December Is Upon Us!

And I am so freaking excited, I don’t know why.  I think it’s the Christmas spirit everyone seems to talk about. So many things go through my mind when I think about Christmas, the snow, New Years, one year coming and going. Soon 2015 will be at stake and I am EXCITED. I think it will be a much better year than 2014. I’m hoping. I’m not saying this year was bad, per say, but it wasn’t My Year.
If I were to label this year, for the state of Serbia, it would be labeled ”Unfortunate Accident Year”. Literally. This year was an unfortunate accident.
I know that unfortunately it’s a common occurance that people pass away,many tragedies and despicable things happen to young kids, teenagers and adults all over the world but it’s an insane amount how many people were lost this year in the most tragedic of ways.
Ever since January 1st, with the massive flood that killed entire country sides and cities, till the 1st of December with kidnappings of so many young children and brutal murder, to mass shootings around schools. Even my school. One friend of mine was shot in the back, completely innocent. It’s seriously scary. It just proves you’re here one day, and you can be gone the next.
My grandma that has an artificial hip in her right leg has faltered and fell right on her right leg more than 4 times, just in a time of six months.  That’s the most she has fallen throughout the years, in one year.

I think that my country, when December 31st comes, we’ll be celebrating the end of 2014, not the beginning of 2015.
But. I personally feel obligated to think positive of 2015. I feel like it can’t be as unfortunate as 2014, and it can’t be worse than 2013, which was a disaster.

It already has a guaranteed happy start, that I won’t mention. It’ll be a surprise and I’ll keep you in suspense every time I blog. Pft, Marija. Like anyone cares. It’s not another kitty though. That makes me sad. Very sad. It would be the perfect Christmas gift. Hold on, maybe it will be! Who knows. If some fella happens to wander off and find himself in front of my doorstep, he’ll have a new home! Ohoh! How awesome would it be if that really happened, and he was all covered in snow flakes, with a bow on top of his head? Oh my gosh, that would be so cuuute!!! If anyone is wondering what to do with their cats, I’m planning on opening a shelter!

Anywho, let’s go back to the holidays/other stuffs.
I can’t brag about my school work so far, because it has been very…Very. Poor. Faulty. ROTTEN. I’m not proud of it. I’ve had other things on my mind, even though school should be a priority, I know that. The 30th or the 31st is going to be the end of the first semester and I am not proud to say I may have an F in Physics. You know how bad I am at it!! It’s so hard for me. It doesn’t help that my mom is coming tomorrow for a review and I haven’t told her everything. It’s going to be very bad and my stomach growls everytime I think of it. But again, I’m feeling good vibes off of December and I really think I can focus now! I’ve already started! I did all of my homework, all of my papers, I’m gonna go ahead and study Analytical Chemistry as soon as I’m done with this.

I was thinking, besides improving my grades and all by all, school work and getting rid of the slacking, I might try other new positive things! I read somewhere a very insteresting idea, probably Tumblr. Where we now learn about life.

I think this is very clever and a big focus on the good things that may happen every day. It’s better than New Years Resolutions. I don’t quite believe in them, because they are written on paper as things I SHOULD do that year, but unless I WANT to do them, I won’t do them and that’s a bust in my mind before I even try.

Then. Besides the little lovey dovey surprise I am keeping a secret, I made a list of all of the things I am looking forward to in the next year! I’m gonna share it with you!

  1. My lovey dovey surprise.
  2. Two and a half men! I’ve mentioned this before, but it will still be airing for sure in 2015 and 2015 means the future, means new episodes, means coming to a glorious end to a glorious show.
  3. The Walking Dead! Same concept. Super excited, super pumped. Gonna keep my hands busy over Winter break!
  4. Hopefully I’ll stick to my goal of improving all of my faulty grades, means I’ll be starting the new semester right!
  5. Game of Thrones! The 5th season will be back in April, JUST in time for my birthday. I want time to fly by already!…. Actually no, give me more time. I need more time for school work. Life complications.
  6. If I end my school year with acceptable grades, I’m off to Greece!!… Or Italy, we haven’t decided yet. Vocation none the less. YES!!! I’m finally moving farther from Montenegro.
  7. I’ll all in all, have something that’ll make me even more happier through all of the good, great and the bad.
  8. And of course, I’ll get a new kitten most likely. 

Basically I feel like, that what’s coming for me at the very end of December, will make my 2015 like an entrance to a completely new… So corny to say, new life. New me. Ugh, stop.

Now see, usually when I think like this ahead, in about a month, it’ll be:

I’ll wear a helmet!

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