Damn It.

Here I am, with my update.
This will be very putrid and poor blogpost so feel free to click out of it anytime.

The title pretty much describes my past week.
You know how when you’re sick and you can’t breathe through your nose, due to it being clocked up and because of that can barely smell? It has been proven that without the ability to smell your food, you will not know what you’re eating if you are blind-folded. I have never tried this out but I have seen many shows and commercials and videos on YouTube testing it out and it’s apparently  true.
I’ve come to the realization that just as much as you need your nose for various important things, your eyes are just (if even more) important. I say this because I was barely able to use my eyes the past week (and a half).

I saved a kitty 9 days ago. It was a male kitty that apparently society calls a runt? I’m not sure why it’s labeled like that. Because it was left out? Or… like the 13th pig? If you know that documentary.
I don’t get it. It was left in the flipping garbage can along with the family’s garbage. I was just about to throw my bag of trash in it when I heard desperate meowing. I didn’t realize it was coming from the garbage can itself so I browsed around for ten minutes. I realized when I threw my trash into the can and the meowing stopped. My heart stopped as well, I thought I killed the poor thing.
Thankfully I didn’t! I rummaged through the garbage can and can you imagine a poor kitty looking up, like he was opened to the gates of heaven.

He wasn’t feisty at all, he nuzzled into me with great acceptance.
Naturally he was very sick and weak. I could feel his bones when I would touch him and he had a very weak meow. He was exhausted. And yes, he’s a boy, that’s why I am referring to him as a he.
Needless to say he stayed with me. My dad was against it at first because we already have cats and no matter how much we love them, financing so much food and veterinarian care get’s expensive.

Through all this joy and of course fright for the little guy’s life, I didn’t ”find the time” to blog much. I am generally infatuated by cats, even though I’ve had over 100 in my lifetime (literally). They get to me every time and I get so caught up that I watch them sleep and after awhile fall asleep next to them.
Little did I know he had some mild eye infection that isn’t easy to see from animals unless by a vet’s eyes.

I got the eye infection, touching him, touching my face, eventually touching my eyes. Now It’s nothing serious, mind you.
The infection started maybe 6 days ago and for the first 3 days I thought it was nothing. You know how eyes can easily get irritated by dust, hair or anything really. Mine started to itch the first day and I scrubbed it off as nothing. It’ll pass by tomorrow.
Tomorrow they itched again, more frequently during the day. Again, nothing, I didn’t find it valuable enough to check it.
The third day, when I woke up, it itched so bad that I couldn’t see from constant need to scratch it. The more I scratched, the more it stung and eventually stated to hurt.
It wasn’t anything but redness and pure itch. Constant, (un)bearable, blinding itch.

It was a case of conjunctivitis and I’m still curing it. It’s not anything serious. It’s actually VERY common. All ages get it and it’s very easy to get. I’m sure you’ve heard a million times to wash your hands as soon as you walk through your door after being out. Well that’s good advise because conjunctivitis can even occur if a person with conjunctivitis had scratched their eyes fiercely and held on to a bus pole, you took that pole, hugged it with your hand and touched/scratched your eyes.
It doesn’t have to happen but it’s possible.
It was very hard keeping up with it. I’m not saying I saw darkness in front of me the entire time or that I couldn’t walk. But because of the infection my eyes we’re always under pressure and they were tired. It made me very sleepy more often, I felt like a zombie. We definitely need everything nature has given us and we have it for a reason.
I was NOWHERE near a blind person and God forbid that I am ever or anyone in the world, but just not being able to use my eyes for a tiny portion of what I’m used to terrified me.

Honestly, experienced people will say, “You can’t get conjunctivitis from animals and vise versa” and I thought so too. But the cat was “diagnosed” with it too so, I’m just guessing. Who knows.  It MIGHT have been a crazy coincidence that I got it in some other form and me and the cat just happen to meet at the appropriate time. I do not know.

It’s really nothing dangerous if taken care off on time.
The infection starts off as basically fierce itching but because it IS an infection, as any, it can spread and grow. It CAN, if not medicated and treated ’cause even blindness (serious cases but I don’t think anyone would go on with such rashes on their EYES and not check it after a week max) or impaired vision. 
It doesn’t have deadly outcomes but do you really need anything else from damaging your eyes. Especially if you wear glasses, damn it! >.<

I’m happy to say my eyes are great now, it only took two days and today is the sixth and my eyes are nice. I’m happy about that!

I hope you guys had a great Halloween yesterday!
My doctor’s appointment wasn’t in regards to my eye problem. My mom is a bit of a hypochondriac so she made me go to the dermatologist to check some beauty marks she found rather odd.
… They were in perfect shape, but my mom… Eh.

I love you guys. Have a great day!
Wash your hands, take care of your health. It’s where it all starts from! ❤ 🙂

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