Child Beauty Pageants & Honey Boo Boo – Yuck.

I find it incredibly annoying when someone’s tongue is way too faster than their brain. Stop and think about what you’re going to say.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Everyone has a right to live their life the way they wish. But someone already states the words,that they’re entitled to their own opinion, you have to be careful that opinion is justified. Surely you thought of the issue if you’ve already formed an opinion.
If you didn’t give it any thoughts, you are most likely not fully informed or just scrapped the leftovers off of someone else’s plate.

I have a tiny corner in my mind that passes judgment to those who enjoy a very wrong, very disturbing show called Honey Boo Boo. I have watched only one episode and I can say that was by far enough. It was very cringe worthy. And I thought Keeping Up With The Kardashians was bad.
I have seen enough pictures, read enough news and heard enough stories from personal viewers to say, I don’t understand why someone would like this show. Everything about this show is wrong.
I am not the type of person who will judge without notice. Especially when it comes to discussing a person’s taste and their views. I still am not. This is by far more complex, as everything is with me.
I can accept the fact that a person might like Honey Boo Boo. With a lot of sub questions and information and a few unnoticeable gag reflex’s, but I can. I won’t understand it, but I will accept it. Nowhere does it state that I need to understand everything and know the reasoning behind everything.

But what I won’t understand and won’t accept without a discussion, is how can someone speak against young kids, from the ages of 6 -12 or even under, wearing serious amounts of make-up, yet they find child beauty pageants and shows like Honey Boo Boo as an afternoon treat with tea and cookies?
Especially if someone’s a parent.

I don’t even have the words to discuss this matter further on. The question is self-explanatory and perfectly clear. You’re right about protesting against young kids wearing make-up and being put to society pressures that they need make-up in order to feel beautiful and wanted among others. That’s perfectly fine. I stand by that.
Every girl on earth is beautiful just the way she is, in her own way, just like you are. No eyeshadow, no lipstick, no eyeliner, no any kind of product can make you more beautiful than you are right when you wake up.

It’s something every girl doubts, something every girls struggles with. And further more, why train your child to become into a narcissistic freak when she grows up, believing she is the center of the world and much better than any other girl who doesn’t wear make up (but still is beautiful), just because she entered and maybe won a few pageants. Pageants make such unbelievable standards for so many young girls that actually stumble upon one. I’ve had countless comments from my younger cousins, “Look look! She’s so pretty. Can I be like her please? Pleeeease? I want to be as pretty as she is”. It actually sickens me.
Not only that there is such a network for these types of things, but that parent’s actually use their children for their own advantage. What do kids know at that age? Especially if they started out really young, as mere babies. It’s all they know off. Which makes it so perfect for the parents don’t it? None of it, absolutely none if it makes sense. Nothing good or entertaining about watching a poor 4 year old, walking down a stage, performing a weekly-trained performance to impress a few people in TONS and tons of make up and accessories. It’s so unnatural. It’s a child, not a doll.

If you love your child by the slightest and if you have her best interest in mind, why would you do that? Saying that you believe your child has great potential and has remarkable beauty is not an excuse by the slightest. There are other ways to show your daughter she is beautiful. So many parents succeed.

Thankfully, the show was canceled-

after ‘shocking’ news of her mother, “Mama June”.

That’s another thing. People still support Honey Boo Boo, thinking it was a comedic show, even after finding out that “Mama June” proudly stated she’s dating a man who was convicted of molesting and raping her older daughter. “Mama June” stated that she didn’t believe her daughter when she was first introduced to the information, and even when she realized it was true, she continued dating the man, with the following words:
He didn’t do anything bad to me. 

If you’re not against child beauty pageants, you can’t seriously tell me you are able to sustain watching this woman for any purpose.

9 thoughts on “Child Beauty Pageants & Honey Boo Boo – Yuck.

      1. I apologize, I didn’t see on which blogpost you commented. I support you disliking it. I’m sorry, I thought the comment was for another post.


  1. I think people enjoyed honey boo boo because she isn’t the “stereotypical” pageant girl. she’s crazy, she’s chubby, and she’s a little red neck. I have watched the show occasionally and I definitely don’t agree with beauty pageants but there’s something about her show that’s entertaining. She wasn’t forced to do beauty pageants she wanted to, and she loved it. So I feel like it isn’t as bad as some of the other cases. However her mother is seriously off. And I am genuinely worried for that child. I just think she’s an obnoxious little fire cracker that makes me laugh. I can see why some people don’t like it though lol 🙂

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    1. I can understand that but I still think the only way she would ever like a beauty pageants, is by seeing already aired on multiple other channels. Just the concept of it to me is wrong. The beauty pageant. She wanted to be in it, alright, but her mother shouldn’t have let it. 🙂
      And I feel the same about her children. They’ll forever be known because of her mother, which is scary.

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      1. Yes youre right, I never thiught that in depth of it, i just thought she was a sassy little chubby kid 🙂


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