Day 24: Your Favorite Movie and What It Is About

This! This is gold, this is a masterpiece. An action packed, adventouristic trilogy. The one and only.
This movie, I watched this movie way too late. The first movie of the trilogy was published in 2001, and I watched it for the first time in 2012. 11 years I have been missing out people!
Granted, until 2009 I would’ve have liked it anyway or understood so that’s my excuse!

This is one of those movies that keeps your heart pumping and makes you sit on the edge of your seat, aching for more. What’s gonna happen, oh no he didn’t, oh my god he did, noooo, what? And that kind of thing.
What’s it about? How to sum it up and not write a book?

The plot is basically: A meer little hobbit named Frodo Baggins winds up on a dangerous journey with eight companios or his Fellowship, to Mount Doom, which is a volcano located in Mordor to destory the One Ring that is making man kind perish and destroy the dark lord Sauron, the creator of the ring. On the way they encounter ferocious and bloodthirsty orcs, run through dangerous passage ways and mountains. The Fellowship get’s divided where as Frodo and his trusty and loyal friend Sam who accompanies him, head off directly to Mordor where the ancient creature called Gollum helps them find a way around.
The Ring poisons the mind of whoever puts it on their finger and longs for power. People get attached to the ring so much they kill for it. They forget themselves and the ring becomes their entire life.

I love this movie because it gives a good insight to how man kind is like. We long for power above others more than anything else. No one from the man kind kingdom’s ached to find the ring to destroy it, no matter what danger and chaos it was making. Every king or prince thought of it as an escape to rule greatly. Except one, and that was Aragorn.
I am not able to elaborate because I do not have much time today, but the movie is an absolute success.
I recomment it to anyone who loves action and fantasy.

6 thoughts on “Day 24: Your Favorite Movie and What It Is About

    1. Mmm, there’s no one named Emoer? Unless you mean people who played orcs? There is Boromir if you mean within the Fellowship?
      I love Legolas and Aragorn the best!


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