If You Had £1,000,000 to Spend, How Would You Spend It?

Okay guys, keep in mind I live In Serbia.
1,000,000 pounds in Serbian Dinar is 150,515,000.
1,000,000 pounds in Euro’s is 1,284,080 which is insane.

That’s more money than I can think of spending for a lifetime. Obviously.
I would hope that my brain would be able to sustain the amount of power and wealth I would feel, actually knowing I have that much money in my pocket and still contain my intelligence about spending it.
From this point of view, the very first thing I would do is take care of my family. My mom and dad never had any real home to call their own, seeing as they got married and had me at the birth of their 20’s. Now they’re divorced and live seperately but I would secure them with good home’s first and leave them a good patch of money on the side. Just in case. I can’t say we were ever poor but by some standards in countries like Germany, Sweden and the UK as a state, my country is a poor one and people live poor lives. So, I guess you could say the financial benefit would be extremely benefitial.

For myself, outside of everything, I would move. The first thing on my list would be to move to America. Most likely LA because I truly do wanna live there. I wish I could say I would buy a Malibu beach house,but there goes all my money. LA is a very fast-paced city so I’m guessing I wouldn’t be able to aim for a cottage-looking, old-fashioned house. I would for sure make the atmosphere in it, like I was in a little cottage in the middle of the woods surrounded by greenery and birds humming. Only the woods replaced with packed up streets, the greenery with cement and the sound of birds humming with the sound of horns honking and the tires running 80 miles an hour.
Doesn’t necessarily have to be like that but that’s how I Imagine America over all. I am for sure wrong, but please let me see it for myself and I’ll admit I was wrong with a smile on my face. Deal?

I don’t want to include materialistic things into this list. I don’t think it’s needed. Clothes for example are a necessity, no matter where I live or how much money I have. I guess I would just be excited for the variety because our small countries are limited with foods and products and elements being imported. I mean, I just tried a mango for the first time TODAY.

After I’ve settled in, I would think carefully about which trip I’m going to take first. I’ve always wanted to visit Greece, Japan, Australia. One of those, most likely Japan and Greece would be a must to visit. I’ve always loved the culture in Japan. I must add that going to Japan would make a great experience food wise. I always love to experiment with food and I feel like Japan is absolutely perfect. All of those candies, dishes, Nori’s, sushi, I would want to try all of it. And take a bunch of crap home with me.

I would buy a car, something small and cute. Like a Fiat 500. I find it absolutely cute, it looks like a little lady bug. They disgust me but I know the car won’t fly and scare me.
This is where it would pretty much end.

If I am going to be fully honest here: I’d get all of my basics down, travel of course because my life would be unfulfilled without it, knowing I can. But right now thinking of it, that kind of money, in a place like LA, would make me do some things I would never be able to do here in Serbia.

Like be a vegan.
Yes, that’s the first thing that comes to mind when I think of moving and having the luxury of buying veganised foods. Like, Chicken-less Mandarin Orange Morsels. Breaded Vegan Shrimp (this is amazing), Chrispy ”Chicken” Fingers. I could make a loong list.
America, land of plenty.

New experiences and over all a new, healthier, brighter life would be my goal with this kind of money. Which basically would mean, anywhere but here.
But, life is unpredictable. Should I ever find myself needing to go back to Serbia, or find that I actually don’t like living outside of my home country (Not likely to happen). Should I find myself wanting to go back, I would secure that I have something to come back too. An apartment here is not easy to buy. It’s why I mentioned securing everyone that matter to me here FIRST, like my mom and dad. Which would automatically mean, securing myself. (:

Why can’t this happen. Why life.

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