Oh Please


To all the people in my school that were a part of this specific,delicate, complex subject in today’s Civil class and have made the assumption, the prejudge no less that all rock-metal-punk lovers are truly satan and freaks inside their soul and called the assumption factual. Just over all, something’s wrong with them for having that taste and dressing the way they do.

As if people who listen to anything on the contrary of those genre’s are all by default good, enlightened, RIGHTEOUS people, who are true, pure and full of honor?
People have a right to like what they want to like, dislike what they feel they should dislike, wear what they think fits them & their personality, listen to what they find comforting and soothing to their ears. It doesn’t go as far as just to music, oh no.

You think that just because you were taught one way, it means none other is right? Or has the same rights?
At the end of the day, we’re all the same thing. Human beings, people. And with the amount of humans existing on this earth, and you being 0.0001% in that entire amount, you are actually no one to make the statement that ALL humans are anything. Not a statement like this.
You are free to share your opinion, but not state it as a fact.

You don’t like when someone categorizes you, now do you? Or compares you to anyone, just because you may have the slightest similarities and just by that, automatically pushes you into that stereotypical group or writes you off as being ”one of them”, when in truth, it’s just only amounts in shades.
There are any sorts of people of any kind. Literally.
You can have two people standing next to each other. Both of them worship metal (and all the subgroups), both of them wear black, they both talk the same way, walk the same way.
One is the nicest person on earth, the other is the meanest.
But we can’t know that. We don’t know these people, all we see is the outside.

I can’t say, we’re humans. We make mistakes. And someone may just BE mean, as your first assumption from their outside. Two hundred people might be awful and disrespecting and they’re all the same ”type” of person. Why not?
Someone just may BE truly nice and pure and righteous, as your first assumption from their innocent, religious (It doesn’t have to be religious, but this person took the label religious as one approach to someone truly, and only then, being a good person. People think it gives them higher value. It’s a label, nothing more and nothing less. What matters if what you do in favor of that label. ) outside. Two thousand people might be just as good, amazing and even better. Why not?
Two hundred, and two thousand, is not the entire world.

There are bound to be same ”types” of people, with completely different souls. Good and bad. Why is that so hard to understand for some.
I’ve mentioned this before so many times and I keep going back to it because some of my readers are these people I am trying to reach out too.

Don’t judge by the outside right away. Sure, it’s our instict to judge when we see something that’s not IN OUR comfort zone or wouldn’t fit with us but that doesn’t mean it’s wrong or bad. It just doesn’t fit you, leave it at that. You find your suitable companions. It’s why we have the freedom of choice.

It bothers me and it’ll continue to bother me. It’s a stupid flaw, that can be (not so) easily changed. It’s doable if people had a bigger understanding of the world.

13 thoughts on “Oh Please

    1. Well alright. That’s exactly my point. Christians who do not listen to rock or metal, descriminate every other person (only atheists) who does. Music taste has nothing to do with someone being a good or a bad person.


      1. I’m open to everything so honestly I wouldn’t even KNOW what specific genres are most of my bands. Basically it goes from simple things like Simple Plan, ColdPlay, Linkin Park, Breaking Benjamin, to For all those sleeping, BMTH, Capture the Crown, Motionless in white. And everything possible in between. 🙂


      1. By society; Basically. Something’s up with you because you can handle some growls and screams and actually like it.
        To me: You are you. No need to categorize it or take color or taste in importance.


      2. Lol I agree. I don’t get why people criticize others just because their different. And honestly i’m glad that I am who I am. Anyone else who doesn’t like me for who I am can go ahead and suck it.

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