My Music Library List From A – Z

I’ve thought about doing this for awhile but I always think of it as I’m doing something else or I’m at someone else’s house and I am unable to write. Thankfully, another fellow blogger Books, Tea and a Onesie just wrote it and I got inspired!
Now, let me add a disclaimer here that I don’t usually delete my songs. I think I still have Baby from Justin Bieber on my memory card simply because it was originally put there 3-4 years ago. Yeah, it’s that bad. I’m that lazy. And some may be Serbian. I apologize.

Actually no, I checked but you get my point. Other Justin Bieber songs then. Not saying there’s anything wrong if I do have them in my phone. I ocassionaly like to swing pass his songs. Just to see what he’s coming up with nowadays. I think It might be a little bit embarassing honestly, but what the hell!
Also, since I’ve never truly talked about songs, or music for that matter on this blog, I’m going to let my phone pick for me. I won’t cheat.

Abandon All Ships – Guardian Angel 

Ooh, I love this. This song used to give me butterflies. This is a bit of a song not for everyone, it has a bit of growl in it, so who’s not into that at all… give it a shot still? I love the lyrics!

Backstreet Boys – As long as you love me 

Oh, we have a classic right here. We are all aware of Backstreet boys. The not-so-typical boy band I love. What is there to say? If you’re in love, listen and enjoy life. Applies for singles too, of course!

Can’t forget you – My darkest days 

Heading to sad songs right now. A very nice, meaningful song. If you have a past dear one that won’t get out of your mind and it hurts as hell, this is an okay song to listen too. I haven’t in quite awhile. It’s kind of old.

Darin – You’re out of my life 

I forgot I had this. I can’t believe all of these are lovey, goey, emotion filled. Is this all I listen too.

Eenie Meenie – Justin Bieber ft Sean Kingston 

Miney mo! Oh! There’s Biebs! Also an oldie I haven’t pressed on in quite awhile. I used to love this song, don’t hate.

Falling Up – Falling in love

Oh, I love this song. It’s a love song, with a lot of sound, music and beat, kind off. Found it accidentally on the weird side of YouTube.

Gift of a friend – Demi Lovato 

Okay, I can’t believe I still have this. I think this was for the Tinker Bell movie? Or no, was that Selena? I think it was Selena. I know this was for some movie/thing. It’s a really really nice song about friendship, but damn, I need to refresh this thing.

Hannah Montanta – Nobody’s Perfect 

Oh come on… Classic. From 2009 or something.

Nobody’s perfect, I gotta work it, again and again till I get it right!
Nobody’s perfect, you live and you learn it.
Live by it kids!

Icon for Hire – Hope of morning 

A more serious song that I absolutely love. I related to it a lot. A little self-concious, hopeful song. Found this band by complete accident and fell in love with two songs, ’cause I was too lazy to check out others. This is a no brainer. Awesome.

Joe Jonas – I gotta find you 

Oookay, stop, stop, stop. Get that jaw back up. I used to love the Jonas show, the Jonas Brother’s and this is from the movie Camp Rock that I also love. Plus, it’s a wonderful song. If you love love, love this song.

Katy Perry – Last Friday night 

Why phone? Why not another Katy Perry song first? I have all of them. I mean it’s Katy, it’s obviously great. This is a tad bit crazy song.

Lady Gaga – Paparazzi 

This is going to be deleted after this list. I don’t listen to this artist and well known that I am not a fan. Feels hypocritical to have her sitting there. But I can’t lie, I used to like the song.

Magical Legend of The Leprachauns – Soundtrack from the movie. 

AMAZING. The movie, the soundtrack is so sweet. It just makes your heart and soul dance. Agh!

We can fly away, fly away. No more doubt or fear, nothing left to say. 

Never be the same – Red 

Another amazing song. Absolutely stunning. I love this band in general, one of my favorites. Whoever is a fan of rock, you will love this. Every song has amazing lyrics and music.

One Direction – Little things 

Don’t you judge me. It’s a nice song. I just found it one day you know, just casually, I liked it and downloaded.

Pieces – Sum 41

Very,very sad song. I adore it, but very sad and very relatable. For me excruciatingly.

Que hay detras – RBD (Rebelde) 

This is on here since I was in the 3rd grade, literally. I used to LOVE this band, from the Spanish soap opera called Rebelde, as well. I know all the songs and if you haven’t liked the show, most likely won’t like their music.

RBD – Asi soy yo 


S&M – Rihanna 

Mmm, honestly, haven’t listened to this in awhile. It’s a cool, beat song. Fun to dance too. Haven’t checked Rihanna’s work, in…awhile.

Taylor Swift – Crazier 

This is one of her oldest songs ever. And the mushiest/sweetest. Me like.

Urlik Munther – Moments ago 

This is a Swedish singer I know next to nothing about, but I know this song that is quite nice. Very cute.

Westlife – I need you 

Opop! Another lovely boy band and another LOVELY song. Are you getting that 85% of these are lovey dovey?

Your Guardian Angel – Red Jumpsuit Apparatus 

One of my favorite songs I always go back too. It’s so beautiful. If you have someone you care for, and you want to promise you’ll always be there, just, ugh. Lovely song.

Željko Joksimović – Ljubavi 

Serbian singer, but the most beautiful song of his.

I feel like you either knew them, or you knew them. I don’t change up my lists that much. But there’s 435 more songs. More to come!

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