I am so mad right now.
I just know that you guys were aching the past 3 days. Where is she, where is Marija. We can’t live without her, her juicy and soo interesting posts?! Where has she gone?!
I didn’t go anywhere, but I had no flipping internet at my mother’s place! Something was wrong with her cables and it’s a working progress of a few weeks. Thankfully, I only have to stay for two full days.

But, enough for me to flipping miss and by the way, fail my 30 day challenge and also not be able to catch up on YOUR guy’s posts. Ugh, I was so mad throughout the weekend. It’s frustrating as HELL. Right now, I have been catching up and liking and commenting everything I can. I missed it, you know? I was on this great everyday streak. I’m gonna jump on the train once again but I feel so bad right now.
I really wanted to complete and finish the challenge right.

I know I can just keep going and write the 3 missing day’s, but I don’t know. I’ll think about it. AND FAST because my time is limited. Don’t get me wrong, I really want to but I failed either way. It’s a 30 day thing. I took 33, almost 34 days. UGH.
Anyway, how have you guys been? What have you been doing? I’m asking even though I’ll find out 99% in your posts. Anything new and juicy happening you ain’t telling us about? Don’t be shy.
I just know everyone is going to be like WOW SHE’S BACK, W/O. Our lives have meaning again. Hehe.

No I’m kidding of course but really, I wanna catch up with you personally. Tell me everything!
I promise I’m back now. I’m actually going to have a few days “off” from school. Well, not a few days. And not days off. You guys ever heard of Block practices?
Some think it’s something to do with music and singing, no, nothing like that. It’s known here. My school has a lot of them, especially the 2nd year of High School. More than 30. For me, it’s kind of these events we go too on that day that have to do with Chemistry and products and creams and beauty related shows and speeches. Because I’ll be a Chemist for sure in my life. Who knows, anything can happen.
Anywho, I have a Block practice on Thursday, Saturday and Wendsday next week. That’ll be nice.
Especially because if we’re going to the cosmetics fare, we’ll pay a dollar fifty, get in and get out. The teacher just needs to write down we showed up for the ”class”. Hehe. It’ll be fun.

I hope you guys are still with me. I’ll see if I’ll catch up with the posts from the challenge. What do you guys think? Should I? 

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