyrus, Kalel Cullen recently tweeted about a ridiculous, ”trend”? Miley is spreading. Something about, “FreeTheNipples”.

We are all aware Miley doesn’t think twice when it comes to vulgar and nude acts in public, but this is just flipping stupid. Apparently their cause is that the human body is a beautiful thing and should not be hidden, and why is it appropriate for men to go around without their shirts on but it is so tasteless and wrong for women.

Now, I can understand some logic in there, but it IS tasteless. I don’t understand why the need to fight for this sort of thing. Why. Who wakes up one day and says, I want to fight for the freedom of women to be naked whenever they please without judgment. Do you actually want that to be a thing?

I know what it’s about. For women, it’s not about the nudity itself, it’s not like a respectable average person will be caught dead showing mass amounts of nudity in public, but it’s just another thing to prove to men or to take away from them. A lot of women have this twisted idea that ALL men ache to judge all women that they’re sluts, whores and discriminate them based off of clothes and various different things.

Honestly, to me, this is just ridiculously moronic. Congratulations Miley. You’re a role-model to millions of teenagers who idolize you beyond measure and think your way is always the right away. Teach them to be free women at the age of 14. So they’ll go out in a club and ask themselves why older men seduce them and every worse case possible.

I do agree that there should be no judgment for both genders, but not even men walk around naked. I’ve only seen a couple, and one of them is Justin Bieber showing up in small and baggy tank tops that reveal the chest. A woman should be able to wear whatever she likes, without it being said. Not to start a petition about it. Is it tasteful or not, that’s a personal opinion. Mine is that it’s absolutely unnecessary and straight up gross. I don’t see confidence or pleasure out of it, just straight up stupidity.
It’s a power thing to teach men a lesson. To have self control over a woman showing nudity.

Do you really feel accomplished by being free to show your nipples, butt and other lady parts in massive public? Does it really need to become an everyday thing.

14 thoughts on “Nudity.

  1. Great post. I see deliberate nudity, especially in media, as a form of objectification. People who choose to do this aren’t doing any favors for the rest of us, especially women.

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      1. Well yeah i made a violently sweeping generalization there but im more or less sickened by the cultural influences of actors and musicians. And miley is the abdolute worst!!!!

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      2. I am not sickened but I am nauseous.
        Yes she is. By least of respect she’s one of my top. The only one I don’t mind is Selena.


  2. Great singers, actresses and model leave mystery. The young performer will learn. Good to leave some mystery for the fans or will be forgotten. I agree with your logic. Young people need to respect their bodies.

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  3. I don’t like my nipples so I don’t show them in public…but as for women…there’s enough of them on the internet that have bombarded my optic senses that I don’t feel we need more of them in real life.

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      1. thanks for you post and your comment…I don’t see the point in fighting for it either. My personal opinion is that it’ll just give the creepy guys in the world more incentive to grab at that area or worse. Women don’t really take into account what seeing breasts does to a man’s libido…I don’t see how anything good could come from women being able to run around topless.


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