Effuse Your Brain

All of us here have access to this book with over a trillion pages called “the Internet”, and a big percentage of people use it, but not for that many useful things. I for one, am obsessed with information and finding out new interesting things about my interests. And a lot of loopy and stupid shit.
Sure, one of those things is YouTube and that’s a very useful tool as well. That’s good.

I for one, absolutely love watching channels like Good Mythical Morning (GMM) & Dean Leysen. They’re different types of channels absolutely but they are so informative and interesting and you get to learn something new every single time you watch a video. And a new word if your vocabulary needs a little bit of work. This is not a regular post, I just want to share with you guys the channels and say, I absolutely love and hate the sea world.

I love all animals. From kitties,mice and rabbits to crocodiles and squids. But they just scare me you know? Sea world in general is magical and astonishingy beautiful, but down in the deepest depths of the oceans,there are some seriously scary creatures & beasts. Not nice things. They won’t serve you cookies and tea.

I love learning new things about our world and it’s always fascinating. Like, did you know that some plants in Hawaii are actually alive? You touch them and they move in different directions. I know this is quite stupid of me ’cause I don’t know the name but I know it’s true. And we say plans don’t feel. When you think about it, it’s a living thing.

Basically, I want to share with you a few videos that fascinate but gross me at the same time but are a good example as to what I am talking about.
Dean does/did tons of videos like ”10 more random but interesting facts that most people don’t know”.
Rhett and Link tend to be more random but still give you a huge insight about our society and prove there are all kinds of people,who use all kinds of stuff. Believe me, you’ll learn something new.

5 Real-Life Mythical Beasts – GMM .
5 Scariest Mental Conditions – Dean.
5 Biggest Insects In The World – Dean.

Just spreading love and knowledge.

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