The Change

I’ve read a few blogposts before deciding to write this one about the change that is being made on WordPress. At first I thought it was nice, a little bit of change never hurts anyone. But at the moment, the shortcut to a WordPress post on the upper right corner has been changed and the notification icon and the Profile icon.

That I don’t like. It honestly reminds me of Twitter. It resembles Twitter, it doesn’t just remind. At least the Twitter app on your phone. I don’t like that bonding off websites. Every website is a website in a website. First there’s Facebook, I guess that was the ground floor. Then you have Twitter that has limited messaging, notifications and limited posts (tweets) and more random people can follow.

And then you have Facebook and Twitter combined in Tumblr, only a little more fancier by making Tumblr itself a ”blogging” website/social media. I don’t like that, at all. Instagram stands out but I don’t like that thing, so to me, that’s basically the same thing. I’m not saying WordPress was the most unique place on the Internet but still.

I don’t know why someone reffered to it as broken, I haven’t had any bugs or problems with posting or my Reader, but I did notice the change. If it stays like this, it’ll be okay.

5 thoughts on “The Change

  1. Most of the sites look the same to me now. :l It makes things not stand out as much. They may make things easier to navigate, but.. I dunno, it etches on my nerves.

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