Day 23: Post 5 Pictures of Famous People You Find Attractive

Aaaah! Most of the people I find attractive are cute as buttons, rather than hot hot hotties. Well… two of them are. ;3 But wait… it doesn’t say males, can we do females as well? We should…

Ian Somerhalder. I mean, he’s a frequent guest in everyone’s hottie list. That side smile…

And he knows it.

Dat booty though. Work it baby, work it!

Ashton Kutcher. Ohhhh gosh. Never paid attention to him until 3 years ago when he appeared in my favorite show. I was stunned. I love you Walden!

Freddie Prinze Jr. I wouldn’t call him a hottie but there is something special that shines a room up when this man smiles. There is no real gif to capture that. He’s always gonna have that special place for me, no matter how old he is. He has those cute round good-guy eyes and you know, when he smiles wide, he’s SMILING. I wouldn’t say a beard fits him, but when someone is cute, they’re cute.

Rupert Grint. He and I have so much in common. Most people dislike his eyes because he has barely noticable eye lashes but he’s so adorable, exactly because of that. Besides, he’s our Ron. No matter how many movies he does after Harry Potter, he’ll always be known as, ”Hey look! That’s Ron!”. As well as Daniel will always be known as Harry Potter.
True love ever since this:

To this:

Ahhh. ❤

Leonor Varela. She’s gorgeous. The role of Cleopatra fits her astonishingly well. She’s… hot.

It was really hard picking out five, there are so many attractive people out there.

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