I Have a Low Pain Tolerance.

Another realization of mine from today. How do I know this? Simple things.
It basically means I cannot deal with a higher amount of pain. I don’t handle pain well.

People seem to confuse this with getting injured or hurt. Low pain tolerance doesn’t have anything to do with how often you get physically hurt and it doesn’t mean you get hurt easier. It just means that when you do get hurt or feel pain, the actual pain is worse.ย 
We’re not talking falling on your knees and feeling like you’re going to pass out if you fall off your bike and scratch off a good patch of skin worse. Or maybe it is. I haven’t done much researcher on it but I believe there are different levels for everyone.

My level I would say is quite different from what I already know. I have never had any true injuries other than;
Skipping a step going down the stairs and falling on your kneesย and catching myself on the ground with my hands, falling off my bike, cutting myself in various different ways and with various things, breaking a tooth (which once happened by smart me, wanting to show off to the other kids in the park how I can stand on a swing and swing myself until I lost control, my hands slipped and I fell on my face LOL. It wasn’t funny then… I was covered in blood) and etc.

I did though have a kitchenette unlink itself from the wall right on my head. But that wasn’t an injury because the edges didn’t hit me. The center of the kichenette hit the center of my head so it just kind of smashed me a bit down. Thankfully mom was there to hold it from completely smashing me down because it would have. My head did hurt but I was just dizzy. Everything was fineeeee. I turned out great! ๐Ÿ˜‰

I’ve given this thought ever since maybe a year ago when I wanted to start

  • Plucking my eyebrows.

I had pretty bushy eyebrows and everyone in my class had done it years on end and I felt like off the like bushy freak.
Don’t ever think like that girls. It’s not anything special,nor does it mean anything. It’s hair. ._.

Anyhow, I let my mom do it and the first time was fine but I was sitting down. Every other time she would do it, because I didn’t dare let myself after such a short time, we would stand by the window because sunlight is far better lighting.
You’d think simple eyebrow plucking sure would “hurt”, more accurately sting once in awhile but for me, it caused chaos.ย 
Whenever I would stand and she did it, I’d get sick to my stomach and dizzy. Nauseous non stop. Every pluck that hurt made me feel lightheaded and heavy on my legs. I swear I could see stars around my head flying in circles!

But seriously, it would be bad and I’d have to take a break until I catchย some breath. It still goes on like that.

Another reason that occurred today.

I haven’t worn earrings ever since I was 10 maybe and of course, only ONE of my holes closed. The hole on my right ear. And what’s weird, you can insert an earring, you just can go through. The back hole of my ear closed, the front is fine. Is that weird?
I have been wanting to pierce it again for awhile now but I am too lazy to get it pierced by a gun, plus I’m kind off scared off it.
Everyone in my mom’s family got their ears pierced when they were very very little, like babies with needles. Sterilized needles and hydrogen. Smart me, decided for that. Why? Don’t ask me. >.<

Sure I was scared and anxious but I trust my grandma with a needle. My mom is too shaky and she loses will too easily. Plus my grandma sows all her life, she has a steady and patient hand.

Because my right ear is already pierced, they told me it won’t hurt as much… And it did but not a lot. But it caught me by surprise and it did hurt me. It was painful but at the same time not. It was FAST. It hurt but it ended very quickly. My stomach still turned.ย Truly, I was scared butย I got relaxed.
We left the needle in for awhile and as soon as we took it out, we tried to insert my medicine earrings (that you normally get when you get your ears pierced). We were also standing by the window for sunlight.
That hurt AF.

I got so scared in the moment because it literally hurt like someone tried to cut my ear off slowly. It STUNG bad but it didn’t go through. There were some complications. Now, because I “survived” that first wave, my body knew what was coming with the second try and it prepared itself. My grandma tried to be more gentle and while that part didn’t hurt,trying and touching around, I was still expecting an even bigger wave of pain.

Knowing that, I literally, I am not joking, I started feeling like I was going to vomit. I felt so lightheaded, feeling in my legs were gone and I needed to sit down. I took a 5 minute breather, but as soon as I got up and my grandma approached me with the earring, my body said NOPE!
I started seeing spots and the world twisted and I was out. I fainted there.

And my mom confirmed that I do have a low pain tolerance. It really sucks but I found a loop hole for me.
When I sit down, I’m absolutely fine, regarding the nauseousness, dizziness and all body emotions. I feel the pain more then but if I know it’ll be quick, it’s all good. ๐Ÿ™‚

I DID however get the motherfucker IN…after a lot of struggle and complications.
Does anyone else have these types of problems?

21 thoughts on “I Have a Low Pain Tolerance.

  1. Nope! You aren’t the only one! A few months ago, I went in to get a blood draw to see what my medication levels were, and apparently one of my veins kept rolling and the lady kept digging deeper and digger before she finally said to me, “I’m going to do your other arm now, okay?”

