Day 25: Someone Who Fascinates You and Why

This is a hard call for me, ’cause I don’t find too many people fascinating. At least not in larger scales.

This is something I know a fellow blogger will agree on ’cause she mentioned this as well, but the world’s most famous child star all from 2001, who now drives an ice cream truck throughout a small village and hands kids free ice cream cones and lollipops is quite fascinating. I’m sure you know who I’m talking about. Our cutie red head Rupert Grint.
Almost all of the cast of Harry Potter fascinate me because a big percentage of them stayed themselves and didn’t reduce to the luguries of fame and fortune.
Can you imagine the shock and the freaking joy someone would have seeing one of our favorite wizards driving down the road and handing you a free product of joy? It truly is magic!
I respect that, a lot. He’s not self-centered or egocentric or spoiled and the most famous – and I believe he’ll forever have that title – person around. It’s amazing and really something to look up too. That’s a true example of how one should take their self-control in advantage. (:

I honestly think that’s it. I don’t find fascination in people as much as in things like, nature, animals, the sea, cultures and etc. If I was 13-year old me, I would say Justin Bieber fascinates me for being so famous and being so hot. Like I knew what being hot meant… Like I had a big enough brain back then. Hehe.

I wanna hear your guy’s thoughts on this. Is there someone who fascinates you? 

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