Knowledge Is Power

I am terrified to post this but yet feel so firmly about it. It is something I have wanted to mention awhile back but even if I wrote the post out, checked it a number of times, I ended up deleting it or. Or drafting it, but eventually it ended up in the trash.
Why? It’s a very sensitive topic that I think requires a great deal of thought before the mouth and tongue start swishing.
I found a way to do what I want to do, without doing it. I strongly apologize to anyone that get’s offended but please have an open mind. It is not my intention to hurt anyone or make them feel like they need to justify themselves to me in the comments or anywhere. You have the freedom of choice.

What I’m talking about is animal abuse, and veganism/vegetarianism creeps in. I am no expert on anything and much less on this peculiar topic and nor is Kalel, mind you. I say Kalel because the following text I am going to share with you is rightfully hers. Everything she has written, is her own true, blunt passion for helping animals.
Due to wanting too avoid the risk of saying something hurtful or offending, while Kalel has made such a marvelous job at avoiding it already, I am just going to leave a link: Knowledge Is Power and copy paste the crutial things I agree with but want to state.
If you wish not to read Kalel’s post due to it being rather long but are curious as to what I am reffering too, please read carefully and with understanding.
Just trying to build awareness and maybe inspire you. 

I strongly believe that everyone has the choice to do what they want in life. However, I also believe that everyone should be AWARE of what they take part in. Let’s face it- we are IGNORANT creatures. ALL OF US. We think we know everything, when in reality we know jack shit. Sometimes we need to expand our mind and let the idea of something new come in, swish it around, then spit it back out if necessary… but allow it the chance to possibly absorb, or grow.

HEALTH. I understand that this isn’t exactly a well-known fact, because most people don’t follow health studies posted on the internet, but consuming meat/dairy IS causing disease. Please, research for yourself, google “Harvard Meat Study” and there will be a plethora of articles about heart disease and various cancers. Meat/dairy is loaded with cholesterol and the high-meat/high-dairy diet that the average person has today, IS killing them. Heart-disease, to be exact. Heart-disease kills more people than ANYTHING else in this world (followed up by cancer, which also has MANY studies linking it to meat/dairy-consumption), 17.5 million just last year. This has nothing to do with added growth hormones/GMOs, we are talking STRICTLY cholesterol. (My own added note:Please realize that she is not blaming only meat/dairy products for mentioned diseases. Many other causes  exist next to them, but they ARE a factor).

INNOCENT LIVES. WHY KILL SOMETHING THAT YOU DON’T NEED TO SURVIVE? Doesn’t that seem a bit selfish? Do you think your life is of greater value than these creatures? Do you think that you are SO FAR superior over them that you can control their entire, miserable lives just for your burger? They may not speak our language, carry cell-phones or be creating the next Empire State Building, but that DOES NOT mean that they are not intelligent, compassionate creatures who deserve respect.

-I respect religion and I understand it. However, if you think God would be ok with his creations being held captive for a year and brutally tortured, just for your burger… you’re wrong. Animals were meant to live free, not in a tiny crate. There is nothing natural about what’s happening. There is nothing NATURAL about cows being forcefully impregnated their entire life to produce milk for you. For them to be standing all day, in an area too small to even turn their body, hooked up to a pumping machine. (My own added note: Watch ”If Slaughterhouses Had Glass Walls” video on YouTube for proof of how a BIG AMOUNT of animals are treated in America. Just one example. (It’s age-restricted and for a good reason)). Things have changed since the biblical times, and it is NOT NATURAL.

-The circle of life is when a lion eats a gazelle. That lion NEEDS that meat to survive. That lion is only killing that gazelle because its instinct tells it to. And if you want to talk about the “food chain”, guess what? We are FAR from the top of the food chain. With that mentality, guess we should just feed ourselves to the bears, gorillas, and wild cats, because, THEY are the top of the food chain. If you’re going to use science to back up your nature as a meat-eater, you can’t include weapons. We are talking man vs wild-animal. And man loses.

-Yes, cavemen ate meat. But why does that translate to “we are meant to eat meat”? Evolution does not mean destiny.

-I have saved my biggest pet peeve for last. Almost ANY time I mention animal equality or veganism, I get people who say “What about the starving children in Africa?”, “What about this, what about that?”.There are MILLIONS of problems in this world.
And I think this issue is close to my heart because the animals are VOICELESS. Not many people will care about them or fight for them. They are prisoners. It hurts me deeply because I see animals as equals. I know that may shock some people, because most people find humans to be superior. But I view a life as a life. I see videos of those animals being tortured and killed and it affects me as much as it would if they were replaced with humans.

Side note- I’m going to ask you to REALLY dig deep on this one. So open in your mind in preparation for what I’m about to say. WHY are humans more important than animals? Did you know that humans have done NOTHING but destroy this planet? That “animals” have been around LONG before humans (we’re talking scientific proof here, not biblical) and that this planet belonged to them before we swooped in and claimed it as ours. Did you know that EVERY single creature contributes to the eco-system that keeps our planet thriving and working, with the ONE exception of the human?? We contribute NOTHING. We only destroy. We are a virus. So why do we think we are more important? We are self-righteous creatures and we are disgusting. No life is more important than another. All life is important and should be respected. Even wild meat-eaters (a mere 25% of the animal kingdom) are respectful of the life they take. Humans are not. 

There is SO MUCH but this is where I will draw MY line, even though 99% of what she said, I say YES.
I truly hope to whoever went through this, understands that I am only spreading awareness. I also suggest to watch the documentary Earthlings. It is an eye-opener. You can find it anywhere, even on youtube.
If you know about all of this and feel bad for the animals but choose to eat meat, that’s your choice, your life. You do not need to feel shame for it, but believe me, change will be made.
The biggest changes take time and effort!
You do you in the mean time! ❤

I realize how horrible the quotations look absolutely awful on the original site. I can’t do anything about it.

2 thoughts on “Knowledge Is Power

  1. Fantastic article and I completely agree. I’ve been a vegetarian all my life (I’m 15) and health-wise, I’m fine. Well, I’m overweight but that’s my own doing.

    I believe in fair and equal treatment and I don’t understand why it’s okay to just do that to another living thing, when that would be seen as totally horrendous if that happened to a human. I can survive perfectly well without a creature having to die just so I can eat something tasty, and I intend to carry on living that way.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I admire that!
      I am trying to be vegetarian myself. I have been for a few weeks now and it’s really working. Someday I wish to be vegan, but that will have to wait for awhile. I truly don’t have the ability next to my parents who don’t support it and living where I live. 🙂


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