    Me: NO.
    Mom – Opens her mouth to say something, but before she could, I began to feel really dizzy and black spots began to appear in my vision.
    Me: Mom, I think I’m going to fain…..
    Blood Person: Nurse! Bring an ice pack.
    Nurse: Comes in and basically picks me up because I was sliding out of the chair like a limp noodle.
    Blood Person: Oh shit…

    So no, you aren’t the only one. I have a pretty low pain tolerance! Lol. I hope that helps you feel better!

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    1. Yes it does! Where did you get your blood drawn fro-, oh your veins. I can’t read haha.

      You were afraid, your body was expecting enormous pain, that’s why you wanted to faint, just like me! It was preparing itself.

      I for one, didn’t faint when I got my blood drawn for the first time from my veins, I just cried like a bitch while she was doing it lol And it didn’t hurt at all, I didn’t feel it. Getting your blood drawn from your finger hurts more because of the nerves and I always feel sick afterwards.


      1. It’s okay though!

        For the eyebrow thing, I never really.. “plucked” them, I just pull on them a little and they come out. I would imagine what you had to go through was a bit more violent. And for the ear holes, ehh, that idea of poking a hole just never suited me. Your fainting has been justified. ๐Ÿ™‚

        I really don’t like pain, especially the sharp kind — needles, razors, plucking, poking, you name it. It’s scary.

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      2. Plucking isn’t at all violent, it’s actually the right term when you do pull your eyebrow with a tweezer and pull. ๐Ÿ™‚
        It is! Cutting yourself with a razor when you shave is also eeeeck. o.e

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      3. The tweezer part is what freaks me out. Maybe because it’s metal and shiny. I don’t think I have tweezers in my house; I just stroke them with my fingers then find a few hairs. Pleasant. ๐Ÿ™‚

        Oh yes! They fall into that metal shiny category. D: I wish there was a better way to shave, though. Maybe scissors, those are sort of trusted.. sorta.

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      4. Yeeeah but that’s just trimming. You can’t get all the hairs off with a scissors sadly. But there are those machines but they sting as well. ;w;


      5. So there’s no way around it eh?

        Hmm, I hear that if you shave off facial hair, then it grows back faster. Is that true? (I want a small beard and mustache ๐Ÿ™‚ )

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      6. Nopee, unless you always want to be bound to hairy parts of your body.

        Yes, that’s absolutely true. The more you shave any part of your body, the hair grows back faster, thicker, darker and sharper.

        Shaving your arms for instance is the dumbest thing you can do. I do understand for already hairy people who were born with it (females) but otherwise it’s completely unnecessary. If anything, it’s dangerous if you’re someone who likes/is to be exposed to the sun often. ๐Ÿ™‚


      7. That depends. I’m a male, so I kinda want that hair XD Just not enough to get all itchy and stuff. Oh, and I don’t mean a unibrow, that’s too weird.

        Good >:) I wonder if cutting off my tiny chin fuzz with scissors will give me a goatee — I already tried that and it kinda worked. ๐Ÿ˜€

        Oh yeah, some people I know shave their arms. That’s a bit too much, and I don’t really see a prob with hairy arms.

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      8. Noo, no goatee’s. o.o Why would you want to resemble a goat?
        I don’t like any facial hair to be honest, while we’re on the subject. Like ANY. I love baby faces hehe.

        Well too hairy can be a preference and not with women if it’s a male, it depends but it can be dangerous because it’s protection. The pure skin is exposed to sun and cancer wise, eeh. o.e


      9. Well what do they call that chin hair that’s not exactly a beard yet? I thought that was a goatee xP

        I don’t like facial hair— on a girl ๐Ÿ˜› But if she’s nice and cute then it doesn’t matter. I only want facial hair to make myself feel physically matured. Baby faces.. hah they’ll be their own Santa in no time. ๐Ÿ™‚

        Right. I don’t really take the time to appreciate my body hair, thanks for helping me be a bit more grateful XD Cancer-savers, they are.


      10. A goatee I believe is when you shave everything off and leave a patch of hair on your chin and let it grow out into a slightly larger beard, making you look like you have a male goats beard. ๐Ÿ™‚

        Thank goodness you said *physically matured because young males have a tendency to think facial hair makes them (more manly &) mature over all and it just. It irks me. xD

        No problem!


      11. Oh.. ew XD Naw, I just want a bit more hair on my chin, not enough to be classified as a beard, but just enough. I also want to grow out my head hair, having that like a really small afro (because it’s been short since I was a newborn, really short.)

        Lol yes. It’s all in the hair >:D Just like that spongebob movie thing with the seaweed.

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      12. Like, bald short? Or zero haircut? I don’t like those either. This will sound like such a generalization but that look gives out very mean, criminal type look to me. Especially if the guy gives me an angry look, it’s scary. >.<



      13. Just enough hair to realize that there was something on my head. I hated it, but my mother thought (and still thinks) that it’s “fresh and sexy”…

        To me it depends on the guy XD If you know they don’t do very good things, then they should creep you out. ๐Ÿ˜› I just want the hair so that I can change my appearance, just a little. I get tired of looking the exact same over long periods of time, yknow?

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      14. Actually guys who you know don’t do good things should creep you out anyway, but their haircut should make you stay away from them. xD

        Yeah I understand. ๐Ÿ™‚


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