Really Eyes? Again?

Well here’s a crappy thought four days before my Christmas. I have flipping conjunctivitis again. My eyes are supposed to be solid steal or something. They need to be immune to these bullcakes. But if you could already guess, I most likely won’t be up for much writing. I am barely looking through my eyes right now, since I don’t have eye drops this time. This time, we heard ointment -is that the right phrase for a medicine – is better, but it basically blinds you for the next hour and a half, up to forty minutes. It’s so freaking annoying. Thankfully, because it’s stronger and it does prevent clear eye sight for awhile, it’s recommended to be used only at night and night it is.

Even outside the medicine, eyes that constantly itch and slightly burn from the rubbing get super blood shot and worn out. It makes you very sleepy simply because your eyes are tired.

So yeah, that happened. Hopefully it’ll be gone by Sunday.

You all have a good one guys!

9 thoughts on “Really Eyes? Again?

      1. I totally understand :/
        once, i got something stuck in my eye for so long, and i felt like i could cry all day… but thats completely minor to what your suffering from… and that is why i know how you might be feeling .. :/

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      2. Oh! On that note, did you know that something that get’s stuck in your nose can come out of your eye? 😀 Like, if you get a seed from a very spicy pepper (which would hurts like hell), if you breathe it in far enough, it can come out your eye. o.e

        But, what’s more aggravating for me – Frequent eye infections can freaking hurt my eye sight which I don’t want on top of glasses. >.<

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      3. 0.o now that was creepy!! hahaha

        yeahh, my eyesight’s gone pretty bad too because too frquent fever and flu…they say thats what effected them anyway. I cant ever take my glasses off because of that, otherwise, i’d just be banging into stuff :/

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