Did you know? 10 amazing facts about cats – #4

I have found the perfect blog for me. And this particular post, made me extremely happy! Fact #6… I TOLD YOU SO!

My cat has developed and learned some human features, like hugging. I can’t explain to you guys without a picture what it feels and looks like.
When I hold my cat up, we’re face to face, sure, all cats naw at your face with their face but my cat wraps her arms around my neck.
Not to choke me, but to hug me. I lean it to hug her back and she doesn’t let go!

She freaking learned my sleeping shedule and she doesn’t let me break it. Of course I break it but she knows when it is. At that specific time, she goes on my bed and meows and meows until I lay down and she lays down RIGHT next to me, vertically next to me and puts the paw that is out, on me. She once even jumped at my switch to turn the lights off.

If you’re a cat lover, check this blog out! ❤

Kitty Bloger

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