Animal Facts You May Not Know #2

As a notorious, humongous cat lover, obviously I have kept track more so than for other’s, but you just may know these. You still won’t be able to say they’re not fabulous facts! Scroll over #19 if you’re not a cat fan.

  1. Your cat recognizes your voice but just acts too cool to care (Pft, because she is).
  2. Cats are often lactose intolerant so you shouldn’t really give them milk.
  3. Cats make more than 100 sounds whereas dogs make around 10.
  4. Cats and humans have nearly identical sections of the brain that controls emotion.
  5. Cats have a longer-term memory than dogs, especially when they learn by actually doing rather than simply seeing.
  6. It was illegal to slay cats in ancient Egypt.
  7. In the 15th century, Pope Innocent VIII began ordering the killing of cats, pronouncing them demonic. Sick twisted bastard. A human orders death of innocent animals, a Pope no less and we’re superior? Ugh! 
  8. Isaac Newton is credited with inventing the cat door. I actually learned this in Physics class… 
  9. When cats leave their poop uncovered, it is a sign of aggression to let you know they don’t fear you. Which isn’t so much a bad thing. She shouldn’t fear me. 
  10. Cats can change their meow to manipulate a human. They often imitate a human baby when they need food, for example. Yeeeah, lol. 
  11. Hearing is the strongest of cat’s senses: They can hear sounds as high as 64 kHz — compared with humans, who can hear only as high as 20 kHz.
  12. A cat’s nose is ridged with a unique pattern, just like a human fingerprint. This also applies for dogs I believe. Most likely for every animal. 
  13. A cat rubs against people to mark its territory.
  14. Only 11.5% of people consider themselves “cat people.”
  15. ^^ Cat people are also 11% more likely to be introverted. This applies to me but I don’t see the connection between the two… 
  16. Only 24% of cats who enter animal shelters are adopted. And this is sad… Bring them to me dammit! 
  17. Cats are really cool.
  18. Also very soft.
  19. During the Middle Ages, cats were associated with withcraft, and on St. John’s Day, people all over Europe would stuff them into sacks and toss the cats into bonfires…. They should have had their skin peeled off. 
  20. There are around 9,865 species of birds alive today.
  21. There are more than 465 different types of sharks in the world.
  22. Whale sharks are the world’s biggest fish.

  23. Sharks predate the dinosaurs by 200 million years.
  24. Scorpions can hold their breath up to six days.
  25. The goblin shark (monsterous creature) has only been seen around 50 times.
    {inserts disturbing gif here}
  26. A newborn Panda weights as much as a cup of tea. What?!
  27. Gorillas can catch human colds and other illness’s.
  28. The only dog that doesn’t have a pink toe is the chow.
  29. A tarantula spider can survive over two years without food. Oh great, it can starve itself and nothing happens. 
  30. A single elephant tooth can weigh up to 8 or 9 pounds. I’ve read differently in two different places. 
  31. Last but not least, there is a butterfly in Africa with enough poison in it’s body to kill six cats. Don’t you dare come near my babies!

Hope you guys enjoyed!

2 thoughts on “Animal Facts You May Not Know #2

  1. Human hearing goes up to about 30KHz, down to around 24KHz in a typical young adult. The brain processes timings even smaller, up past 100KHz for direction of sound (sound meets one ear slightly sooner, given speed limits of sound).

    Many animal ranges are larger however utilized more instinctually than cognitively. Dolphins, on the other hand, cannot hear much of the lower spectrum that humans can hear (likely evolutionary of aquatic life).

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