I Am Not A Hater

Look, I’m human. I am opinionated and I have my own way of thinking and understanding things and people. I do understand and I am open minded about humans and our world, but sometimes you’ve either just had enough, or you just truly don’t understand or don’t want to.

Everyone should be open minded and not let their tongues be faster than their brain. Love and support should be spread all across the globe, in every way possible. We shouldn’t enhance our ignorance that is already built into every human being. I understand that and I support that but I am not perfect either. I sadly do pass judgment , even when I don’t necessarily want to. There are some things that I just do not agree with, things that are just not my cup of tea, and people who I just don’t see being my friends. But I am not a hater.

Even though I feel like the negativity that has always been on YouTube is greatly lowering, there will always be that number of people who have nothing better to do than either twist people’s words and make things black and white. Where no one suits them and everyone besides themselves is scum.
I am not one of those people but I can’t say I have never left a hateful or ignorant comment on someone’s video for something that I normally have an open-mind about. I have mentioned before that this year has been one where I grew tired of hearing the same bullshit I have always heard and became a little bit cynical. That has affected a lot of my thoughts and actions and I realize that. That is why I am writing this.

I am very clear about what I dislike and one of those things are generalizations. One generalization on YouTube is that every person who comments something that isn’t 100% positive, is one of the ‘haters’ who does nothing else BUT hate. That is not true. This might just be a personal sting but I know there’s plenty people out there that are just complex about some things in life.

Further more, on Kalel Cullen’s recent video, right after her break up with her fiancée Anthony that clearly started a lot of drama, a person said that all people who are hating are just miserable jealous people, who live miserable lives and have nothing better to do than interfere in other’s. Are you being serious right now? I was personally insulted by this, not because of the actual insult but because it’s a generalization, not only for me, but for everyone who has a right to state their opinion. No one has the right to call you nasty names when all you’ve shared with your subscribers is that your break up was mutual and that it’s been a month since, but people have the right to state that it just seems ODD. They love and support you, but to them it just seems odd. That’s it.

I wasn’t hating on Kalel because they broke up. Breaks up are hard enough and many people deal with their emotions differently. It’s a very personal issue, and not everyone is entitled to know the details. Just sharing your personal life with the world is bonus pressure. My comments were more along the lines of disappointment and that even though I do respect both of them, I do have my own inner thoughts about Kalel’s personality and behavior from the very start. At least from what she has shared with us. It was all just very fishy and my mind didn’t look past that fact. I did leave a few ‘negative’ comments towards her, saying that I feel like there is a few things she didn’t tell us and that I personally don’t understand her attitude. She doesn’t need to explain herself to me, at all. She is who she is, but If I was going to comment on it, I wanted to leave my momentary opinion. Completely ignoring the fact that a break up requires two people. I am not proud of it but I don’t intend to lie about it.

Normally, I don’t have negative thoughts when it comes to something as delicate as this, but it happened. It was a moment where I Was, I really was thinking to myself that I should not pass judgment, that’s not like me but then the other side of my brain just couldn’t accept it until a little bit of time passed. I love them both, as well for any other example related to controversial topics. It was just the heat of the moment for this particular example.

Now, I’m no flower. There are some things, especially in the YouTube world that just do not sit well with Me, like the idiotic Sam Pepper fiasco. I do/did not have sympathy for him, even though Kalel did. I can be irrational and I can pass judgment but I can also learn from it and if I am proven wrong, like I was, I will not hesitate to say, Yes I did it and I was wrong. I just don’t like being written off as the bad guy when my intentions aren’t bad.

Again, one of the reasons why I feel like I need to explain myself more than others. I am very complex and my thoughts are 95% of the time never black and white. People take it the wrong way, rightfully, and that saddens me when my intentions are misunderstood.

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