Straight Up Happiness? I Think Laughter.

I’m a cynic, but I can say this;

Happiness is the key to life? No. I don’t like that phrase. I’d much rather look at it like this; Happiness is a way of life. You ‘choose’ to be happy if possible. The key of life is to live it how you want to live it, if you can.

Laughter is the key to happiness? Yes. You don’t have to be happy to laugh. But you become happy when you do laugh.

Laugh and you’ll be happy, and everything that comes with it.

25 thoughts on “Straight Up Happiness? I Think Laughter.

      1. How not? The strength of your arms? The whip of your sword? The… pull on your arch when you shoot the arrow. Everything counts!


      1. my trip? as in, the school trip?
        oh it was SPECTACULAR!! it was like an adventure with my school buddies. I kinda got dizzy by the end, but it was soo much fun.. hehehe ^_^

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      2. As always hahah! I’m glad you had fun! I remember I always enjoyed my school trips when I had them and we always ended up doing something crazy. I love the bus singing and dancing and just going crazy 😀

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      3. woahh!! then we have something in common. We all had aching throats and voices we hardly could recognize by the end of the day because of all the singing. You know the deep and cracked voices of men? thats what we sounded like :’D

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      4. Yeess hahaha. 😀 We ended up breaking at least something too, in the bus. What are those air thingies that every seat should have above it? We once managed to brake it and let the entire thing flop out of it’s chest. 😀

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      5. No…? I may have dreamed of it then, LOL. I know that you and another fellow blogger were away or something for a trip of some sort. One was an exciting trip and one was family…
        Or maybe that was just Finicky Cynic and I copy pasted that to you, ’cause both blog names start with F…So lucky guess? :’D

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