Being Alone On New Year’s

It’s not that sad of a thought as you’d think. I mean it is sad, it’s a special occasion. Actually holiday. Ocassions are like birthdays and all that. But l was alone on New Year’s last year as well. Though that didn’t end well. It ended in me crying so that’s not the best example. I guess it is a sad thing, isn’t it?

But, that’s what you get when you have a douchey scheduled working father like I. For ages he has been working for Christmas and New Years. Very rarely is he free and physically with me. Maybe twice, the year before the last and sometimes, years and years ago. About two to three times in maybe 7 years. I really don’t want to do the math. You’d think that saddens me. That fact that I’m not with my dad on a special holiday like that but that’s not it. I mean it does, it used to sting so bad when I was younger. What bother’s me most of the time is that if I’m not with him, for the past 4 years, I have nowhere else to go.

It’s a 6 year ”tradition” that I spend Christmas with my mother no matter what my dad has planned for both holidays, but she and I never spend New Years together. Simply because, till about 4 years ago, I always spent it with my aunt and little sister who’s one year younger than me and it would be a party. Many people would come that we have known our entire lives. It’s mostly our brother’s friends. We have a very big ‘family’. When life got rough for them in so many ways, parties were not acceptable and not affortable. Throughout that time mom would spend New Years with my grandma, her mom who she lives with, and they’d go to their senior parties and shannagons. Don’t let the sounding of it fool you, they had a blast every time.

But then my mom found a man, her current boyfriend and like so, she is spending yet another year with him. Which is great to be honest, I wouldn’t want to attend either way. That’s just awkward. It’s a romantic holiday for couples. Anyway, my mind’s stirring.

This post is turning out a lot more freely and chill than I expected. I was first doom and gloom about the whole thing but I’ll make the best of it. Seems like I’ll be spending New Year’s eve alone in my house. But that’s okay, i’ll make it a good time.

I say that now and let’s bet I’ll fall asleep right before midnight. Oh my goodness, I hate firecrackers. I just remembered I won’t be able to sleep from those. One of the curses of living in the center of the city, where everyone likes to be and where there are most people during the entire day. Mew. I’m scared of them. It’s not natural for things to blow up. Plus it’s dangerous. And it’s not fun.

Fireworks! Now there’s a thing that’s amusing when it blows. And they are safe, far away from you. They’re different colors and can form different shapes in the air. Now that’s a party!

Anyways, I hope you guys are going to have a lot more fun and exciting night on the 31st than me. Tomorrow winter break is starting for me and ending on the 20th of January. I am so freaking excited! I’ll have time to read a book!

Have a good one!

24 thoughts on “Being Alone On New Year’s

  1. I spent the majority of last year a lone on New Years (a friend came over for dinner, but she had to leave a few hours before midnight). At first I got a little down on myself for bringing in the New Year alone, but it ended up being a nice, relaxing evening. In my opinion, sometimes time best well-spent is alone (then again, I like being by myself).

    I hope you can make the most of your New Year by yourself!

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    1. That was a big encouragement right there! I feel the exact same way. I can make the best of my night and enjoy myself. I can always go out and scream with other’s around my neightborhood.

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  2. As you can tell from the comments, you won’t be alone in being “alone on new year’s eve”. Even I, the most pathetic creature of all, will be spending the evening alone watching the traditional, “when harry met sally” and writing another blog post containing rant and humor.

    I sincerely hope you have a blessed 2015.

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    1. Naw, all of my friends are either at those all night club parties where everyone get’s drunk and eh, I don’t enjoy that. I hate being in too crowded rooms, I hate parties. And my chill friends are with their families.

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      1. I’m the same exact way! I’m fortunate in that I can stay home with my woman if she isn’t dragged out by others. If so, then I’d be in the same boat as you!


      2. My woman isn’t going anywhere. I don’t care who tries to drag her out actually haha. How can one be kind of imaginary? Lol

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      3. Because he is my man, he knows he is, I am his ‘woman’, he knows I am, I know I am, but he’s not MY man per say. Yet. We have to wait for that label. And he’s not physically with me nor will be he for awhile.
        Does that make sense?


      4. Makes sense but who needs a label when you two are already each others man and woman?

        Is he in the service? Traveling? Or is it too personal to elaborate on?

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      5. Relationship label. It’s a complicated thing. To not feel obligated for certain things that a relationship should require, we don’t want that label yet to not feel bad about it or guilty. Since we can’t fulfill some things that we should for the time being.

        He lives farther away from me.


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